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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a spiked panther collarEnigmaNobody500,0001,000,0009d 16h 6m
02a vial of gelatinous liquidYangNobody400,000500,0005d 9h 38m
03a swirling shield of sparksSurfnaziNobody3,000,0003,500,0008d 2h 1m
04the shield of twilightBelrathNobody1,900,0002,000,0003d 21h 19m
05a lucky coin pendantEnigmaNobody300,000500,0003d 0h 45m
06The Crown Of Judgements PastTaronNobody4,000,0005,000,0001d 0h 49m
07a golden sackSurfnaziNobody20,00025,0008d 2h 2m
08a spider-shaped ringEnigmaNobody7,000,0008,000,0000d 0h 44m
09Fist of the Lord of BeastsEnigmaNobody4,000,0005,000,0009d 16h 7m
10spectral armorTaronNobody500,0001,000,0002d 13h 36m
11a demon's clawTaronNobody2,500,0003,000,0000d 2h 52m
12a vial of gelatinous liquidYangNobody400,000500,0005d 9h 39m
13a man's diamond ringWarNobody1,000,0001,000,0017d 18h 1m
14a blue steel braceletTaronNobody200,000300,0005d 1h 25m
15a platinum mesh vestEnigmaNobody1,500,0002,000,0009d 16h 8m
16a Tomb JadeWarKnifey10,000,000-15d 3h 27m
17a JetWarKnifey10,000,000-15d 3h 28m
18the staff of psychic disruptionTaronNobody15,000,00017,000,0003d 4h 23m
19a ChrysoberylMaxwellTaron1,000,00115,000,0005d 13h 4m
20a ring of indigo coralTaronNobody100,000200,0005d 15h 45m
21a flask of comraderyBascheNobody20,00025,0000d 7h 14m
22a jing-jit diskWallopNobody4,000,0004,500,0005d 5h 56m
23Chalice of the Great Old OneTaronNobody5,000,0006,000,0003d 22h 59m
24a Black Marble Sceptre of Black MagicKnifeyNobody50,000100,0004d 23h 23m
25a Red SpinelWarNobody1,000,000-18d 14h 41m
26greaves of valorJagonNobody500,0001,000,0002d 5h 36m
27a flask of comraderyBascheNobody15,00020,0002d 6h 57m
28a thunderboltTaronNobody3,000,0004,000,0006d 12h 32m
29the sandals of the healing chantTaronNobody4,000,0005,000,0006d 12h 33m
30a dragonskin braceletTaronNobody2,000,0003,000,0006d 12h 34m
31a Dark Green SpinelWarNobody1,000,000-15d 16h 10m
32a short swordEzekielNobody1,000-11d 7h 4m
33the helm of midnight's requiemTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0003d 17h 2m
34a lost cross signet ringTaronNobody13,000,00015,000,0002d 3h 8m
35a thick green potionBascheNobody20,00025,0000d 7h 37m
36a choker of blue flameGorkaNobody4,000,0005,000,0006d 21h 22m
37a wolfskin robeBelrathNobody1,400,0001,500,0004d 7h 7m
38armplates of the lionheartedTaronNobody15,000,00020,000,0004d 11h 42m
39a Dark Green SpinelWarNobody1,000,000-15d 18h 15m
40a Brilliant Green GarnetWarNobody1,000,000-15d 18h 16m
41an amulet of protectionTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0000d 10h 49m
42a dragonskin braceletTaronNobody2,000,0003,000,0006d 12h 35m
43a thick leather beltTaronNobody100,000200,0004d 16h 32m
44a silver spider broochTygraNobody1,500,0002,000,0006d 21h 23m
45woven strands of silk webbingTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0006d 12h 36m
46a silver spider broochTygraNobody1,500,0002,000,0006d 21h 24m
47Helm of the Great Old OneTaronNobody3,000,0004,000,0005d 11h 25m
48a Star RubyTukNobody35,000,00055,000,0007d 11h 6m
49a saffron robeTaronNobody200,000300,0005d 15h 46m
50a saffron robeTaronNobody200,000300,0005d 15h 47m
51a saffron robeKnifeyNobody100,000150,0004d 16h 28m
52a RubyTukNobody35,000,00055,000,0007d 11h 7m
53a AmethystTukNobody20,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 8m
54a JasperTukNobody25,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 9m
55a Silvery Blue PearlTukNobody25,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 10m
56a Violet GarnetTukNobody25,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 11m
57a Colorless SapphireTukNobody25,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 12m
58a shiny golden potionBascheNobody75,000100,0008d 3h 37m
59a ObsidianTukNobody35,000,00055,000,0007d 11h 13m
60a HematiteTukNobody20,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 14m
61the staff of the ramTaronNobody1,500,0002,000,0000d 2h 53m
62arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody140,000150,0000d 14h 54m
63a Pale Golden PearlTukNobody20,000,00035,000,0007d 11h 15m
64a ChrysopraseTukNobody20,000,00025,000,0007d 11h 16m
65a keg of icybrauSongsterNobody120d 15h 8m
66a pair of rabbit earsDrubNobody25,00040,0009d 8h 1m
67a beautifully hand-crafted figurine of a dryadTukNobody2,000,0002,500,0007d 11h 17m
68flowing sleeves of the windTukNobody7,500,00013,000,0007d 11h 20m
69a fleece of golden threadsTukNobody750,0001,300,0007d 11h 21m
70woven strands of silk webbingTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0000d 2h 54m
71a rhino helmKnifeyNobody50,000100,0004d 16h 29m
72a pair of gold-trimmed glovesTukNobody1,500,0002,500,0007d 11h 22m
73eye of the undeadTukNobody5,500,0009,500,0007d 11h 23m
74bracers of defenseEnigmaNobody7,000,0008,000,0006d 1h 57m
75an obsidian pearlKnifeyNobody450,000750,0006d 8h 35m
76a skeleton keyTaronNobody129d 17h 57m
77a thin crystal circletEnigmaNobody10,000,00011,000,0006d 1h 58m
78cloak of desperationTaronNobody50,000100,0000d 13h 19m
79a strip of wolf's hideMunucNobody200,000300,0006d 2h 0m
81a AmberWarNobody1,000,000-17d 8h 4m
93a CarnelianGhoulBasche10,000-10d 4h 41m
100arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody140,000150,0000d 1h 49m
101arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody140,000150,0000d 3h 44m
102a ChalcedonyGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 42m
103a CarnelianGhoulBasche10,000-10d 4h 43m
104a BloodstoneGhoulBasche25,000-10d 4h 44m
105a CarnelianGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 45m
106a Dark Green SpinelGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 46m
107a CitrineGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 48m
108a Orange ZirconGhoulKnifey10,001-10d 4h 49m
109a Moss AgateGhoulRazo5,000-10d 4h 50m
110a CitrineGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 51m
111a Brilliant Green GarnetGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 52m
112a Moss AgateGhoulRazo5,000-10d 4h 54m
114a Moss AgateGhoulTaron10,000-10d 4h 57m
115a AzuriteGhoulBasche100,000-10d 5h 0m
116a ChalcedonyGhoulTaron10,000-10d 5h 2m
117a vial of gelatinous liquidGorkaNobody200,000250,0000d 5h 3m
118a BloodstoneGhoulBasche25,000-10d 5h 4m
120a BloodstoneMuseBasche25,000-10d 5h 35m
121a Deep Blue SpinelMuseBasche150,111-10d 5h 38m