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As a monk, one must find the center of their being, the balance between your physical, spiritual, and mental selves. The monk is a front-line warrior who uses special combat tactics, superior speed, bare-handed attacks, and unique defensive skills to prosper where others only fail. With their punishing strikes, natural damage reduction, and the unique ability to stalk their enemies, any foe lucky enough to see a monk gliding towards them had better run in the opposite direction.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Improved Attack   notes on sparring    
  1   Kick   an abused book with footprints on the cover   No  
  1   Slowfall   scriptures of softest down    
  1   Tactics   manual bold looking tome   No  
  4   Blindfight   old book of bafflement    
  5   Barehanded Accuracy     No  
  6   Double Attack   a rapidly read manual   No  
  7   Track   a manual with footprints upon it   Yes  
  8   Strike   manual with a faint palm print    
  11   Waterwalk   thin manual bound in balsa    
  12   Climb   a book locked with crampons    
  12   Stun   thunder scripts    
  15   Dodge   ancient digest of defense    
  17   Stalk   furtive lessons from the past    
  18   Purity   granite tablet of health    
  20   Feign Death     No  
  25   Deathgrip   book with a knotted rope    
  30   Focus   slate tablet with concentric circles    
  30   Flurry   lightning covered manual    
  30   Squirm   slightly sticky manual    
  30   Trip   the story of Molly Droit    
  31   Presage   abridgment of knowledge    
  33   Counterattack   compendium of thwart    
  33   Wraithtouch   a shifting manual of spiritual reach   Yes  
  35   Bodyslam     Yes  
  36   Windrun   manual of the wind    
  40   Kensai   a tractate on the secrets of ki   Yes  

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