Coliseum Stats: Sub 40   1×40   2×40   3×40   4×40   5×40   6×40   7×40   8×40   9×40  

In the Coliseum, players can battle against challenging waves of mobs in a fierce struggle for honor, glory, drachma, and bragging rights. Loot can also be found on the corpses of your enemies, in the form of unique potions and other expendable items. The Coliseum is located on Thordfalan, w2n2e3n6e3nw6n3en from West Gate.

Currently there are two modes. In the individual competition, the gladiator enters into one of nine level-based pit challenges. They battle against a stream of enemies, who appear one at a time. The high score is based on how many enemies you can dispatch before time (or hp) run out. In the event that you are dealt a mortal blow, coliseum medics will save you from death, but your time immediately expires.

The nine level-based challenges correspond to the number of ’40s’ you have. High level gladiators cannot enter the low level pits. For example: A 3×40 gladiator can enter pit 3-9, but cannot enter pit 0, 1, or 2.

There are special items for sale east of Proximo, to aid you in your combat. You can examine the items and ‘read tag’ to find out more about their usage. Some enemies are nearly invincible if you don’t bring the right weapons.
There are 125 unique NPC gladiators, with dozens of special abilities and procs.

* To enter or exit the pit.
* To face your next opponent.
* To show an update of your status while in the pit.
* To see how long before you may re-enter pit.
* To see how you measure up to the other gladiators.

Signs in the area give more detailed information.

** You may not use any outside help while in the Coliseum area including:
** charmed mobs, potions, scrolls, wands, and rods.