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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.


Top 100 Deadliest Creatures on The Island





  1 The Dread Pirate Roberts The Argosian Wreckage 239  
  2 Ssess'InnekThe Jungles of Sess'Inek118  
  3 the tabaxi great cat Tabaxi Wilds114  
  4 Ozzy, Troll Chumpion The Athenaeum85  
  5 Ankylosaurus Saurian Frontier 66  
  6 The Galavan Sewer HagThe Rainbow Valley 63  
  7 The Hydra of Gr'ValdhThe Tower of Gr'Valdh61  
  8 spectral guard Valley of R'Lyeh 43  
  9 Commodore HigginsCanaa & Canaa's Wharf35  
  10 Krimeah, the Black One Valley of the Mage 33  
  11 a swarm of mosquitoesForsaken Swamp 33  
  12 Malign Orc Mines33  
  13 a ghoul cityguardUndead Midgaard32  
  14 Tyrannosaurus rexSaurian Frontier 32  
  15 The Galavan Elite SwordsmanThe Rainbow Valley 29  
  16 The Genasi Watersoul The Tower of Gr'Valdh26  
  17 a sentry gug Valley of R'Lyeh 21  
  18 the Black QueenInfernite Mines21  
  19 the liche ElockValley of the Mage 20  
  20 the Gold SmugglerTarot Maze 20  
  21 Czigany, The Galavan CartomanceThe Rainbow Valley 20  
  22 a fishermanThe Island 19  
  23 a fire vampire Valley of R'Lyeh 19  
  24 a native man The Island 18  
  25 a guard at the Fireworks Thalassas18  
  26 LroggValley of the Great Ones 18  
  27 SebekValley of the Great Ones 18  
  28 Amphitrite, the High Priestess Temple of Neptune16  
  29 Diplodocus Saurian Frontier 16  
  30 a wise priest of EneaEnea's Temple15  
  31 the wight swashbuckler The Argosian Wreckage15  
  32 Glass SerpentThe Island 14  
  33 a stegosaurusThe Island 14  
  34 Aalkrost the SorcererValley of the Mage 14  
  35 a humming dragon Orc Mines14  
  36 a cursed treantForsaken Swamp 13  
  37 the imperial guard The Jungles of Sess'Inek 13  
  38 an immature Tyrannosaurus rexSaurian Frontier 13  
  39 the Elemental Master Elemental School 12  
  40 Chaqpor-WafqaTel Makor12  
  41 the plesiosaur Saurian Frontier 12  
  42 a tent spiderForsaken Swamp 11  
  43 ghost of the galavan adventurerThe Raven's Roost Inn11  
  44 a glass dragon Orc Mines11  
  45 the lizardman champion The Jungles of Sess'Inek 11  
  46 Dimetrodon Saurian Frontier 11  
  47 IguanadonSaurian Frontier 11  
  48 a Shuggoth guard Valley of R'Lyeh 10  
  49 a eunuch Ghost Mansion10  
  50 the ghost of a gate guardGhost Mansion10  
  51 The Archivist of JordThe Athenaeum10  
  52 The Galavan Tower GuardThe Rainbow Valley 10  
  53 a gristValley of the Mage9  
  54 a diseased woman Forsaken Swamp9  
  55 a physicianPalace of Thalassas 9  
  56 Captain Unai Palace of Thalassas 9  
  57 an enraged enslaved trollThe Athenaeum 9  
  58 the lizardman monk The Jungles of Sess'Inek9  
  59 the wight swashbuckler The Argosian Wreckage 9  
  60 the pterosaurSaurian Frontier9  
  61 Amargasaurus Saurian Frontier9  
  62 a young native man The Island8  
  63 the draconian consulateThe Raven's Roost Inn 8  
  64 Null Almansour Palace of Thalassas 8  
  65 a golden dragonOrc Mines 8  
  66 an orc workerOrc Mines 8  
  67 a reverent shaved monk The Athenaeum 8  
  68 The Genasi WindsoulThe Tower of Gr'Valdh 8  
  69 the imperial guard The Jungles of Sess'Inek8  
  70 a native ticket seller The Island7  
  71 Necromancer NyeruValley of the Mage7  
  72 Azayactl Temple of Tepeyollotl 7  
  73 a lammasuElemental School7  
  74 Dho-SpawnValley of the Great Ones7  
  75 Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath Valley of R'Lyeh7  
  76 a defunct keeper Orc Mines 7  
  77 the ghost of the discus throwerTel Makor 7  
  78 a desert wanderer's ghostTel Makor 7  
  79 Su'ub Dthrotta, The Demonic SubThe Tower of Gr'Valdh 7  
  80 the skeletal pirateThe Argosian Wreckage 7  
  81 a lava realm guard Infernite Mines 7  
  82 a catoblepas The Island6  
  83 a soulless man Forsaken Swamp6  
  84 a sentry at the FireworksThalassas 6  
  85 a naga Elemental School6  
  86 the Ace of CupsThe Tarot 6  
  87 the White Wyrm Tarot Maze6  
  88 a basilisk Siren's Rock6  
  89 the ghost of a bored woman Tel Makor 6  
  90 a skulking art thief The Athenaeum 6  
  91 the war croc The Jungles of Sess'Inek6  
  92 BotKiller Version ITemple of Neptune 6  
  93 The Mind Flayer ScoutThe Rainbow Valley6  
  94 a tabaxi villagerTabaxi Wilds6  
  95 an executioner's pupil Prison of King Cicero 5  
  96 the native alchemist The Island5  
  97 an intelligent monkThe Island5  
  98 ghost of the galavan adventurerThe Raven's Roost Inn 5  
  99 a fireworker Thalassas 5  
  100 TizocTemple of Tepeyollotl 5  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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