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Clerics derive their magic through the agency of the gods. By and large the gods of Sloth are gentle, benevolent sorts, and so the spells of clerics concentrate on healing and protection. Clerics are granted a small number of powerful destructive spells as well, however, so do not anger them. Long ago, clerics were forbidden from using all but blunt weapons. In the modern world, however, the gods have deemed it wise for clerics to learn at least a little of the martial skills, and so all but the lowliest novices have gained expertise with most weapons and armor.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Armor   leather bound spellbook    
  1   Cure Light   mint green spellbook    
  1   Turn Undead   rotted spellbook    
  2   Create Water   damp spellbook    
  2   Detect Poison   translucent green spellbook    
  2   Magic Lantern   worn softly glowing spellbook    
  3   Create Food   moldy spellbook    
  3   Detect Magic   translucent red spellbook    
  3   Resist Cold   warm spellbook    
  3   Resist Fire   cold spellbook    
  4   Cure Blind   braille spellbook    
  4   Cure Minor   moss green spellbook    
  4   Detect Evil   translucent yellow spellbook    
  4   Spiritual Hammer   Thor's Spellbook    
  5   Bless   religious spellbook    
  5   Detect Disease   translucent brown spellbook    
  5   Detect Good   a spellbook with a bluish aura    
  5   Detect Invisibility   translucent blue spellbook    
  5   Spellcraft   a handbook titled, 'Mysteries of Magic'    
  6   Blindness   opaque spellbook    
  6   Dispel Magic   bright white spellbook    
  6   Protection From Evil   ivory spellbook    
  7   Earthquake   cracked spellbook    
  7   Faerie Fire   faintly glowing spellbook    
  7   Sense Life   white spellbook    
  8   Summon   pulsating spellbook    
  9   Astrology   an ancient almagest    
  9   Remove Poison   tan spellbook    
  9   Water Breathing   aqua spellbook    
  10   Cure Normal   sea green spellbook    
  10   Dispel Evil   midnight black spellbook    
  10   Supplication   a spellbook of divinity and holiness    
  11   Remove Disease   apothecary spellbook    
  11   Stone Skin   orange spellbook    
  11   Word of Recall   ancient spellbook    
  12   Call Lightning   sky blue spellbook    
  12   Cure Deafness   diagram of the inner ear    
  12   Mindbar   ethereal spellbook    
  12   Remove Curse   red scratched spellbook    
  13   Control Weather   hazy spellbook    
  13   Silence   marbled spellbook    
  14   Flame Strike   magenta spellbook    
  15   Cure Serious   ivy green spellbook    
  15   Necrology   a tractate on the analysis of death    
  16   Refresh   silvery spellbook    
  17   Curse   spellbook with a red aura    
  17   Fly   floating spellbook    
  17   Regeneration   vine covered spellbook    
  17   Sanctuary   brightly glowing spellbook    
  18   Vision   blurry spellbook    
  18   Web   sticky spellbook    
  19   Banish Undead   book of torn bonds    
  20   Battle Focus   three pages of concentric circles    
  20   Cure Critic   forest green spellbook    
  20   Demon Bind   chain bound spellbook    
  20   Reign of the Spider   a silk-lined spellbook   Yes  
  20   Spirit Marker   book of calligraphy   Yes  
  20   Spirit Watcher   cheaply bound   Yes  
  20   Talshan's Tribute   charcoal tome    
  21   Gate   spinning spellbook    
  22   Chronos Incantation   spellbook named, 'Time'    
  22   Mobility   golden spellbook    
  23   Dark Mace   book of prayer    
  24   Closing Weave   a compendium on the theories of portal control    
  24   Dream Talk   a grimoire on raiding dreams   Yes  
  25   Heal   hunter green spellbook    
  26   Stone to Flesh   a block of gelatin-like substance    
  27   Hellstrike   violet spellbook marked with a pentagram    
  27   Lloyds Beacon   twirling spellbook    
  28   Force Field   locked spellbook    
  29   Feast   fat spellbook    
  29   Mass Water Breathing   massive waterlogged spellbook    
  30   Embalm   a mummified book   Yes  
  30   Greater Heal   jade green spellbook    
  30   Succor   a Guide to Abetment    
  31   Aerial Servant   levitating spellbook of elemental summoning    
  31   Enchant Weapon   blessed spellbook    
  31   Spell Shield   glowing green spellbook    
  33   Locate Object   magnetic spellbook    
  34   Restiveness      
  34   Winds of Fortune   the ultimate guide to wind control   Yes  
  35   Restoration   emerald encrusted spellbook    
  36   Raise Dead   diamond encrusted spellbook    
  37   Scrybite   book of impermeable secrets    
  38   Condemnation     Yes  
  38   Dark Cloak   velvet spellbook    
  38   Mass Invisibility   large transparent spellbook    
  39   Mass Fly   levitating spellbook    
  40   Circle of Healing   ancient tome of mass heal   Yes  
  40   Kylas Delight   a granite tablet of greater health   Yes  
  40   Walk of the Cheetah   a book of purrs and spots   Yes  

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