Live Server Information

SLOTH MUD version 3.115

  SlothMUD's Dedicated Server

     Operating System Linux
     Processor Intel Dual Core
     RAM 4GB
     HD 1TB
     Bandwidth Unlimited

  SlothMUD's Uptime

     Start time was Sun Nov 27 13:56:47 2022
     Current time is Fri Dec 2 07:29:48 2022

  SlothMUD's Vital Statistics

     Chars in character_list 17494
     Objs in object_list 15585
     Total number of distinct creatures in world 12321
     Total number of distinct objects in world 11109
     Total number of rooms within the world 32716

  Lag? Never!

     5 minute average processor load 38%
     Player min / av / max response times (msec) 0 / 3 / 577
     Mob / Room min / av / max response times (msec) 43 / 87 / 1420

  What specials or extras are turned on at this time?

     The fertility goddess smiles upon The Island!
     The manipulation of raw magic is very strong.
     Mother Nature's presence can be felt on The Island today!
     The fertility goddess smiles down upon the creatures of The Island.
     The greatest struggles offer even greater lessons.
     You feel your affinity to magic strengthen when you are on The Island.
     The wisdom of a long forgotten god shines down upon The Island.
     The glory of marching in armies has reached an epiphany on The Island.
     The potential for plunder has reached an epiphany on The Island.
Last Updated: December 02, 2022 09:29:48.