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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.


Top 100 Deadliest Creatures on Thule





  1 CthulhuNegative Energy Plane 409  
  2 Avatar Ithaqua, God of the WindThe Summit of Mount Mordin107  
  3 an energy drakePositive Energy Plane97  
  4 the cow killer The Formian Colony 97  
  5 The eternal flameHellwell 91  
  6 a blue rakasha Hellwell 66  
  7 Seraph Positive Energy Plane59  
  8 a winter wolfFrozen Tundra58  
  9 RyzenMercurial Woods55  
  10 Tarogel, the steam troll wardenHerbalist Isle II51  
  11 a tempestAir Plane49  
  12 a ninjaThe Sakura Garden48  
  13 a merc captain Dark Chasm 48  
  14 a sea lion Thule Beach47  
  15 a purple dragonChaeston Tower 46  
  16 the spirit of a Sheol citizenCemetery of Sheol45  
  17 a blue rakasha Hellwell 44  
  18 a sunderian legionnaireMercurial Woods44  
  19 an enormous snow leopard The Summit of Mount Mordin 43  
  20 a large turtle dragonHerbalist Isle II42  
  21 the formian legionnaireThe Formian Colony 41  
  22 Avatar Gnoph-Keh The Summit of Mount Mordin 40  
  23 a steam mephit gardenerHerbalist Isle II38  
  24 a zombie corpse collectorCemetery of Sheol37  
  25 a child of the night Dark Chasm 36  
  26 an energy beingPositive Energy Plane33  
  27 a grave robber Cemetery of Sheol32  
  28 Five Hands Aisholm Town 31  
  29 teer'ha'niyikDark Dreams31  
  30 the frost giantess Aisholm Town 30  
  31 a dragon of energy Positive Energy Plane30  
  32 Katrya Al'esha Onyx Tower 29  
  33 a gust of wind Air Plane28  
  34 MedestaThe Crypt27  
  35 a white wolf The Summit of Mount Mordin 26  
  36 the formian legionnaireThe Formian Colony 26  
  37 a cave crocodile Rakustfikod26  
  38 a mountain wolfAn Icy Mountain Trail26  
  39 the berserkerThe Nordik Trek25  
  40 the formian queenThe Formian Colony 25  
  41 a voadkyn warder Raven Glade25  
  42 a titanic polar bear Dark Chasm 25  
  43 the contagionDark Chasm 25  
  44 General Xirces Mercurial Woods24  
  45 Melephus The Crypt24  
  46 the First Weaver Gossameringue-on-the-Scuttleteau 23  
  47 the assassin Dark Chasm 23  
  48 a massive green mountain lionDark Chasm 23  
  49 an ancient skeletal knight Drakkan Forest 23  
  50 Fisica's private guard The Manor of Princess Fisica 23  
  51 the skeletal harvester The Formian Colony 22  
  52 the giant lynx spiderThe Formian Colony 22  
  53 a Sardaukar guardDiabolan Valley Encampment 22  
  54 a wandering merchant Dark Chasm 22  
  55 an evil cleric miner Cleric Tower 22  
  56 the Seal GuardianThe Nordik Trek21  
  57 an umber hulkHerbalist Isle II21  
  58 a sphere of dark energyOnyx Tower 21  
  59 ElzeardAisholm Town 20  
  60 an elite drow assassin Mercurial Woods20  
  61 a foxwoman Herbalist Isle II20  
  62 a quivering horde of rot grubsHerbalist Isle II19  
  63 a planetar Positive Energy Plane18  
  64 the Magistrate Sir GaldenThe Highlands18  
  65 a Phantom DragoonCastle Black 18  
  66 a necrotic bushDark Chasm 18  
  67 Aracanis, Lord of ShadowsNegative Energy Plane17  
  68 Shrah-Dhe, avatar guardThe Summit of Mount Mordin 17  
  69 Ningauble of the Seven EyesHerbalist Isle I 17  
  70 a tired waitress Shadow Realm 17  
  71 Lord IxtlDark Dreams16  
  72 an avatar guard wind The Summit of Mount Mordin 16  
  73 the fire giant, KrotehkMercurial Woods16  
  74 a rowdy youthRaven Glade16  
  75 a large xarenRakustfikod16  
  76 a soldier vine Drakkan Forest 16  
  77 a mistwraith Forest of the Damned 16  
  78 an ice gargoyleThe Nordik Trek15  
  79 a xeg-yi Negative Energy Plane15  
  80 the captain of the guardsYooper's Logging Camp15  
  81 Mayor AlexiannaRaven Glade15  
  82 Lord MorriganCastle Black 15  
  83 a lizardmanRakustfikod15  
  84 General Shandlar The Diabolan-Sardaukar Citadel 15  
  85 the frost giantAisholm Town 14  
  86 a female elk Castle Zodiac I14  
  87 a force wall Zwolfs 14  
  88 the Grand WebmistressGossameringue-on-the-Scuttleteau 14  
  89 the Second WeavressGossameringue-on-the-Scuttleteau 14  
  90 a red-robed Lady Castle Black 14  
  91 a cloud bank Air Plane14  
  92 a vampiric snake Dark Chasm 14  
  93 Solarian Virintire Onyx Tower 14  
  94 a starling The Sakura Garden13  
  95 the giant centipedeThe Formian Colony 13  
  96 a green rakashaHellwell 13  
  97 a sunderian ranger Mercurial Woods13  
  98 the librarianCastle Black 13  
  99 an orange myconidHerbalist Isle II13  
  100 Medusa The Crypt13  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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