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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a Rock Crystal QuartzBelrathNobody1,900,0002,000,0009d 14h 31m
02an Orange ZirconKnifeyNobody1,500,0002,000,0003d 21h 40m
03an AzuriteKnifeyNobody1,500,0002,000,0003d 21h 41m
04a wolfskin robeBascheNobody1,000,0001,500,0004d 23h 56m
05a Deep Blue SpinelKnifeyNobody1,500,0002,000,0003d 21h 42m
06the greaves of an incendiary deathKnifeyNobody2,000,0003,000,0003d 22h 1m
07a Rock Crystal QuartzTokerNobody1,900,0002,000,0009d 14h 4m
09a razor sharp shark toothWazaNobody750,000800,0007d 19h 2m
10a serpent skin robeRogaNobody150,000200,0009d 17h 29m
11the draconis argenteis armisCrumbsNobody3,000,0003,500,0002d 10h 22m
12a set of copper dragonscale greavesCrumbsNobody3,000,0003,500,0002d 10h 23m
14a prison guard helmetBelrathNobody4,900,0005,000,0003d 6h 39m
15a mithril axeBelrathNobody120,000150,0003d 11h 1m