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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a small jar of unusual dustBanditNobody750,0001,000,0002d 4h 9m
02a ring of clouded glassOmeganNobody50,000100,0003d 7h 26m
03water moccasinsBelrathNobody100,000500,0004d 23h 23m
04The diary of an old pirateBanditWhatta121002d 4h 10m
07emerald leg platesOmeganNobody50,000100,0002d 6h 59m
10a staff of entwined serpentsAmazeballsNobody50,00075,0008d 21h 10m
11a severed tentacleAmazeballsNobody10,00020,0006d 20h 40m
12a pectoral crossOmeganNobody25,00050,0002d 7h 0m
13an ebony blade of darknessOmeganNobody50,000100,0002d 7h 1m
14a string of yellow tendonAmazeballsNobody30,00050,0006d 20h 46m
15an emerald braceletOmeganNobody50,000100,0002d 14h 43m
16a ring of clouded glassOmeganNobody50,000100,0009d 3h 39m
17a pair of rabbit earsTonathNobody50,00050,0017d 20h 15m
18a baboon's pawBanditNobody10,00020,0005d 5h 56m
19the ankylosaurus tailAmazeballsNobody10,00020,0006d 20h 59m
20a vial of scorpion venomTauNobody200,000300,0000d 18h 55m
21a ring of clouded glassOmeganNobody50,000100,0006d 22h 52m
22the Shield of the RainmasterOmeganNobody50,000100,0009d 3h 40m
23an emerald braceletOmeganNobody100,000200,0002d 7h 14m
24an AmberTauNobody400,000500,0001d 15h 56m
25a ring of clouded glassOmeganNobody50,000100,0007d 18h 55m
26a Scroll of Heavenly LightBelrathNobody149,000150,0009d 12h 51m
27the shield of twilightBelrathNobody1,000,0001,500,0009d 12h 43m
28a Scroll of Heavenly LightBelrathNobody149,000150,0009d 12h 45m
29a Scroll of Heavenly LightBelrathNobody149,000150,0009d 13h 50m
34a pair of blood covered bootsWazaNobody200,000250,0004d 18h 51m
39an Eye AgateBelrathNobody1,500,0002,500,0004d 23h 24m
40the corpse of a giant mosquitoAliasNobody100,000100,0015d 21h 51m
41the corpse of a giant mosquitoAliasNobody100,000100,0015d 21h 52m
42a metal spikeOmeganNobody2,50050,0006d 22h 53m
43the shoulder guards of divinityOmeganNobody100,000200,0006d 22h 55m
44a set of polished bone leggingsOmeganNobody100,000200,0006d 22h 56m
45a banner of the eleventh Drow legionOmeganNobody100,000200,0006d 23h 8m
46a banner of the second Drow legionOmeganNobody100,000200,0006d 23h 9m
47a heavy iron ringOmeganNobody100,000200,0006d 23h 20m
48blue dragonet moltingWazaNobody100,000150,0007d 1h 19m