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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a lizard-scale beltSochiNobody200,000300,0001d 16h 57m
02a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0006d 0h 47m
03a palladium barTauNobody140,000150,0004d 11h 22m
04a palladium barJosiahNobody200,000300,0000d 10h 3m
05a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0007d 21h 50m
06a radiant white featherVictoryWerelord201,000300,0006d 4h 33m
07the sleeves of valorEzekielNobody50,000150,0001d 13h 35m
08a suit of mystic chainmailSwarvensteinNobody150,000400,0003d 23h 53m
09a CoralTauNobody300,000500,0003d 2h 48m
10the horn of Gnoph-KehTauNobody100,000110,0003d 2h 49m
11a palladium barSwarvensteinNobody100,000178,0008d 11h 2m
12an abyssal shadow cloakSwarvensteinNobody100,000400,0006d 7h 54m
13a palladium barSwarvensteinNobody100,000178,0008d 11h 3m
14a skeleton keyGnuNobody1,000,0002,000,0009d 15h 26m
15the crown of twisted tonguesTauNobody100,000120,0004d 20h 42m
16arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody250,000300,0008d 14h 5m
17a PearlTauNobody200,000350,0005d 19h 6m
19a ChrysopraseBelrathNobody10,000,00015,000,0006d 13h 36m
20a belt of bloodstained frostSwarvensteinNobody150,000300,0009d 1h 58m
21a globe of elemental aetherEzekielNobody6,000,0008,000,0009d 7h 59m
22a ZirconLerrNobody200,000300,0005d 4h 34m
23a palladium barSwarvensteinNobody100,000178,0009d 5h 36m
24a Blue QuartzSochiNobody4,000,0005,000,0001d 16h 59m
25a skeletal branchSochiNobody150,000250,0003d 16h 47m
26a Violet GarnetDrivenNobody4,999,9995,000,0009d 5h 42m
27a thunderboltEzekielNobody2,000,0003,000,0009d 8h 0m
28the legplates of the unholyNorksNobody5,000,00010,000,0005d 19h 47m
29a Violet GarnetDrivenNobody4,999,9995,000,0009d 5h 43m
30a Fire OpalDrivenNobody2,999,9993,000,0009d 5h 44m
31Fist of the Lord of BeastsEzekielNobody800,0001,000,0009d 18h 58m
32a sparkling-green emeraldEzekielNobody100,000200,0005d 0h 48m
33a bracelet of burning embersCyprimusNobody60,000120,0003d 3h 10m
34banded leather sleevesBelrathNobody250,000300,0007d 11h 44m
35the draconis argenteis armisCrumbsNobody5,500,0006,500,0009d 2h 50m
36a pair of heavy iron gauntletsSwarvensteinNobody300,000500,0003d 23h 54m
37the emblem of eternal nightJosiahNobody4,000,00012,000,0004d 19h 42m
38the shield of the thundering fistDrivenNobody4,999,9995,000,0009d 8h 14m
39a skeletal branchGnuNobody200,000300,0001d 17h 6m
40the gauntlets of unholy mightDrivenNobody4,999,9995,000,0009d 7h 51m
41a radiant yellow scaleEzekielNobody100,000150,0009d 8h 1m
42a sharp sewing needleGnuNobody200,000300,0006d 4h 36m
43the emblem of eternal nightJosiahNobody4,000,00012,000,0004d 19h 43m
44a skeletal branchSochiNobody250,000300,0002d 17h 45m
45a circlet of strikingDrivenNobody250,000300,0009d 8h 26m
46a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 44m
47a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 45m
48diamond sleevesSochiNobody750,0001,000,0000d 20h 36m
49a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 46m
50a swirling ball of fireJosiahNobody16,000,00025,000,0005d 21h 52m
51a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 47m
52a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 48m
53a skeletal branchSochiNobody150,000200,0001d 19h 40m
54an erinye featherDrivenNobody249,999250,0009d 8h 29m
55a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 52m
56the ring of the damnedDrivenNobody2,499,9992,500,0009d 8h 30m
57a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 53m
58the emblem of eternal nightDrivenNobody2,499,9992,500,0009d 8h 31m
59a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 54m
60a CoralWerelordNobody250,000400,0002d 0h 10m
61a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 55m
62a rune of darknessWerelordNobody50,00060,0002d 10h 11m
63a palladium barWerelordNobody100,000110,0002d 10h 18m
64a palladium barWerelordNobody100,000178,0002d 10h 19m
65boots of the arctic minstrelEzekielNobody500,000800,0009d 19h 0m
66a serpent skin coifEzekielNobody300,000400,0009d 19h 1m
67a belt of shark teethEzekielNobody300,000400,0009d 19h 2m
68a brown tattered parchmentEzekielNobody300,000400,0009d 19h 4m
70a palladium barJosiahNobody100,000178,0004d 19h 59m