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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a shimmering cloak of many colorsMageNobody250,000251,0000d 7h 33m
03a pair of pitch black greavesBelrathNobody250,000251,0001d 10h 6m
04a luminescent gemBelrathNobody250,000251,0001d 10h 7m
05a rainbow colored strap of dragon scalesBelrathNobody250,000251,0001d 10h 8m
06a set of dwarven chainmail leggingsTerNobody50,00080,0001d 1h 14m
07a quartz shieldStunNobody250,000251,0006d 12h 39m
08a sword of tormentBlackwolfNobody150,000200,0003d 17h 11m
09a bloodstoneStunNobody150,000151,0007d 12h 36m
10a strip of golden clothInsomniaNobody100,000200,0003d 0h 24m
11a mystical bag of reagentsPhiNobody250,000280,0000d 16h 8m
12a shadow cloakInsomniaNobody200,000250,0003d 0h 25m
13a ring of starlightInsomniaNobody200,000250,0005d 13h 18m
14a ball of magmaInsomniaNobody100,000200,0006d 9h 20m
15an emerald encrusted dartInsomniaNobody50,000100,0009d 15h 50m
17a quartz shieldInsomniaNobody100,000200,0000d 16h 29m
18a ragged piece of parchmentInsomniaNobody100,000200,0003d 0h 44m
19a page torn from a bookInsomniaNobody100,000200,0005d 16h 11m
20black ivy legplatesMageNobody150,000151,0004d 15h 58m
21a band of shadowsStunNobody200,000201,0009d 17h 54m
22Fist of the Lord of BeastsStunNobody300,000301,0009d 18h 1m
23a huge blanketInsomniaNobody50,000100,0003d 0h 47m
24the dimetrodon's sailTokerNobody99,999100,0007d 0h 18m
26an emblem of darkest devotionMageNobody250,000251,0007d 9h 21m
27black ivy legplatesMageNobody150,000151,0004d 0h 53m
28a sable gimletBlackwolfInsomnia200,002300,0002d 16h 22m
29an ethereal sashBelrathNobody250,000251,0008d 18h 37m
30a horned devil skullKidaNobody250,000250,0011d 23h 3m
31a good razor peltMageNobody100,000101,0004d 0h 54m
32a frost reaverMageInsomnia150,001151,0004d 0h 55m
33an excellent razor peltBattlemintNobody1,000,0002,000,0007d 7h 14m
34a spider fangPhiNobody120,000180,0008d 0h 11m
36a rose breast plateBelrathNobody250,000251,0001d 11h 17m
37a demon's clawBlackwolfNobody150,000200,0005d 11h 4m
38Orb of WrathMageNobody150,000151,0004d 0h 56m
39a pair of sharkskin glovesMageNobody250,000251,0007d 12h 37m
40a giant tiger peltPhiNobody60,000120,0008d 0h 41m
41an ashen braceletBlackwolfNobody1,500,0002,000,0005d 11h 5m
42a chunk of earthFandralNobody111,000222,0004d 19h 59m
43an ethereal sashBelrathInsomnia250,001251,0005d 21h 6m
44the fleeting essence of deathMageNobody150,000151,0006d 9h 24m
45headband of the defenderInsomniaNobody200,000250,0008d 14h 19m
46a vial of demon's bloodInsomniaNobody100,000200,0006d 9h 25m
48a small piece of sphinx furMageNobody150,000151,0006d 9h 26m
49a burning journal entryPhiNobody80,000120,0008d 1h 56m
50a crystal sparrowPhiNobody80,000180,0008d 1h 58m
52an ape's toothPhiNobody50,00060,0008d 2h 1m
53a dragon's fangPhiNobody80,000120,0008d 2h 31m
54a mirror of shadowsStunNobody250,000251,0006d 4h 28m
56a heartsblood pendantStunNobody250,000251,0006d 4h 29m
57a demon talonStunNobody250,000251,0006d 4h 30m
58a man's diamond ringStunNobody250,000251,0006d 4h 31m
59a spiked dragon scale robeStunNobody150,000151,0006d 4h 32m
60a lamp of the learned healerPhiNobody700,000900,0006d 4h 33m
61a quartz shieldStunNobody300,000301,0006d 4h 35m
64a mystical bag of reagentsStunNobody300,000301,0006d 4h 37m
66a shard of darknessPhiNobody500,000600,0006d 4h 38m
67skull of a trollPhiNobody400,000500,0006d 4h 46m
70hair of the white wolfPhiNobody20,00030,0008d 2h 39m
71shield of the black roseInsomniaNobody100,000200,0008d 14h 21m
73a pseudo dragon's stingerInsomniaNobody50,000100,0008d 14h 22m
78a necklace of centaur hoovesMageNobody250,000251,0001d 3h 18m