CVS Logs 1994

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@Original modification file, not used anymore.



@Initial revision


@3/20/94 Jake -- Make the who list take arguments
3/20/94 Jake -- changed reroll to level 43 (god)
3/23/94 Jake -- group now tells when a member is absent.
3/22/94 Balrog -- Restoration and greater heal added, affected files:
  spells.h, magic.c, spell_parser.c, spells2.c -- greater heal is spell
  #97 now, and resotration is spell #96.  Greater aid and aid spells are
  fully commented now, as the didnt work before, and if we want to work
  on them later, we can reassign spell numbers to them of 120+ range.
3/24/94 Balrog -- Firewind added, files affected as above except spells1.c
  and not spells2.c, and messages, in the lib files.
3/25/94 Jake -- Made throw a level 20 thief skill(free skill, not prac)
3/27/94 Jake -- people were killing scribe too much and reclaiming
		all of his gold, so i made him sit (can't push) and
		plus 100 damage.(changed from +33dam)
3/28/94 Thrud -- Installed my version of autowear.  All functions were placed
		at the end of reception.c and are fully commented.  Two
		new subdirectories were created under 
		/scratch/hayward/player these are:
		equip and con.  These hold the .eq files and the .con files
		that autowear uses.
4/1/94 Thrud -- sacrifice added.  in aother.c.
4/4/94 Balrog -- gundead, poison, and draco procs added or changed (poison).
4/4/94 Jake -- The who list now sorts by primary class, will make it sort
		by all classes soon. modified ainfo.c.
4/4/94 Thrud -- new command: last.  Shows you the last time a player was
		logged on.  For now I linked it as a 2nd level command.
		You may want to change this, maybe make it immorts only.
		I had to disable the last date <date> function of last, 
		because a player index is never generated.
		BTW, do_last is in ainfo.c.
4/5/94 Thrud -- New death implemented.  Files modified:  fight.c, limits.c
		Raise dead spell added as spell 99, Cleric:36, Mage:41,
		Mana: 100.  Files modified: spells2.c, magic.c,  
		spell_parser.c.  New death is currently disabled, pending
4/6/94 Eon --   New death counter added to struct player_data.  This one is
		"invisible" to the player.  You basically have 5 ticks from
		death till disconnection.
		XP loss changed:  25% lost upon raise.  100% lost if not 
4/7/94 Eon --   Listclass is in.  Modified files:  awiz.c, interpreter.c.
		Changed raise dead mana cost to 65.
4/8/94 Eon --   Lots of stuff:
		New commands:  beep,show(show rooms stuff dosnt work and most
		  likely never will, all else ok),glist,wiznet.
		itemlist fixed.
		what was called itemlist is now called fixhp.  itemlist was 
		  being used to check and set everybodys max hit points.
		For now, you only lose 1/2 xp if you die and dont get raised.
		Modified files:  fight.c, awiz.c, db.c.
4/10/94 Eon --  Show now has page breaks (awiz.c)
		Assist fixed and re-enabled, but not tested. (aoffensive.c)
		Stat converted to the following usage:
			stat obj 
			stat room
			stat <char></char>mob>
		modified:  awiz.c
		Advance may be fixed now.  (awiz.c)
		Beep  and cut should not crash anymore.
	        Itemlist command axed cause its lame and crashes sometime 	
		  anyway.  : is now a command that is a shortcut for wiznet.
4/11/94 Balrog --  Backstab changed, mutiplier is used instead of *2
                   which it was set to before, also backstab at level 25
                   has a chance for double backstab.  Files changed fight.c
                   and aoffensive.c, in both files search for THIEF, that is
                   wher changes were made.
4/11/94 Eon --  Uptime command in.  files mod:  awiz.c, comm.c
	        Wisnet underwent some cosmetic changes.
		Glist modified to handle files of 50Kb or less.
		files modified:  awiz.c 
4/13/94 Eon --  immortal board in.  (board.c)
		setch in.  (awiz.c)
		show will now handle vnums greater than 99999. (db.c)
4/14/94 Eon --  New function:  g_log(string,level)
		This will send info to all gods with their WIZLOG turned on
		of level and above.  Currently level has no signifigance but 
		soon will.  To turn WIZLOG on and off use the wiznet command 	
		no arguments.  Turning wizlog on or off will in no way affect
		wiznet.  I just did it this way avoid making yet another 
		command.  These g_log's can be placed anywhere in the code
		to send info to gods of the appropriate level.
		files modified:  awiz.c
4/20/94 -- Jake I made a function char_data *get_partial_pc(char *buf)
		that searches the descriptor list for the first player
		that matches the partial string. but if more than one player
		matches, it returns nil.  This function does NOT check to
		see if you can see the person.  That must be done in the
		calling function.
