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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a demon's clawBlackwolfNobody500,000600,0008d 15h 39m
02a fashionable satin cravatStunNobody1,000,0001,001,0004d 7h 24m
03a thick green potionFandralNobody50,00080,0009d 0h 51m
04a blazing longsword of fireEzekielNobody150,000300,0005d 23h 3m
05a flask full of mistFandralNobody50,00080,0009d 0h 52m
06a fashionable satin cravatStunNobody1,000,0001,001,0007d 9h 59m
07a large white pearlBlackwolfNobody100,000200,0008d 17h 22m
08a pair of reading glassesInsomniaNobody100,000200,0007d 11h 21m
09a thick green potionBlackwolfNobody79,99980,0008d 18h 7m
10a large glowing green emeraldBlackwolfNobody79,99980,0005d 16h 23m
11Turtle Dragon Plate ArmorFandralNobody888,0001,666,0009d 9h 53m
12a mangled spinal columnFandralNobody1,222,0002,111,0009d 9h 54m
13a heavy iron ringFandralNobody222,000444,0009d 9h 55m
14a pair of onyx and diamond-studded gauntletsBlackwolfNobody500,000800,0005d 16h 25m
15a staff of entwined serpentsTauNobody90,000100,0004d 0h 48m