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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a diplodocus femurGorkaRoga10,000,00115,000,0005d 2h 28m
02a fiery ring of lightGrazztNobody150,000250,0000d 21h 47m
03a CitrineTokerNobody349,999350,0003d 4h 17m
04the gem of a thousand starsWazaGorka500,001600,0002d 7h 11m
05an OpalKomaNobody2,000,0002,200,0007d 0h 37m
06a Fire OpalKomaNobody2,000,0002,200,0007d 0h 38m
07a blue devil's wingWazaNobody250,000300,0007d 0h 42m
08a rune-carved loop of green adamantiteGorkaCyprimus10,000,00115,000,0002d 22h 21m
09a detached sword bladeSamNobody2,500,0005,000,0000d 23h 2m
10a bottle of hatredGorkaNobody50,000100,0008d 20h 3m
11a few fragments of a shattered headstoneSwarvensteinNobody150,000250,0004d 2h 52m
12a Sacrifical LambSwarvensteinNobody150,000250,0004d 2h 53m
13the crown of the queen motherGorkaNobody10,000,00015,000,0003d 17h 27m
14a bottle of hatredGorkaNobody50,000100,0008d 18h 0m
15a bottle of hatredGorkaNobody50,000100,0008d 18h 1m
16a bottle of hatredGorkaNobody50,000100,0008d 18h 2m
17a Blue QuartzTokerNobody999,9991,000,0003d 4h 20m
18a HematiteTokerNobody2,499,9992,500,0003d 4h 21m