Live Auctions

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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a white cloakFandralNobody1,222,0001,666,0004d 5h 21m
02some hot embersKnubberubNobody25,00040,0005d 19h 3m
03a miniature totemShatterhandNobody200,000250,0008d 3h 40m
04a long grey cloakBeatrixKida125,000666,6667d 1h 7m
05a white devil's wingKnubberubNobody25,00040,0006d 11h 11m
06a ChrysoberylKnubberubNobody600,000850,0000d 19h 33m
07a bronze dragon scaleKnubberubNobody25,00075,0008d 16h 53m
10the crest of the pirate kingFandralNobody999,0001,666,0009d 4h 19m
11a flask of spiritsBattlemintNobody200,000400,0002d 21h 53m
13a necklace of broken bonesEzekielNobody200,000300,0009d 16h 21m
14a large glowing green emeraldBattlemintNobody100,000500,0003d 6h 6m