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Auc # Item Seller Bidder Current Buyout Ends

01a moldy orange potionMudoNobody15,00030,0001d 9h 35m
02crown of the quickling kingPhiNobody5,00010,0009d 15h 39m
03a rot grub larvaRogaNobody50,000100,0002d 1h 48m
04a sapphire braceletPhiNobody150,000200,0002d 21h 33m
05a wand of lightningVegeNobody200,000500,0006d 0h 54m
06a skull-shaped grimoire of macabre experimentationVegeNobody1,500,0002,000,0006d 0h 35m
07a pair of cloven hoovesMageNobody1,000,0002,000,0002d 4h 8m
08a thunderboltTokerNobody1,349,9991,350,0001d 7h 55m
09a stingerPhiNobody20,00020,0012d 18h 18m
10an odd looking pagePhiNobody400,000500,0004d 10h 54m
11a flawless glowing diamondPhiNobody2,000,0002,100,0002d 21h 39m
12a Banded AgateTokerNobody449,000450,0000d 2h 35m
14water moccasinsPhiNobody80,000100,0002d 14h 32m
17the sleeves of valorPhiNobody200,000300,0006d 8h 13m
18a Gray White DiamondZuzuNobody5,000,0007,500,0000d 13h 57m
19sleeves of a false godRogaNobody500,000650,0002d 9h 36m
20a radiant blue potionBelrathNobody490,000500,0006d 8h 15m
21Amethyst Helm of the KarutoPhiNobody120,000150,0002d 14h 34m
23an ivory scarabPhiNobody50,00070,0002d 14h 36m
24water moccasinsPhiNobody100,000120,0006d 8h 22m
25the emblem of eternal nightGorkaNobody499,999500,0006d 8h 50m
26a blazing longsword of firePhiNobody160,000200,0002d 14h 54m
27the emblem of eternal nightGorkaNobody499,999500,0006d 8h 51m
29a translucent breastplateZuzuNobody175,000250,0009d 12h 58m
30a Blue QuartzTauNobody900,0001,000,0006d 0h 19m
32the emblem of eternal nightGorkaNobody499,999500,0006d 8h 52m
33the emblem of eternal nightGorkaNobody499,999500,0006d 8h 53m
34the emblem of eternal nightGorkaNobody499,999500,0006d 8h 54m
35a selenium rodBanditNobody400,000500,0006d 15h 20m
36a Rock Crystal QuartzScaindNobody2,345,6784,567,8907d 3h 29m
37a Rock Crystal QuartzScaindNobody2,345,6784,567,8907d 3h 30m
38a Rock Crystal QuartzScaindNobody2,345,6784,567,8907d 3h 42m
39skull of a trollZuzuNobody80,000240,0000d 13h 41m
40a Purple Star SapphireSirricoNobody1,000,0003,000,0000d 15h 36m
41Sleeves of the Clown Lord MarshallScaindPhi987,6552,345,6788d 2h 42m
42a set of bronze dragonscale leggingsBanditNobody1,000,0001,250,0007d 15h 49m
43a QuartzCopperNobody200,000400,0001d 4h 12m
44a runed onyx braceletNorksNobody200,000300,0008d 5h 21m
45a bronze dragon scaleZuzuNobody150,000225,0008d 16h 1m
46a set of copper dragonscale greavesGuinexNobody250,000300,0001d 17h 17m
47a ZirconZuzuNobody100,000175,0008d 16h 44m