When you have achieved level 40 in your first four classes, you will be able to gain levels in an extra class, most often considered the ninth class.Leveling avatar opens up some of the most powerful spells and skills. Also,you will obtain innate powers such as hitroll, damage points, extra healbonus and spell damage.

Inside this section of the website you will find things such as the Avatar Guide, Avatar leveling charts, Avatar Shop, Avatar Light information, Avatar Hall of Fames, and many other important aspects of the Avatar class.

Avatar Guide The Avatar Guide shows the player what spells and skills they gain for each level. The charts also list what extra bonuses they gain such as hitpoints, mana, moves, and damage
Avatar Shop Avatar Shop is a listing of what stats, spells and skills are available for purchase once a player reaches 9×40. A detailed list and instructions on how to buy the items are on this page.
Avatar Light The Avatar Light page gives a detailed listing of what spells, skills, and affects are purchasable for their newly acquired Avatar Light. This Light is SlothMUDs reward to players upon reaching the highest in-game ranking it has to offer. Also included on this page are instructions regarding how to place these items onto your light.
Hall of Fame  Hall of Fame shows a listing of every player that has reached 9×40 in this version of SlothMUD
Hall of Ancients  Hall of Ancients shows a listing of every player that has reached 9×40 in the previous version of SlothMUD, SlothMUD III.