4/21/94 Eon	Gate: portals now last 3 ticks.  (magic.c)
		Outlaw affect increased to lev 44. (ao1.c)
		MAX_STRING_LENGTH increased to 64k.  (structs.h)
		Glist modified that creators can view ANY file in the lib
		directory (up to 64k in size).  This would be good for
		doc files, txt files, or logs.
4/24/94 Bree    Gate - can now gate to innkeeper (magic.c)
                HITBACK macro modified so that it checks that mob isnt already 
                fighting. (magic.c)
                autosave increment tripled (comm.c)
4/24/94 Eon     Wizinvis now works!  (utility.c)
		New command:  Showexits.  Puts exit info after room desc
		in look.  (aother.c, ainfo.c, interpreter.c) 
		CAN_SEE converted from macro to a function.  (utility.c)
4/28/94 Bal     Update since i havent added in a while: Flamestrike,
                and firewind altered, backstab changed again, with increasing
                chance at double vs. mobs only.  Several monster precedures 
                added, and zone and worldfiles reorganized with help from bree
                Also, mobs cannot be pushed into portals now. 
5/5/94 Jake --  New room: meditation chamber (name will probably change)
		doesnt allow remove, wear, and some other commands.
		nice place to rest and regen.
5/5/94 Jake --  Steal changed to be more level dependant.  Hp formula changed
		for all players (modifiers lower for casters/thiefs)
		(con modifier affect was changed)
5/6/94 Jake --  all descriptors are shutdown before being closed.
5/11/94 Bree    Familiar spell - 
                put into slot 86, used to be major aura, as lev 41 mage for now
                familiar spell creates a bogus descriptor and adds to
                descriptor list, as a result anywhere you loop thru
                descriptor list, have to skip over if (d->descriptor==-1)
                do_where, do_users, do_cut(commented changes)
                get_char_room_vis changed to return 'familiar'
                do_move changed so your fam can move out of room
                write_to_descriptor returns if desc==-1
                process output gives __ for familiar's snoop
                process input ignores familiar's snoop
                extract char has if(descriptor==-1) check when checking for
                      polymorphed mobs
                nanny changed to resnoop familiar if you link die and come back
                stop_follower changed to remove descriptors from
                      descriptor list when familiar killed or lost or timed out
                game loop does check for -1 before process output
                save_char kicks out for descriptor==-1
                also spells2.c and spells.h affected
                i think thats it - whew!
5/12/94 Bree    made a few updates to stop_follower, affect_remove, and 
                spell_familiar so that it handles the expiration of the spell
                properly. also, do_users will show all the familiars too,
                and who their master is. we can take this out if you want.
5/13/94 Jake -- 1) Made user take an argument.
	 	2) Fixed all of the spell's caster level.
		3) Made socials take partial names, and IMMORT socials work
		    out of the room. :)
		4) fixed the light bug!! (at least part of it)
5/16/94 RJA  -- Commented out last_cmd = 0 in Give and Equip from reset_zone
                in db.c should solve eq. pop problem.  Orig code was prior 
                item has to pop or subsequent never get the roll, now all
                should get roll.
5/16/94 Jake -- Added a  plyr_log function (args are char_data and str)
5/17/94 RJA  -- fixed a couple typos, fixed silence so it doesn't say
		'You feel less protected' when casting while silenced,
		I'm surprised going so far out of range for ch_violate_msg1[]
		didn't crash it... Next feat: magic bubble! :)
5/20/94 Bree    General maintenance. Purify showed that a mob was numbered wrong,
                line 1409. #4813 changed to 4613
                and spec_assign was trying to assign to some bogus mobs,
                commented out lines 175, 192-195, 233
                and w.zon commented out master charmer's prisoners, mobs #3060,
                3094, 4000, 4003, 4050. also changed number for undead giant in w.zon
                was 130151 should be 130051 and on line 928, mob 7085 changed to 7005
                took out damage ceiling of 400 so that the vorpal proc can cut limbs.
                vorpal cuts off head if pretty hurt (1 in 40) otherwise takes off 1/5 
                of your maxhp (cut limb) so you get that 'That REALLY HURT!' message :)
5/25/94 Tonto - Last touchs to demon bind spell, modules affected were magic.c,
		spell_parser, constants, spells2, ainfo, structs.h, spells.h
		(i think that's it :) APPLY_BOUND list affect and SPELL_BIND
		are 45 and 85 respectively.  Spell affect prevents victim from
		teleport, phase, or word of recalling. Loophole-> victim may
		be recalled by other player.  Limitations are victim must be
		no more than 4 levels higher (mobs get HITBACK on caster)
		protection from evil saves victim 2 out of 3.  Min man cost 35.
