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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.


Top 100 Deadliest Creatures on Niebelung





  1 IblisMana Pools116  
  2 a hate-filled undead soldier Phantom Creek 111  
  3 the pygmy king Temple Ruins 91  
  4 a beholder The Underdark86  
  5 an acid golemTemple of Fiends 82  
  6 a slave zombie Temple of Fiends 76  
  7 the Fire Negator Tower of Nexialism 69  
  8 a horde of batsMurkwood 67  
  9 Vouhx-tOgre Village and Caverns 65  
  10 Kalamari the giant squid The Underdark50  
  11 a wraith Ravenloft in Barovia 47  
  12 the gruesome minotaurThe Labyrinth41  
  13 the megalodonThe Underdark41  
  14 A desperate pox victim The Infirmary of Farlorne40  
  15 Queen Maragore Temple Ruins 39  
  16 a lung patient The Infirmary of Farlorne37  
  17 Skerritt, the centaur godCentaurs' Domain 36  
  18 a sea turtle The Underdark36  
  19 a wight prison guard Shadow Keep35  
  20 a plague bringer The Infirmary of Farlorne35  
  21 A vampire follower City of the Undead 34  
  22 an evil cleric Xanthippe34  
  23 A stout bakemono Kozakura 33  
  24 a zombie lost soul Xanthippe31  
  25 a murdering mind Mansion of the Mourned 29  
  26 a psychotic pox victim The Infirmary of Farlorne29  
  27 a dwarven axe throwerThe Dwarven Mountain 29  
  28 a giant clam The Underdark29  
  29 the ettin shopkeeper Ettin Village28  
  30 a Zelkham zombie Ravenloft in Barovia 27  
  31 a skeletal gate guardShadow Keep26  
  32 the priest of Korg The Labyrinth26  
  33 the ettin chiefEttin Village25  
  34 a dwarven guardSettlestone25  
  35 Wurragurr DesacratrixTower of Nexialism 24  
  36 the magician Tower of Nexialism 24  
  37 Baphomet The DemonWeb and Citadel 24  
  38 an eye of the deep The Underdark24  
  39 the chinchilla guardianShadow Keep23  
  40 the merciful City of Theris 22  
  41 a grey wolfMurkwood 22  
  42 an elite drider guardThe DemonWeb and Citadel 22  
  43 a Salamis palace guard Kingdom of Salamis 22  
  44 the mana gator Mana Pools 21  
  45 LolthThe Web of Lolth 21  
  46 GalenShadow Keep20  
  47 a tan centaurCentaurs' Domain 20  
  48 a fishing landsharkThe DemonWeb and Citadel 20  
  49 a huge balrogThe Mines of Moria 20  
  50 Chopak The Dwarven Mountain 20  
  51 a giant white sharkCity of the Undead 18  
  52 a sluagh sidhe Fairy Forest 18  
  53 the dreaded rear admiral The Underdark18  
  54 an ettin monkEttin Village17  
  55 the shade jailer Shadow Keep17  
  56 a large crow Murkwood 17  
  57 a hungry ghoul Undead Burial Grounds17  
  58 an imprisoned efreetiThe DemonWeb and Citadel 17  
  59 a captured djinniThe DemonWeb and Citadel 17  
  60 SmaugThe Mines of Moria 17  
  61 ArchfiendArboretum I17  
  62 a guardian spiritRavenloft in Barovia 17  
  63 a sea serpentThe Underdark17  
  64 a derro crossbowmanDerro Caverns17  
  65 a wisp of energy Phantom Creek17  
  66 OrcusThe Web of Lolth 17  
  67 Demogorgon The Web of Lolth 17  
  68 an ugly ettinEttin Village16  
  69 Lord Abbadon Shadow Keep16  
  70 a spectral knightRavenloft in Barovia 16  
  71 a dormant gildervine Arboretum II 16  
  72 a chaos elementalOgre Village and Caverns 16  
  73 a flowering rose bushXanthippe16  
  74 a Marilith The Web of Lolth 16  
  75 a Syrrinian commoner City of Theris 15  
  76 an afflicted dwarven youth The Infirmary of Farlorne15  
  77 the ghost of the chauffeur Xanthippe15  
  78 the master thaumaturgist Tower of Nexialism 14  
  79 Lord Kreuz FortissimoOpera Symphonia14  
  80 a pygmy guardTemple Ruins 14  
  81 a pseudo-dragonThe DemonWeb and Citadel 14  
  82 the custodianThe Mines of Moria 14  
  83 A fearful bakemono Kozakura 14  
  84 an elven guard Sky Elves14  
  85 the neogi patrol leaderXanthippe14  
  86 a Glabrezu The Web of Lolth 14  
  87 female wood duck Lirgea 13  
  88 a mystical young citizen City of the Undead 13  
  89 a stone golem guardian The DemonWeb and Citadel 13  
  90 an immense lurker guardian The Mines of Moria 13  
  91 a myconid druidMyconid Realms 13  
  92 a sea hagThe Underdark13  
  93 Adrian the thief The DemonWeb and Citadel 12  
  94 a swashbuckler Niebelung Beach12  
  95 a seasoned centaur rangerCentaurs' Domain 12  
  96 an elite zealot of Zalla Kingdom of Salamis 12  
  97 the ghost of the butlerXanthippe12  
  98 the ghost of the cookXanthippe12  
  99 a Syrrinian shadow guard City of Theris 11  
  100 an elite wight guardsman Shadow Keep11  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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