Immortal Application

Immortal Application

All applications for immortality should go through Splork for initial processing. 
Email these submissions to, and I will review them and reply 
to you with suggestions, comments, and other useful information. Once I have 
approved your application, it will then be forwarded to the rest of the processing 
committee for review, at which time a final decision will be made. If another 
immortal is sponsoring your promotion to immortality, confer with them about the 
information contained within your submission form so that once your application 
comes to me it will be a more speedy process. Also, include the name of your 
immortal sponsor in your application so that I may speak to them, once again, 
this aids in speeding up the process.

All applications should include the following:

1) Any prior immortal experience you have on other muds, and have you ever been an
immortal on SlothMUD. Having no prior experience will NOT reduce your chances of 
immorting here this is just a formality.

2) The theme for the area you plan to build.
This theme must be set in the current global theme of SlothMUD III, which is 
roughly medieval setting. There should be NO references to ideas or concepts 
regarding such inventions as electricity, machinery, etc. Although a few areas 
in SlothMUD do suggest these concepts they have been built by established immortals.
As a new immortal, we prefer that you stick to the common theme. When writing 
your theme, be as detailed as you like, the more detail the better, include any 
background information that is relevant, and try to tie your area into the area 
you would like to attach it to. For example, do not try to put a desert in the 
middle of Ice City on Thule. In addition, all area submissions must be original to 
SlothMUD, even if you are an immortal on another mud, do not copy paste that 
rea to SlothMUD. Similar themes are okay, but you must change the setup and design.
We do not value plagiarism, if we found that you plagiarized something, it will have 
to be changed.

3) At least 1 mortal on SlothMUD that you have personally leveled to 2x40.

You are not required to immort this character, but we prefer that our immorts 
have a good general knowledge of this mud prior to immorting. However, the 
character that you choose to immort must be at least level 2x40.

The guidelines for submitting your idea are as follows:
1) At least 10 rooms descriptions and 5 mob descriptions that you plan to use 
in your area.These can change after you immort, you are not restricted to what 
you plan. This submission is used to judge the quality of your work and your 
dedication to detail. Your submission should be as free of spelling and grammatical 
errors as possible. Perfection isn’t a requirement, but the cleaner your 
submission, the smoother your processing will go. Below is a guideline 
for submissions.

Room descriptions should be no less than 3 sentences, and preferably approximately 
6 lines in length. Longer is acceptable, but please refrain from descriptions longer 
than 10 lines if possible.

Room Descriptions DON’Ts:
Don’t use 1st person
Don’t use You or Your.
Don’t tell players what they feel or do
Don’t tell a story. Your room description should be a description.
DO NOT SAY: You feel scared.
A horrible stench makes you vomit.
INSTEAD SAY: There is an aura of fear in the room.
A horrible stench lingers in the area.

Room Description DO’s
DO try to use as many of the senses as possible to liven up your descriptions:
Sight, Scent, Sound, Sensations
DO write your descriptions as though the player was teleported to the room, 
and has no idea what lies anywhere else nearby.

Be sure to include in your room description the room name:

Examples of a good room description:


The Inn
This inn is quite lavishly furnished. The walls are made of a rich
walnut wood and the floor is covered with a fine, hand made red carpet.
Comfortable chairs rest behind a large table in one corner while the
reception desk rests in another. A large chandelier made of elegant
crystals hangs overhead providing the room with light. Several pictures
hang on the wall above the desk. Sounds of laughter and music can be
heard from the north.


Under a Small Tree
Spiked, thorny vines encircle this clearing, wrapping around
the giant trees that overlook a single smaller tree in the center of the
clearing. Even though the trees overhead part to allow light to filter in,
an eerie darkness shades the area. The path begins to narrow as it leaves
the clearing towards the north.

Follow the same general guidelines for mob descriptions as for room descriptions.
No less than 3 sentences, no more than 10 lines.

Mob descriptions should include:
A short description: What you see when you scan and when a mob massacres you
A long description: What you see when you look in a room, and
A description: What you see when you look AT a mob.

Again, the mob descriptions are much like the room descriptions. There should 
be no reference to you, or what the mob does to you. There are other added extras 
once you immort that allow you to make your mob interactive. Descriptions 
should be for describing what the mob looks like, or is wearing. No storytelling 
here either. Stick to the basics.

Examples of good mob descriptions:


A fur-covered white python

Short description:
a fur-covered, white python

Long description:
An enormous, fur-covered, white python basks in the light of the floating white orb.

Long, tangled white fur covers this gigantic snake. It lies stretched put
along the riverbank, basking in the warmth of the floating white orb.
Beady yellow eyes stare out, unblinking. Its body is as thick as that of a
normal human woman. It appears to be uncaring of passers-by.


A dale citizen

Short description:
A sleepless dale citizen

Long description:
A thin male citizen of Dale stumbles through the village in search of a safe haven.

Half-naked and apparently starving, this poor male citizen of Dale has
crossed the threshold for sleep deprivation. The few clothes he wears are
soaked with blood and are shredded and torn from many fights. The features
of his mud-covered face are barely distinguishable. Through the grime peer
two beady eyes that are at a state of continual alertness. Occasionally he
scratches at his body with an insane fury as he stumbles through the mud.