		Spell replaced healing_aura.
5/27/94 Tonto - Added ip address in users for those people who were showing
		up []. comm.c
6/1/94 Tonto -- Modified pr list to show info like old sloth, affected modules
		aother.c,spec_procs.c,guild.c, constants.c
6/9/94 Jake --  redistributed imm levs.  Added recho (room echo)
		Sacrifice was installed, board at east gate. chaos works.
		show chaos command shows the top 3 player's kill points.
		immortal's commands redistributed to fit new levels.
6/11/94 Bree    A little more general stuff. fixed many spelling errors in
		w.wld & w.mob
		also, stat room now shows vnums of exit-rooms (awiz.c)
6/14/94 Jake -- Fixed a bunch of the world files.  Added rooms that didnt
	   	exist or removed exits to certain rooms as follows:
		From #30118 removed exit D2 > 30455,D3 > 30401,D5 > 30400
		(the above is settlestone)
		From #9530 removed D2 > 9531, D0 > 9532.
		From #6140 removed D1 > 6144
		The following rooms with exits to west gate were added:
		I don't know what happened, but it looks like some important
		rooms were missing, not just a typo of the room num in some
		cases.  there are lots of exits to 9690.
		i also removed spec_proc bit from lots of mobs that weren't
		assigned a spec proc. (that is the mobproc not found error
		when bootup occurs) I fixed the door key number, it was too
		small to hold the larger vnumbers. (was sh_int, now int)
6/16/94 Jake -- I got sick of looking at all of those Warnings when we compile
		so i fixed all but one of them. :)
6/17/94 Jake -- I converted the player files, adding a struct for mem,increased
		aliases to 25 (don't necessarily have to use them) increased
		skills (places to save learned skills) to 115 from 100.
		added a place that saves godtitle,wizinvisible,worship,
		increased the size of the ACT integer so that it would save
		the larger flags (WIZLOG).
6/21/94 Jake -- Fixed familiar desc's hanging arround on death.  Added some
		objects for my area (key, picture) and the vault for quest.
6/27/94 Jake -- Many fixes:  fixed whereing wizinv immortals., fixed not
		seeing bamfin's.  fixed showexits on closed/hidden doors.
		fixed bash??Maybe. fixed the person being assisted's lag
		shouldnt lag that person, should lag the hitter just like
		hitting the mob.  fixed magic rope allowing resets of an
6/29/94 Jake -- made the item rnum for autowear read and written to file as
		vnum instead of rnum.  Went through typo file and fixed most
		of the typos in the typos file.
7/1/94 ->
 7/14/94 Jake-- Lots of changes! online creation! (mobs/rooms) force field
		spell added. (not put in yet though) spec procs written
		for moxy's area, and a dwarf rescue spec proc. switched
		deity and demi arround (Deity is higher). room affects
		also save and load. (in w.wld). added a key eat proc.
		moved TYPE_SLAM and TYPE_RANGEWEAPON down so that messages
		would print on th new attacks balrog added.
		--add more as i remember what i did!
7/21/94 Jake -- many more... when you exit game it disconns you, fixing a
		small problem with crashing the mud on death, reenter too fst.
		when dead, losing link does not raw_kill you anymore.
		added config command, and made mud_mode bitvector used
		for shutdown,chaos,wizlock,nameserver,reboot.. more to come..
		config sets the bits of mud_mode. fixed listclass...
		it didnt check to see that you entered an argument!
		crashed when not used with an arg!!.
7/22/94 Jake -- Added a ld_save to save linkdead chars.
7/28/94 Jake -- fixed the spell limit problems.  Made the boards save when
		a message is removed. fixed ld_save.
7/29/94 Jake -- Added glance, and tail.. also made throw a practiced
7/31/94 Jake -- Made it so it showed the spec proc on the mob in stat.
		can set spec procs temporarily now with setm spec <num>
		show specs lists the procs and their numbers.
8/2/94  Jake -- spec procs are now loaded and saved via the mobfile.
		so now procs set with  setm <mob> spec  can be
		saved permanently.
8/6/94 Jake --  online object creation added!~! yipee!
8/11/94 Jake -- utility! #<number>
8/13/94 Bree -- memorization!!
8/14/94 Jake -- strengthened the force field for mobs!, added vision spell!
5/25/95 Jake -- Divided up the world files, added savearea and zone command.
		Much nicer saveworlds!  Combined zone and worldfile to one.
5/28/95 Jake -- Added the sloth.config file for much easier configuration of
		the world, and the files that make it up.
5/28/95 Jake -- Added the 'locate' command to lloyds beacon.
5/28/95 Jake -- Fixed object creation.