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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a band of liquid radianceSochiNobody400,000500,0004d 2h 29m
02a crimson tri-cornered hatScaindPhase234,5702,345,6783d 0h 51m
03a handful of yellow beadsSochiNobody250,000300,0001d 20h 33m
04a potion of speedSochiNobody50,00055,0008d 8h 7m
06an AquamarineTauNobody500,000600,0000d 20h 22m
07a pith helmetSochiNobody75,00075,0010d 18h 33m
08a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody100,000150,0008d 4h 27m
09a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody75,000100,0008d 16h 42m
10a battered silver medallionStunNobody500,000750,0000d 22h 44m
11carborundum greavesSochiNobody8,500,00012,000,0004d 1h 22m
12a lizard-scale beltSochiNobody75,000150,0003d 2h 57m
13a black opal braceletStunNobody500,000750,0000d 22h 47m
14a runed onyx braceletStunNobody500,000750,0000d 22h 49m
15a Purple Star SapphireSochiNobody3,500,0006,000,0002d 20h 41m
16a dragon scale of deep purpleGnuNobody400,000500,0002d 22h 41m
17a runed onyx braceletStunNobody500,000750,0000d 22h 50m
18the gem of a thousand starsGnuNobody1,000,0002,000,0002d 22h 42m
19a black suit of dwarven platemailStunNobody750,0001,000,0000d 22h 52m
20a mirror of shadowsSochiNobody250,000500,0004d 2h 34m
21a fungal meshImcoNobody23,456345,6783d 1h 4m
22a Sacrifical LambSochiNobody100,000150,0008d 8h 8m
23dragonhide leggingsStunNobody1,000,0001,100,0000d 22h 53m
24a beaded braceletStunNobody500,000501,0000d 22h 54m
25sleeves of the desert windSochiScaind2,500,0015,000,0004d 2h 44m
26a radiant yellow scaleSochiNobody400,000500,0004d 3h 59m
27a potion of wispy prayersSochiNobody49,00050,0006d 4h 55m
30a OpalRogaNobody2,500,0003,500,0007d 3h 12m
33a shimmering trollskin robeStunNobody500,000750,0000d 22h 55m
35a black suit of dwarven platemailStunNobody750,0001,000,0000d 22h 56m
36an orb of the battle mageGnuNobody1,000,0002,000,0005d 1h 45m
37a spiked orange scaleSochiNobody400,000500,0004d 4h 0m
39A Talisman of the Inner PlanesOrenNobody124d 6h 14m
40an orb of the battle mageMageNobody1,000,0002,000,0004d 9h 28m
41carborundum greavesMageNobody30,000,00031,000,0004d 9h 29m
43guards cloaked in shadowMageNobody1,000,0002,000,0004d 9h 45m
44the gauntlets of unholy desireMageNobody1,000,0002,000,0004d 9h 53m
45darksteel shoulder guardsScaindNobody2,345,6784,567,8904d 12h 58m
46a black dragon scaleSochiNobody250,000300,0004d 23h 7m
47Fist of the Lord of BeastsGnuNobody1,000,0002,000,0005d 1h 46m
48a red devil's wingGnuNobody200,000300,0005d 1h 51m
51a sphere of prophetsStunNobody750,0001,000,0000d 22h 57m
52a set of pearly white vambracesGnuNobody1,000,0002,000,0006d 0h 59m
54the beak of a pterosaurGnuNobody300,000400,0005d 2h 1m
55a pair of blood covered bootsBelrathNobody300,000500,0006d 1h 15m
56a black tattered parchmentImcoNobody456,7892,345,6785d 2h 25m
57a blazing longsword of fireSochiNobody500,000600,0005d 2h 35m
58a Scroll of Heavenly LightSochiNobody100,000150,0005d 2h 36m
59a Silvery Blue PearlSochiNobody15,000,00016,000,0005d 3h 15m
61a potion of wispy prayersSochiNobody49,00050,0005d 2h 40m
62thick leather arm bandsBelrathNobody200,000250,0006d 1h 18m
63a pair of purple shin guardsImcoNobody78,901456,7896d 2h 30m
65a Scroll of Heavenly LightSochiNobody100,000150,0005d 3h 21m
66an AzuriteSochiNobody3,000,0003,750,0005d 2h 52m
68a Scroll of Heavenly LightSochiNobody100,000150,0005d 3h 18m
70a potion of wispy prayersSochiNobody50,00050,0015d 3h 32m