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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01the gem of the etherMageNobody500,0001,000,0009d 16h 40m
02the gauntlets of unholy desireSochiNobody2,000,0003,000,0000d 23h 3m
04a Water OpalSochiNobody5,500,0006,000,0004d 0h 24m
05the rainbow shieldScaindNobody234,567456,7892d 20h 50m
06an amulet of protectionImcoNobody456,7891,234,5670d 17h 35m
07a bottle of hatredSamImco500,001750,0000d 18h 22m
09an OpalSochiNobody5,500,0006,000,0004d 0h 25m
10shield of the black roseEzekielNobody500,0001,000,0004d 22h 45m
11a Purple Star SapphireImcoNobody4,567,8905,678,9010d 17h 36m
13a strip of golden clothBelionNobody200,000300,0002d 6h 32m
14lightning vestScaindTaron1,234,5682,345,6780d 19h 5m
15the staff of the restless soulSochiWerelord1,000,1001,500,0001d 2h 8m
19a blazing longsword of fireRogaNobody200,000200,0012d 8h 35m
24titanium greavesSochiNobody1,500,0002,000,0001d 12h 33m
33a Silvery Blue PearlSochiNobody21,000,00021,000,0014d 0h 27m
34a circlet of the windVictoryNobody10,00020,0002d 13h 20m
35bracers of defensePadmeNobody7,500,0008,000,0004d 5h 50m
37a brown tattered parchmentEzekielNobody700,0001,000,0004d 22h 51m
38a rune of darknessBelionNobody500,000700,0001d 1h 58m
39a rune of darknessBelionNobody500,000700,0001d 5h 6m
40a whirling sphere of molten lavaEzekielTau1,000,0012,000,0005d 5h 14m
41a pair of brine soaked breechesDrNobody500,0001,000,0005d 12h 28m