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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a ZirconWarNobody2,000,000-15d 6h 49m
02a QuartzWarNobody2,000,000-17d 20h 17m
03a BloodstoneWarNobody2,000,000-10d 6h 12m
04a pair of dolphin skin bootsTukNobody250,000550,0004d 4h 55m
05some magical enchanting dustNorksNobody121d 6h 52m
06a CoralWarNobody2,000,000-15d 6h 50m
07a man's diamond ringInraNobody300,000500,0005d 20h 22m
08a swirling shield of sparksSurfnaziNobody2,500,0003,000,0003d 7h 33m
09a suit of studded kather armorTaronNobody30,00050,0002d 1h 40m
10a purple minidemon broochTaronNobody50,000100,0004d 17h 23m
11a PearlWarNobody2,000,000-15d 6h 51m
12a blood-filled, corked diamondTaronNobody124d 7h 42m
13a flask full of mistThrascheTaron50,00175,0009d 7h 50m
14bands of goldTukNobody150,000250,0003d 18h 39m
15arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody140,000150,0003d 5h 1m
16a Orange ZirconWarNobody2,000,000-17d 20h 18m
17a choker of blue flameEzekielNobody2,500,0003,000,0008d 18h 1m
18a roll of white leatherTukNobody150,000250,0003d 18h 40m
19a Pale Golden PearlWarNobody2,000,000-17d 20h 19m
20a ChrysopraseTukNobody10,000,00010,000,0019d 3h 34m
21a red minidemon broochEzekielNobody200,000300,0006d 8h 24m
22a Rose QuartzTukNobody15,000,00217,000,0009d 3h 35m
23a jing-jit diskWallopNobody4,000,0004,500,0008d 8h 55m
24a AmberWarNobody2,000,000-18d 1h 57m
25a ZirconWarNobody2,000,000-11d 5h 7m
26a chunk of black glassNorksNobody121d 6h 53m
27molten mithril guardsGnuNobody15,000,00017,000,0003d 7h 46m
28a radiant eye sceptreEzekielNobody1,500,0002,500,0008d 18h 2m
29eye of the undeadBelrathNobody90,000100,0003d 5h 2m
30a cape of infinite shadowsGnuNobody300,000500,0003d 7h 47m
31a Red SpinelWarNobody2,000,000-15d 6h 52m
32lapus lazuliTukNobody250,000550,0004d 4h 57m
33a RubyTukNobody30,000,00035,000,0000d 0h 18m
34sandy silk pantsTukNobody13,000,00015,000,0007d 6h 52m
35a mithril axeBelrathNobody140,000150,0007d 23h 41m
36a yellow diamond necklaceEnigmaNobody1,500,0002,000,0003d 0h 8m
37a chip of citrineWarNobody2,000,000-15d 9h 2m
38a Star RubyTukNobody30,000,00035,000,0000d 0h 19m
39a AmberWarNobody2,000,000-15d 9h 3m
40a pair of blood covered bootsGnuNobody2,000,0003,000,0003d 7h 48m
41the cloak of the crimson buccaneerGnuNobody300,000500,0003d 7h 53m
42a white cloakEzekielBasche2,000,0013,000,0006d 8h 29m
43a ZirconWarNobody2,000,000-19d 2h 8m
44A Talisman of the Inner PlanesGnuNobody500,0001,000,0003d 8h 0m
45an ancient keychain of the shuggoth lordTaronNobody6,000,0007,000,0006d 10h 40m
46a pair of rhino hornsTukNobody150,000250,0003d 18h 41m
47a Rock Crystal QuartzBelrathNobody5,000,000-11d 20h 3m
48some hot embersDaggerNobody125d 2h 58m
49a hot lava stoneTukNobody150,000250,0003d 18h 42m
50a set of chinchilla skin bootsTaronNobody500,0001,000,0002d 5h 20m
51a battered silver medallionKnifeyNobody500,0001,000,0001d 6h 4m
52a chunk of black glassSurfnaziNobody20,00025,0002d 0h 11m
53a small jar of unusual dustTaronNobody10,000,00011,000,0007d 4h 51m
54the sandals of the healing chantTaronNobody6,000,0007,000,0002d 16h 43m
55shield of the black roseTukNobody15,000,00017,000,0001d 10h 25m
56a beautifully hand-crafted figurine of a dryadTukNobody1,500,0001,750,0004d 4h 58m
57a Black Marble Sceptre of Black MagicKnifeyNobody35,00060,0001d 6h 7m
