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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a blue suit of fiendish platemailGorkaNobody250,000500,0007d 5h 32m
02an ancient talismanLunaSquip55,000100,0007d 11h 29m
03a JacinthTokerNobody1,999,9992,000,0002d 2h 29m
04water moccasinsBlackwolfNobody300,000400,0007d 8h 44m
05an excellent razor peltKidaNobody250,000350,0001d 2h 29m
06the sleeves of dawnfireBlackwolfNobody300,000400,0008d 1h 7m
08a soul imprisoned within a phialKidaNobody150,000250,0001d 2h 31m
09the dagger of scorpionsKidaNobody250,000350,0007d 3h 32m
12an odd looking pageTokerNobody99,999100,0006d 11h 4m
14the cloak of the crimson buccaneerBlackwolfNobody250,000300,0002d 2h 43m
15Tasha's Saber of the HeavensHarleyScaind4-13d 18h 48m
16a purple dragon's clawRolloNobody1,000,0002,000,0005d 16h 28m
17the dagger of catsKidaNobody250,000350,0007d 3h 33m
18the dagger of wolvesKidaNobody250,000350,0007d 3h 34m
20Tasha's Saber of the HeavensWhattaNobody135d 13h 23m
24an average razor peltKidaNobody250,000251,0001d 23h 11m
31some royal tearsKidaNobody150,000250,0001d 2h 34m
39a sphere of elemental focusEzekielNobody500,000600,0001d 23h 54m
41an electrified boneEzekielNobody150,000250,0001d 23h 58m
43a banner of the first Drow legionDorpNobody69,00077,0001d 23h 16m
51a ring of starlightEzekielNobody200,000300,0002d 0h 12m