Happy Holidays from your Immortal Staff!

Avatar Light

The Avatar Light is an item earned by the players of SlothMUD once they have reached Avatar ( 9×40 ). The player is able to pick from a variety of affects or statistics such as Damage, Mana, Strength, or Hit Points. Each player is allowed to pick three items from the list or the same item up to its maximum value. The tradition of the Avatar Light started during SlothMUD III, where every light was custom made by an Immortal for the player. Now, the lights are automated, much like our triple 40 Eq and Vault system.

  • Level Avatar ( 9×40 )
  • Visit the Mayor of Lyme
  • Type List and see what items you have earned to be placed on your Avatar Light
  • Type Buy avatar ItemName
  • Type Buy avatar ItemName
  • Type Buy avatar ItemName
  • Congratulations, you now have your Avatar Light!
Primary Stat Unit Amount Max Per Light
Strength 1 2
Intelligence 1 2
Wisdom 1 2
Dexterity 1 2
Constitution 1 2
Damage 1 2
Hit Piints 25 50
Hit Point Regen 5 5
Mana 25 50
Mana Regen 5 5
Moves 25 50
Move Regen 5 5
Armor -.2 .-4
Fly 1 1