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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01the gloves of the crimson buccaneerNorksNobody250,000750,0005d 18h 30m
02a pectoral crossTauNobody1,0001,0012d 0h 37m
03a giant oyster shellPunctateNobody5,0005,0014d 3h 11m
04the sleeves of the crimson tideWhattaNobody65,00095,0000d 6h 45m
05a pair of brown pants with red splotchesWazaNobody400,000500,0000d 18h 13m
06a beaver skin beltBelrathNobody120,000121,0005d 19h 32m
07an eternal shadowRiskyNobody100,000100,0017d 19h 4m
08a lava encrusted shirtNorksNobody250,000500,0000d 22h 27m
09an AzuriteTauNobody1,000,0001,000,0103d 8h 48m
10link mail of the sunPunctateNobody60,0001,000,0002d 1h 35m
11a pair of fox hide sandalsPunctateNobody10,00011,0007d 16h 5m
12the gauntlets of unholy desireBlackwolfNobody150,000200,0005d 19h 47m
13a set of chinchilla skin bootsRiskyNobody400,000400,0011d 3h 32m
14hot coalsRiskyNobody10,00020,0001d 3h 33m
16a chunk of titaniumBelrathNobody250,000251,0004d 20h 54m
17the staff of the restless soulBlackwolfNobody150,000200,0005d 19h 48m
18link mail of the sunPunctateNobody60,00060,0014d 15h 14m
19a radiant yellow scaleFuliginNobody250,000500,0002d 0h 25m
20the trident of avariceInsomniaNobody500,000750,0006d 14h 19m
21link mail of the sunPunctateNobody60,000100,0003d 23h 52m
22the gauntlets of unholy desireBlackwolfNobody150,000200,0005d 19h 49m
24a gorgess scaleWazaNobody400,000500,0007d 14h 50m
25a silken spider egg sacRiskyNobody100,000100,0016d 5h 14m
28a single-sided diePunctateNobody20,00020,0010d 4h 13m
29the emblem of eternal nightInsomniaNobody200,000400,0002d 6h 54m
30a tanned leather parchmentWazaInsomnia550,000600,0007d 15h 23m
31the gem of the etherFuliginNobody100,000250,0001d 20h 27m
32a swirling ball of fireInsomniaNobody300,000500,0004d 21h 46m
33the shield of twilightBelrathNobody2,000,0002,500,0004d 22h 37m
34a Sacrifical LambBattlemintNobody50,00070,0006d 23h 4m
35a Sacrifical LambBattlemintNobody50,00070,0007d 0h 22m
36a single-sided diePunctateNobody10,00020,0002d 3h 32m
37The diary of an old pirateRiskyNobody128d 15h 5m