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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a crystal ringJensenNobody150,000250,0001d 7h 28m
03a spiked orange scaleJensenNobody100,000110,0002d 19h 17m
04a glimmering green potionFandralNobody33,00066,0006d 19h 5m
05a radiant blue potionFandralNobody66,00099,0005d 16h 25m
06a crystal ringJensenNobody150,000250,0001d 7h 29m
08a conch shellConanNobody250,000500,0007d 1h 19m
09the helm of the dragon queenInsomniaNobody500,0001,500,0001d 5h 27m