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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01the symbol of perditionNecroNobody499,999500,0005d 0h 54m
02a yellow diamond necklaceChromeNobody1,999,9992,000,0004d 0h 45m
03a crystal helmFuliginNobody999,9991,000,0001d 4h 30m
04the fang of the etherFuliginNobody449,999450,0002d 13h 40m
05a crystal helmInsomniaNobody300,000500,0003d 22h 39m
07a sliver of Antrodemus clavicleEzekielNobody200,000300,0003d 13h 32m
08belt of vitalityFuliginNobody149,999150,0001d 4h 31m
10an arkenstone replicaChromeNobody999,9991,000,0002d 7h 2m
11a ring of glowing magmaNecroNobody249,999250,0002d 7h 5m
12ethereal gauntletsFuliginNobody99,999100,0002d 23h 11m
13a wolf's head capeFuliginNobody99,999100,0005d 1h 43m
14a ring of glowing magmaNecroNobody249,999250,0002d 7h 6m
15the dagger of catsTokerNobody99,999100,0002d 0h 27m
16some fine sanding paperCrumbsNobody100,000150,0006d 19h 42m
17shattered bone gauntletsTokerNobody499,999500,0002d 0h 28m
18a banner of the thirteenth Drow legionTokerNobody499,999500,0002d 0h 30m
19a banner of the seventeenth Drow legionTokerNobody499,999500,0002d 0h 40m
20a large glowing green emeraldCrumbsNobody100,000150,0006d 19h 41m
21water moccasinsCrumbsNobody450,000500,0006d 19h 49m
22a glowing wolf toothCrumbsNobody150,000250,0006d 19h 50m
23a globe of elemental aetherInsomniaPhi1,000,0012,000,0003d 2h 52m
24a small golden ember of flamesCrumbsNobody150,000250,0006d 19h 51m
25black ivy legplatesRiskyNobody300,000300,0012d 15h 58m
26a set of chinchilla skin bootsRiskyNobody200,000200,0012d 15h 59m
27the key of desert windsRiskyNobody122d 16h 0m
28a small golden ember of flamesCrumbsNobody150,000250,0007d 14h 25m
29a few flecks of dried bloodCrumbsNobody150,000230,0006d 19h 53m
30the dust from an eagle's wingCrumbsNobody250,000300,0006d 19h 54m
31a bracer of flamesInsomniaNobody200,000250,0006d 23h 44m