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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a Silver PearlSochiNobody5,000,0005,000,0015d 12h 10m
02a small gem hammerOzzyNobody50,00075,0002d 1h 39m
03a thin crystal circletEnigmaNobody7,000,0008,000,0007d 5h 0m
04a demon's clawTaronNobody1,500,0002,000,0001d 15h 48m
05a flat wooden circleDrivenNobody40,00050,0005d 3h 37m
06a large glowing green emeraldOzzyNobody50,00075,0002d 1h 40m
07titanium bootsTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0006d 8h 11m
08a potion of pure darknessBelrathNobody49,00050,0009d 14h 25m
09a flask of lilac-scented body oilDrivenNobody90,000100,0005d 3h 38m
10a mithril axeWhattaNobody58,00065,0000d 12h 13m
11a patched black cloakDrivenNobody400,000500,0000d 0h 31m
12a platinum chainTaronNobody200,000300,0007d 23h 52m
13a crystal teardropTaronNobody5,000,0006,000,0003d 22h 43m
14a choker of blue flameTaronJackalope1,500,0012,000,0001d 15h 49m
15a ring of seashellTaronNobody5,000,0006,000,0003d 22h 44m
16a Water OpalWindNobody5,000,0006,000,0002d 5h 48m
17a demon's clawSochiNobody3,500,0005,000,0007d 4h 27m
18the gloves of the crimson buccaneerGnuNobody200,000300,0009d 22h 24m
19the gauntlets of unholy desireTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0001d 15h 50m
20a mithril keychainEnigmaNobody5,000,0006,000,0005d 4h 54m
21an Eye AgateGorkaNobody4,999,9995,000,0002d 4h 7m
22ultramarine blue pigmentSliceNobody49,99950,0005d 22h 7m
24the crown of serpentsTaronNobody1,000,0001,500,0001d 15h 54m
25an eternal shadowDaggerNobody125,000150,0007d 22h 48m
26A bar of leadSochiNobody127d 4h 29m
27a worn toe tagDrivenNobody50,00075,0004d 9h 8m
28a set of chinchilla skin bootsStunNobody500,000501,0000d 7h 58m
31a vial of gelatinous liquidEzekielNobody400,000500,0005d 14h 26m
32a red minidemon broochWoodyNobody499,999500,0006d 23h 16m
33a purple minidemon broochWoodyNobody499,999500,0006d 23h 17m
34a silver symbol of elvenkindWindNobody100,000150,0008d 1h 8m
35ultramarine blue pigmentSliceNobody49,99950,0005d 22h 8m
36a forest green wreathHundredNobody128d 2h 35m
37a thick leather beltHundredNobody3,000,0004,000,0005d 23h 22m
38a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody910,000911,0005d 12h 6m
40a swirling shield of sparksSurfnaziNobody3,000,0003,500,0004d 1h 8m
41a JadeKomaNobody7,000,0008,000,0000d 0h 2m
42a Rock Crystal QuartzGorkaNobody4,999,9995,000,0007d 4h 50m
43a belt of strikingDaggerNobody150,000225,0004d 23h 9m
44a triangular shieldEnigmaNobody10,000,00011,000,0002d 4h 22m
45a jeweled collarHundredNobody150,000300,0006d 9h 21m
46a battered silver medallionGnuNobody2,000,0003,000,0007d 0h 19m
47a ChrysopraseGorkaNobody4,999,9995,000,0000d 5h 37m
48water moccasinsEnigmaNobody100,000150,0005d 4h 55m
49a Brilliant Green GarnetWarNobody2,000,000-17d 23h 50m
50a choker of blue flameEzekielNobody2,000,0002,500,0006d 14h 7m
51a Lapus LazuliDrivenNobody4,999,9995,000,0002d 1h 58m
52a piece of cinnamon barkEzekielNobody500,0001,000,0006d 14h 8m
53a yellow diamond necklaceEnigmaNobody1,500,0002,000,0007d 5h 1m
55an elemental cycleDrivenNobody400,000500,0007d 5h 56m
57a blazing longsword of fireImoenNobody2,900,0003,000,0007d 17h 26m
64a lavender ellipsoid ioun stoneTaronNobody150,000200,0000d 0h 51m
68a spider-shaped ringEnigmaNobody7,000,0008,000,0005d 4h 49m
70a thunderboltTaronNobody3,000,0004,000,0000d 0h 54m
71a small jar of unusual dustTaronNobody10,000,00011,000,0000d 0h 55m
72a luminiferous ringTaronNobody500,000700,0000d 0h 56m
73a pile of rainbow-colored rocksDrivenNobody90,000100,0002d 2h 4m
74a string of yellow tendonZuzuNobody280,000420,0002d 2h 47m
75a set of gr'valdhic legplatesBelrathNobody90,000100,0002d 7h 7m
76the gloves of the crimson buccaneerDrivenNobody350,000400,0007d 5h 58m
77a thick leather beltTaronNobody200,000300,0002d 5h 44m
78a Water OpalHundredNobody12,000,00014,000,0004d 0h 24m
79an OpalHundredNobody5,000,0008,000,0004d 0h 25m
80an enveloping voidEzekielNobody200,000300,0006d 14h 9m
81a ChrysoberylWindBasche6,000,0017,500,0004d 4h 4m
82balsamic essential oilDrivenNobody25,00030,0004d 18h 38m
83the bottled breath of lifeDrivenNobody25,00030,0004d 18h 39m
84a drop of rainEzekielNobody600,0001,000,0006d 14h 11m
86a radiant eye sceptreEzekielNobody1,000,0002,000,0006d 14h 14m
87diabolan military bootsEzekielNobody200,000300,0006d 14h 15m
88arcane gauntlets of the moonBelrathNobody240,000250,0006d 14h 22m
89an enameled pendantEzekielNobody500,000600,0006d 14h 26m
91a vial of rose-scented perfumeSliceNobody90,000100,0006d 15h 54m
92the essence of jasmineSliceNobody90,000100,0006d 15h 55m
93a flask of lavender-scented body oilSliceNobody90,000100,0006d 15h 56m
94the sandals of the healing chantEnigmaNobody4,000,0005,000,0005d 4h 50m
95a patched black cloakDrivenNobody400,000500,0006d 19h 57m
96a ZirconDrivenNobody1,999,9992,000,0006d 19h 58m
97a Pale Golden PearlDrivenNobody1,999,9992,000,0006d 19h 59m
98a pair of serpentskin bootsDrivenNobody400,000500,0006d 20h 1m