SlothMUD Equipment Pages

EQList   The EQList seems to have been around as long as SlothMUD itself.  As SlothMUD has evolved, so has the EQList. It was started on SlothMUD I by Doctor, passed on to Kumiko, to Giengen, to Fmh for a while, and then back to Giengen to Zera and Blackmore. The current EQList is maintained by Breeze.

There are nearly 7500 pieces of equipment in our game and every piece has been individually crafted by one of our Immortals. The EQList updates automatically, as items inside our game are discovered.

Forges, Trades, Enchantments and Brews   The Forges, Trades, Enchantments and Brews page list of SlothMUD’s forges, trades, enchantments and brews. While this information is also found on the EQList, this page lists only forge equipment and components with no extra information.
Triple 40 Equipment Page   The gods and denizens of the world of Jord honor the courage of the most experienced adventurers, and award those reaching the levels of triple 40 the choice of an item from our collection. As an additional reward, those reaching the 40th level in their Sixth and Eighth classes may make a selection from our royal vault. We are forever indebted for your services to our kingdom. Adventurers should seek out Lord Moonglum at Treasures and Dreams Square for their reward.
Holy Equipment   The term Holy Equipment refers to the armorment that your God gives to you for proving your worth on the sacrificial tablets located in their temples. Only the truly pious can receive such special equipment.