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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a drop of flaming harginn bloodBelionNobody1,200,0001,500,0003d 12h 1m
03iridescent red leggingsBelionNobody200,000250,0003d 12h 2m
04a Salmon Pink GarnetTokerNobody1,200,0001,500,0004d 15h 27m
05a crimson tri-cornered hatBijazNobody4,250,0007,000,0000d 18h 29m
06a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody150,000250,0002d 12h 15m
07a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody150,000250,0002d 12h 16m
08a Silvery Blue PearlJosiahSochi7,010,00014,000,0004d 20h 11m
09a set of pearly bracersJosiahNobody1,000,0002,000,0003d 18h 22m
10a CoralBijazNobody500,0001,200,0000d 18h 56m
11a mottled broomstickBelionNobody4,000,0005,000,0001d 21h 19m
12a pith helmetBelionNobody200,000250,0001d 21h 20m
13a swirling ball of fireJosiahNobody6,000,00011,000,0004d 23h 11m
14a suit of adamantite chain armorVictoryNobody100,000150,0006d 16h 10m
15a brown tattered parchmentEzekielNobody1,000,0001,500,0008d 8h 38m
16an OpalTauNobody3,000,0003,500,0005d 19h 25m
17Mythical Guards of Life and DeathPadmeNobody500,000600,0001d 16h 52m
18bracers of defensePadmeNobody6,500,0007,500,0001d 23h 24m
20a Golden Yellow TopazJosiahSochi17,510,00027,500,0003d 18h 36m
21a heavy draconian shieldPadmeNobody475,000550,0001d 23h 25m
22a helm of earth powerEzekielNobody800,00012,000,0008d 8h 39m
23a perfectly clear shard of crystalJosiahNobody1,200,0002,300,0002d 13h 6m
26a Rock Crystal QuartzSochiNobody3,500,0003,750,0009d 7h 52m
27a Rock Crystal QuartzSochiNobody3,500,0003,750,0009d 7h 53m
32a globe of elemental aetherTaronNobody35,000,00050,000,0005d 2h 8m
33Adamantium SceptreJosiahNobody6,000,0009,600,0004d 19h 52m
34carborundum greavesJosiahNobody25,000,00045,000,0004d 19h 53m
35gleaming dragonscale sabatonsJosiahNobody35,000,00050,000,0004d 19h 54m
36a Lapus LazuliEzekielNobody5,000,0006,500,0005d 21h 49m
37a Tomb JadeBijazNobody27,000,00036,000,0000d 16h 41m
39Violet Garnet RuneJosiahSochi16,010,00025,000,0004d 20h 1m
41the obsidian jewel of soulsSochiNobody250,000250,0011d 13h 47m
42Black Onyx RuneJosiahNobody48,000,00078,000,0004d 20h 3m
43a thin crystal circletJosiahNobody7,000,00012,000,0004d 20h 5m
44the staff of the restless soulJackalopeNobody500,000600,0003d 21h 40m
45robes of the SupplicantPadmeNobody100,000200,0001d 23h 27m
46an ObsidianSochiNobody16,500,00018,500,0009d 7h 54m
47a Water OpalSochiNobody6,500,0007,000,0009d 7h 56m
48a Champagne PearlSochiNobody6,000,0006,500,0009d 7h 57m
49eye of the dragon savantVictoryNobody150,000250,0007d 18h 27m
50a ChrysoberylSochiNobody6,500,0007,000,0009d 9h 32m
51a Rock Crystal QuartzSochiNobody3,500,0003,750,0009d 9h 33m
52a Champagne PearlSochiNobody6,000,0006,500,0009d 9h 34m
53The diary of an old pirateVictoryNobody5,00010,0007d 23h 15m
54a Bright Green EmeraldBijazNobody7,000,00012,000,0000d 16h 42m