Ghent Tricks via 1999

Posted by Ghent on July 08, 1999 at 03:56:06:

Heres a few of my favorite tricks I learned or got from Agox/Ryo/Malek. Most have
been fixed already. The others I'm sure people have figured them out. Won't go
into much detail, gotta keep some secrets. :)

Dragon Mount: This trick was fixed by immorts so it no longer works.
Push guards into cell with platinum dragon. Sanc all 4 guards, go outside
cell, close cell door, and sanc self, then open cell door, run in, close cell
door, and stab dragon b4 guards attack you. Dragon will proc and the guards
will attack platinum, after he procs recall . Be sure to be invis while pushing
Sanc 2 guards and get him to awful. After getting to awful and he has killed all
the guards, open cell door attack him. Since he hates you and is awful he will
flee. Then all you have to do is chase him around until he runs into the same
room with Tiamat. Let him regen to full. Once he is full sanc self and run in
to sanc him. If he hits you before you can sanc him flee or recall, and keep
trying. Once he is sanced attack him and he will proc. Tiamat and platinum will
fight and all you have to do then is assist Platinum and heal him. This works
better with 2 people and the other attacking Tiamat instead. She will proc and
all you have to do is assist and heal Platinum. To keep area from resetting keep
a familiar at bottom with baby black dragons where its gateable which will also
make a good target to gate to get back fast.

This was extremely dangerous. I know Agox and Ryo corpsed a bunch. I corpsed and
coughed up over 300mil exp in 1 night alone. Good thing was Tiamat and Platinum didn't
loot. I did pop 2 platinum rings.

The warder can be pushed to the Red Dragon in Firenewts area. Push her to red dragon
and attack her. She will proc and red attacks her. Be sure to heal warder or she will die.

Alchies in castle can be charmed and have a ton of hp. Count has about 3500hp. Charm
him and load him with ac eq and use him to solo balor, masters in mage tower, conjurer in
far north. That all I used him for, but I'm sure he could be used with other mobs.

Island natives used to be charmable. I charmed 6 and had a little army buy tickets, hop
onto the boat to BH and I cleared upper matterhorn 2 times before the spell wore off.
Doesn't work very well now. Someone soon changed the saves for the natives and now mobs
you are fighting will hit assisting mobs more often and killing them.

Use Sir Randolph to kill just about anything. Biggest mob I killed was sebek and popped a
RoAE off him.

I had just figured out how to get Sir Randolph to Unai and was about to go kill him, when
someone who I won't name opened his mouth and next thing I know immorts are spying. You
could use the Spirits in maze to scare Randolph upwards. Since upper Thallassas has a
4 room vertical climb you need several Spirits and have to scare a few spirits upwards.
Took me 3 hours to get them out of the maze and aligned in Thallassas just right and
then the shit hit the fan and the immorts found out. 3 hours of work for nothing.

White dragons in the North can be used. Sanc and sleep and south dragon and north dragon
will proc south to death. Just get up and heal self and keep sanc going
then sleep the ticks.

I tried to used dragons to kill Seal Guardian, but he heals too fast.

Push ruby statue in with Gargantuan and attack statue. Flee and run
back in and keep statue alive with heals and resancs.

Push the 2 guards in north west part of map in with King and then you
can run around up there and kill the coin mobs a lot easier. This area
was pretty good for coins.

To get a non 3x40 on Lyme, just go to Thallassas and sneak to an avatar
on the boat going between island and lyme.

Chaeston used to have a way to shadow all the way to the BH inn. I scared
the crap out of myself when I accidently typed the wrong name while shadowing.
Kinda funny how I shadowed right through an immortals office and test room and
ended up in Bal Harbor Inn. Hehhehe.

That's all for now.