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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

04a small luminescent fishFulcrumNobody1,499,9991,500,0004d 8h 48m
07a small rubyFulcrumNobody349,999350,0004d 8h 49m
08a flask of ghostly whispersFulcrumNobody414,999415,0004d 8h 50m
09the orb of eternal lightFuliginNobody449,999450,0001d 6h 8m
10the gem of a thousand starsFuliginNobody349,999350,0001d 6h 9m
11a gem of learningFuliginNobody249,999250,0001d 6h 10m
12a thunderboltJensenNobody2,000,000-11d 7h 15m
13a gold-pommeled stilettoFulcrumNobody349,999350,0004d 8h 54m
14a ring with an octarine auraFulcrumNobody349,999350,0004d 8h 52m