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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a gleaming dragon scaleInsomniaNobody4,000,0005,000,0000d 18h 6m
02diamond sleevesInsomniaNobody500,0001,000,0005d 10h 35m
03a flask of spiritsInsomniaNobody50,000100,0003d 0h 35m
04a HematiteKnubberubAlias75,001150,0003d 21h 54m
05a flask of spiritsInsomniaNobody100,000200,0005d 18h 29m
06an AzuriteKnubberubNobody175,000275,0008d 18h 47m
07a torn page from a forgers manualInsomniaNobody500,0001,000,0008d 19h 24m
08a dragonfly trapped in amberInsomniaNobody200,000300,0002d 7h 34m
09a dragonfly trapped in amberInsomniaNobody50,000100,0004d 2h 47m
10a small tin spoonInsomniaNobody25,00050,0008d 19h 25m
11a set of tidal sleevesInsomniaNobody100,000200,0006d 16h 5m
13blue steel sleevesInsomniaNobody300,000600,0005d 6h 16m
14a colorful vulture featherInsomniaNobody700,0001,000,0001d 8h 23m
15a crimson tri-cornered hatInsomniaNobody100,000200,0006d 3h 10m
16Jacinth RuneLunaNobody10,000,00013,000,0005d 0h 7m
17Violet Garnet RuneLunaNobody10,000,00013,000,0005d 0h 8m
18a black opal braceletSirricoNobody500,000501,0005d 2h 6m
19the robes of a scoundrelGuinexNobody750,0001,000,0003d 0h 24m
20a flask of spiritsInsomniaNobody50,000100,0000d 4h 7m
21an ecru potionFandralNobody66,00099,0006d 10h 31m
22a strap of leather-like fleshInsomniaNobody700,0001,000,0001d 8h 24m
23the orb of eternal lightInsomniaNobody200,000300,0002d 7h 36m
24the emblem of eternal nightWhattaNobody2,100,0003,300,0004d 2h 22m
25a ghillie suitInsomniaNobody100,000200,0007d 10h 4m
26armplates of the lionheartedWhattaNobody2,500,0003,900,0006d 3h 19m
27wand of wizardryInsomniaNobody700,0001,000,0002d 7h 37m
28a Red SpinelKnubberubNobody225,000375,0001d 21h 55m
29volcanic platesKidaNobody200,000500,0000d 4h 18m
30a broken blade of iceInsomniaRazyr500,0011,500,0002d 7h 41m
37a crystal sparrowKnubberubNobody75,000125,0001d 22h 27m
42a pseudo dragon's stingerStunNobody500,000501,0001d 18h 17m
43an icy clawStunNobody500,000501,0001d 18h 18m
51a thick leather beltBeatrixInsomnia100,001500,0000d 8h 50m