How to use the EQList

This EQList provides a great deal more information than the previous incarnation did, including the exact 
levels that you need to wear something. However, each system has its own quirks and logic.

The simplest way to use this tool would be to input a word from a piece of equipment you have. Let's 
say you don't know what stats a new item (to you) has. Let's look at an example - sleeves of precision. 
Input "precision" into the search box and hit the Search button. Results will pop up. Scroll to the 
appropriate result:

From this screenshot - we can convert the data to understand it. Basically, any level 3 character can 
wear these sleeves (on arms), which has statistics of -.4 +2 hit. It pops on the evil death knight in 
the Xanthippe area on Settlestone.

That's the simplest way to use the EQList.

If I want to view all the items that pop in a certain area, I select the *AREA* filter by hitting 
the + button to add it to the left pane to filter for areas. Simply hit the "SEARCH" button and 
then click on the approriate area you want to view after the list of available areas pops up:



If I select Blood Requiem by clicking on that link, the EQList will display all the popped items 
in that area (but not any forges or quest-related/no-eqlist items):


That's the easiest way to know most of what pops in an area. There are very few limitations on what 
you cannot see.

If I want to view everything that I can wear that provides +damroll, but NOT weapons, then I need 
to stack some filters in order to accomplish this. First, I add the AFF_DAMROLL filter, then I add 
the !WEAR_WEAPON filter. Essentially, anything with a ! in front of it means you want those type of 
items to be excluded from your results:


Bear in mind that not all results are acquirable (ie: quest items, milestone items, or such are not
 going to be acquired by anybody - those have already all been given out or will never be given out).
 If the item is a forge, then in most cases, the forger and component list will be listed:

The gloves of the polar bear is forged by poor lady in the area "Dark Chasm" on AH (Aisholm). It 
requires 100k coins, bayonet gloves, and two sets of giant polar bear claws.

Let's look up a known autoquest item - a damascus steel ring. You get this ring from an autoquest 
on the Island. It'll show up on the eqlist, but rather than indicating that it's an autoquest item - 
some strange pop location will be provided for this item (and it isn't always the black smith, there
 are a few other mobs used as dummy pops):



Some other flags that need to be understood - temporary, shapeshiftable, and 2x40 to 8x40 flags. If 
an object is Temporary, it can only exist on that continent, as long as that area in that continent 
is not a no-temporary item zone. The only way to prevent a temporary item from poofing (vanishing)
 is to store it in a vault or locker. The only two continents that temporary items exist on are
 Lyme and Valkyre:


As can be seen in the above screenshot, the large steel needle is both temporary and 3x40 flagged. 
That means that the character must have a minimum level of 3x40 in order to be able to wield this 
item. The same concept extends to the rest of the "x40" flags.

If an item is marked as OBJECT_EXTRA_FLAGS = CAN-SHAPESHIFT (such as in the polar bear gloves above) - 
that item can shapeshift, meaning a druid can use that item while in his shifted form. You currently 
can't filter for just shapeshiftable items at the time being, but it's a very short list.

The final item that one must know is the "RESTRICTIONS_AND" flag. If it's labelled as "GOR", just one 
of the level restrictions must be met. If it's "GAND", it means all of the level restrictions must be 
met in order to wear this item:


If the item is labelled as "LOR", at least one level must be below the restricted levels - while 
"LAND" demands that all your levels be below the restricted level. As an example of this concept, 
look at the hummingbird buckle:


A player with 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 20 levels could wear this, while a player with 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 
levels could not. The other nice thing about this item is that it's actually a clasp. You can see from 
the "ATTACH_SLOT0" field that it attaches to belt items.

That should be sufficient information for you to get started using this wonderful resource. Cheers!