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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a dragon's fangZuzuNobody50,000100,0001d 12h 0m
02a crystal sparrowZuzuNobody75,000175,0005d 14h 43m
03some rare mossInsomniaNobody50,000100,0005d 1h 49m
05skull of a trollPhiNobody200,000220,0002d 7h 57m
06a translucent breastplateDawgNobody550,0001,000,0009d 7h 47m
07some rare mossInsomniaNobody50,000100,0005d 1h 50m
08a JetScaindNobody22,222,22233,333,3338d 5h 29m
09a heavy iron ringSirricoNobody200,000300,0000d 10h 21m
10a PearlCopperNobody70,000160,0002d 5h 0m
11ring of orc fleshSirricoNobody200,000300,0000d 10h 22m
12the black citadel gate keyLunNobody127d 9h 10m
13The Eye of NessusDawgNobody1,500,0002,000,0009d 8h 45m
14a gem of musingKnifeyNobody8,000,00010,000,0003d 0h 18m
15the dagger of sharksZuzuNobody25,00075,0004d 4h 38m
16the dagger of sharksInsomniaNobody25,00050,0004d 1h 29m
17a ruby dragonscale helmetZuzuNobody2,500,0006,250,0000d 5h 40m
18a Banded AgateZuzuNobody225,000375,0008d 3h 36m
19a ball of dungInsomniaNobody100,000200,0004d 8h 43m
20headband of the defenderZuzuNobody150,000225,0005d 14h 45m
21the dagger of wolvesInsomniaNobody25,00050,0002d 10h 11m
22a ghastly symbol of the dark widowSirricoNobody200,000300,0000d 10h 23m
23a HematiteKnifeyNobody350,000500,0004d 2h 45m
24a rot grub larvaIsaiahNobody99,999100,0008d 8h 3m
25a SardonyxKnifeyNobody350,000500,0004d 2h 46m
26the spear of a valiant warriorPhiNobody120,000140,0008d 8h 30m
27a Lapus LazuliKnifeyNobody350,000500,0004d 2h 47m
28a Light Blue IoliteKnifeyNobody5,000,0008,000,0003d 22h 48m
29a HematiteZuzuWhatta200,010325,0000d 5h 43m
30a secari daggerSirricoNobody20,00030,0000d 10h 25m
32a Black Marble Sceptre of Black MagicPhiNobody20,000250,0004d 9h 5m
33a pair of sharkskin glovesStunNobody250,000251,0004d 13h 2m
34a ChrysoberylKnifeyNobody5,000,0008,000,0003d 22h 49m
35a platinum ringDawgNobody150,000250,0000d 12h 6m
36a black opal braceletStunNobody1,000,0001,000,0011d 3h 47m
37a pair of sharkskin glovesStunNobody750,000751,0001d 3h 48m
38a pseudo dragon's stingerStunNobody500,000501,0004d 13h 3m
39a crystal sparrowStunNobody500,000501,0004d 13h 4m
40a Tiger EyeLunaNobody7,000,00010,000,0000d 11h 44m
41a Silvery Blue PearlKnifeyNobody7,000,00012,000,0003d 23h 50m
42skull of a trollInsomniaNobody50,000100,0002d 20h 59m
43a talisman of flamePhiNobody120,000130,0005d 22h 59m
44a black maskPhiNobody100,000120,0005d 23h 0m
45a crystal sparrowZuzuNobody75,000175,0009d 4h 44m
46a black lock of centaur hairInsomniaNobody50,000100,0005d 10h 53m
47a dragon's fangInsomniaNobody25,00075,0002d 10h 49m
48the ring of the destroyerXxxNobody200,000500,0000d 14h 41m
49a heavy iron ringDawgNobody150,000200,0004d 21h 44m