SlothMUD’s Channels

Over the course of time, players have found it convenient to separate their communications with each other among several different channels. A player may toggle each channel on or off.

Newbie Channel

One such channel, the newbie channel, is automatically toggled on when new adventurers log into our fine world. This channel provides helpful and necessary input from some of our more veteran players and Immortals who have turned this specific channel on for the sole purpose of helping our newer players. Feel free to use this channel for any mud related questions, to answer others’ questions, or even to just be friendly!


The most popular channel on SlothMUD is gossip. A player must reach level three before they are able to toggle this channel on and contribute to the conversations which occur here. However, they are able to hear the gossip channel at level one and two. This channel is used for asking questions, answering those questions, telling jokes, or just talking between friends or enemies!


The auction channel is a place for our brave adventurers to place the many fine items they come across for sale. Here, players sell their most valuable items for a profit and have often been heard announcing “Going once! Going Twice! Sold!” Various town vendors are also known to sell wares over this channel as their primary source of income. This channel is also for level three and above.


The quest channel is one place where the Immortals can annouce current or future quests. This is also the primary channel used during a quest by both Immortals and players. The sole purpose of this channel is for quest talk and should not be used to any other reason. The quest channel is also a level three and above channel.


Clan channels allow those player inside a clan to correspond with one another. The channel is automatically created upon login and a player simply uses ktalk to initiate conversations with one another.


One reason why SlothMUD’s universal channels are not as widely used as those of many other muds is because of a new and innovative style of channel. A player is allowed to create a channel under a specific name. Once the channel is created, the player can lock other players out of it and make it private, or else leave it open for everyone to join. During a typical day, there may be upwards of five to seven channels opened at one time.