Memory Lane

SlothMUD has been around since late 1991 and as such, we have created many memories and the history of our game continues to grow. The game itself was developed by two college kids who called themselves Vom and Geddy. It is based off of the original Diku Gamma code. Our game has restarted a total of four times during this time span, with each and every version bringing about world altering changes which were new to the mud world such as boat travel, continents, and inner world travel through the use of spells or skills.

Greg Speed created the first of the four websites we have had, Breeze leading the way on this, the fourth version. As with the game itself, each new version brings about vast changes and pushes the connection between game and website even closer. Today’s website contains as much live data regarding our players as any other gaming website. We give minute to minute access to such things as quest finishes, creature kills, live who and group lists, a dynamic map which displays Epic Creature locations and player locations, and streaming updates regarding our one of a kind Coliseum.

These pages are dedicated to the history of our game. Pretend like its 1993 and browse around our original website, check out configuration and cvs logs from 1994 or 1995, read about the history of our game and how it was created during a winter break back in 1991-1992, or simply laugh at one of the first maps every created in our game ( Sahaguins ).

If you simply want to reminisce about the game you once played or if your a new player and would like to see some interesting history of one of the oldest DIKU muds on the internet, this is the place for you.