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Bards are travelling minstrels who are such adept singers that they can weave magic into their song. In addition, most bards have learned some parlor tricks from mages for use in those times when the crowd turns ugly. Both singing and casting spells burn up a bard's mana. Warning! Women have been known to run off with bards, so keep a close eye on your wives and daughters.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Pick Locks   intructions for a thief's toolkit    
  2   Sneak   a very quiet manual    
  3   Cure Deafness   diagram of the inner ear    
  3   Kick   an abused book with footprints on the cover   No  
  5   Tactics   manual bold looking tome   No  
  5   Tail   pages deftly folloing each other    
  5   Wealth and Glory   inscribed gold leaf    
  7   Bash   a demolished book thats missing it's cover    
  7   Search      
  7   Track   a manual with footprints upon it   Yes  
  8   Brothers in Arms   lyrical book of battle tales    
  8   Hide   a well hidden manual    
  8   Rescue   a manual with an armored maiden on the cover    
  9   Glance   a manual with staring eyes on the cover    
  9   Ventriloquate   blank spellbook    
  10   Create Water   damp spellbook    
  10   Detect Invisibility   translucent blue spellbook    
  10   Detect Magic   translucent red spellbook    
  10   Faerie Fire   faintly glowing spellbook    
  10   Phase Door   buzzing spellbook    
  10   Steal   a stealthy manual of deception    
  11   Beyond the Shadows   book of frolicsome song    
  11   Chill Touch   worn ice spellbook    
  11   Create Food   moldy spellbook    
  12   Glamour   book of a lonely soul    
  12   Invisibility   transparent spellbook   Yes  
  12   Web   sticky spellbook    
  13   Armor   leather bound spellbook    
  13   Burning Hands   pale red spellbook    
  13   Sanctuary for the Soul   musical tones    
  13   Spy   a very secretive manual   Yes  
  14   Dispel Magic   bright white spellbook    
  14   Double Attack   a rapidly read manual   No  
  14   Locate Object   magnetic spellbook    
  15   Climb   a book locked with crampons    
  15   March of the Heroes   lyrics of tuneful vigor    
  15   Shocking Grasp   rose red spellbook    
  15   Spellcraft   a handbook titled, 'Mysteries of Magic'    
  16   Blindness   opaque spellbook    
  16   Fare Thee Well   enchanted tune book    
  16   Teleport   vibrating spellbook    
  17   Dreams of the Castle   melody book of dreams    
  17   Infravision   mysterious looking spellbook    
  17   Lightning Bolt   cobalt blue spellbook    
  19   Colour Spray   cranberry red spellbook    
  20   Adaptation to Circumstances   a guide to adaption of circumstances   Yes  
  20   Astrology      
  20   Battle Focus   three pages of concentric circles    
  20   Call of the Cuillen   a sidhe calling    
  20   Dance of the Many   joyance odes of the manifold    
  20   Knight's Blessing   knights blessing   Yes  
  20   Reign of the Spider   a silk-lined spellbook   Yes  
  20   Spirit Marker   book of calligraphy   Yes  
  20   Spirit Watcher   cheaply bound   Yes  
  22   Charm Person   tightly bound spellbook    
  22   Song of the Mist   an ethereal tome   Yes  
  23   Fireball   blood red spellbook    
  23   Hymn of the Morning Star   lyrics of conclusive dreams    
  25   Sacred Reprieve   hallowed songbook    
  26   Gate   spinning spellbook    
  27   Haunted Dirge   compiled musical flat-notes    
  28   Flames At Midnight   flaming songbook    
  29   Gods of War   parchment sharp note    
  30   Closing Weave   a compendium on the theories of portal control    
  30   Dance with the Dead   a guide to preperation   Yes  
  30   Disarm Trap   guide to disarming traps    
  30   Reign of Confusion   aria of scattered half-notes    
  31   Wall of Sleep   faded    
  32   Passage   passage of scriptures    
  33   Eye of the Beholder   songs of endearment    
  34   Condemnation     Yes  
  34   Rina Cruinne   mournful hymns    
  35   Ogham's Psalm of Discipline      
  36   Cry of the Avatars   totem avatar tales    
  37   Feast   fat spellbook    
  38   Call of the Sidhe   songbook of planar hymns   Yes  
  39   Convocation   The Migrant's Agenda    
  39   Fire Bane   the opus occultus inflammus   Yes  
  39   Hymn of An Artisan   Rhapsody of the forge   Yes  
  40   Dance of the Seven Luck Gods     Yes  
  40   Identify   informative spellbook    

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