58a polished mithril shieldTukNobody9,000,00011,000,0001d 10h 26m
59the symbol of perditionEnigmaNobody500,000700,0003d 0h 9m
60a spider-shaped ringEnigmaNobody7,000,0008,000,0003d 0h 10m
61Orb of WrathTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0007d 5h 45m
62a pair of rose colored glassesFeistNobody126d 10h 20m
63a platinum mesh vestEnigmaNobody1,000,0001,500,0003d 0h 11m
64a thin crystal circletEnigmaNobody7,000,0009,000,0003d 0h 12m
65a lucky coin pendantEnigmaNobody300,000700,0003d 0h 13m
66a pink invitationTukNobody150,000250,0001d 10h 31m
67a Red SpinelWarNobody2,000,000-16d 1h 58m
68the staff of psychic disruptionTaronNobody13,000,00015,000,0003d 8h 10m
69a runed onyx braceletIrenicusNobody500,000950,0004d 19h 51m
70a set of polished bone leggingsTaronNobody300,000500,0003d 1h 16m
72an eternal knot ringTukNobody250,000300,0000d 7h 20m
73Bloodstone RuneTukNobody7,500,00215,000,0000d 10h 24m
74a tiger eye stoneIrenicusNobody300,000490,0004d 19h 55m
75Red Spinel RuneTukNobody17,500,00225,000,0000d 10h 27m
76Brown-Red Spinel RuneTukNobody47,500,00255,000,0000d 10h 28m
77Chalcedony RuneTukNobody17,500,00225,000,0000d 10h 29m
78Carnelian RuneTukNobody8,500,00319,000,0000d 10h 30m
79a lost cross signet ringTaronNobody13,000,00015,000,0000d 0h 19m
80an amulet of protectionTaronNobody500,000700,0007d 5h 48m
81a thunderboltTaronNobody3,000,0004,000,0007d 5h 49m
82the berserker's girdleTaronNobody5,000,0006,000,0003d 11h 32m
83a dragonskin braceletTaronNobody1,500,0002,000,0007d 6h 15m
84a ring of protectionTaronNobody200,000300,0004d 3h 42m
85a small gem hammerTaronNobody125d 22h 41m
86diabolan military bootsEzekielNobody1,000,0002,000,0006d 1h 59m
87a Orange ZirconWarNobody2,000,000-16d 1h 59m
88a QuartzWarNobody2,000,000-16d 2h 0m
89some hot embersFeistNobody126d 15h 14m
90Citrine RuneTukNobody45,000,00565,000,0000d 10h 32m
91a demon's clawTaronNobody2,000,0003,000,0007d 8h 19m
92Pearl RuneTukNobody55,000,00565,000,0000d 10h 33m
93Aquamarine RuneTukNobody65,000,00575,000,0000d 10h 34m
94Peridot RuneTukNobody65,000,00575,000,0000d 10h 42m
95Dark-Green Spinel RuneTukNobody35,000,00145,000,0000d 10h 47m
96Salmon Pink Garnet RuneTukNobody55,000,00165,000,0000d 10h 48m
97Deep Blue Spinel RuneTukNobody65,000,00175,000,0000d 10h 49m
98Blue Quartz RuneTukNobody35,000,00045,000,0000d 10h 50m
99Blue-Star Sapphire RuneTukNobody65,000,00175,000,0000d 10h 51m
100Chalice of the Great Old OneTaronNobody3,000,0004,000,0005d 3h 7m
101a small golden ember of flamesNorksNobody125d 5h 28m
102a mithril axeBelrathNobody140,000150,0006d 22h 55m
103Water Opal RuneGnuNobody35,000,00040,000,0009d 1h 54m
104black demonskin bootsTukNobody19,000,09123,000,0009d 12h 57m
105a set of spiked bicep ringsTukNobody17,000,00119,500,0009d 12h 58m
106an uncut sapphireTukNobody200,000250,0009d 12h 59m
107an icy clawTukNobody1,700,0011,950,0009d 13h 0m
108a large glowing green emeraldTukNobody170,001195,0009d 13h 1m
109Rose Quartz RuneTukNobody65,000,00175,000,0000d 10h 52m
112a massive tree trunkTukNobody1,550,0002,500,0000d 10h 54m
114a BloodstoneWarNobody2,000,000-10d 6h 13m
123a crimson doubletTukNobody1,750,0002,500,0000d 11h 26m
124the gloves of the crimson buccaneerTukNobody275,000550,0000d 11h 27m
131a CoralWarNobody2,000,000-10d 6h 14m
133a Eye AgateWarTaron2,000,002-10d 6h 15m