Giengen Circa 1996

  Hello, my name is Giengen and welcome to SlothMUD ][ created by Jake and
run from the University of Kansas.  As a fellow player, I hope this brief
overview of the game will help you get the most enjoyment with the least 
amount of startup time.  I will touch on the most important points of the 
game, but know that there is much much more to learn and explore in this
wonderful world.  Even as an aged and trained cleric, I still learn new 
things all the time.  

     I will discuss the following areas with you:

     1.  Your Character
     2.  Sloth's World
     3.  Grouping
     4.  Regeneration
     5.  Helpful Hints

1.  Your Character
     or "Who am I and what's this in my hand?"

     When you chose your character, there were things randomly determined
about your qualities.  These qualities are called your "stats" and are
comprised of Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, and Constitution.
You will be able to see how your stats rank when you reach level 8 in your
primary class.

     When you chose your class order you determined what kind of character
you will be.  A simple explanation of the classes are as follows:

     A.  Mage:     The ability to cast many offensive spells.
     B.  Cleric:   The ability to cast many helpful spells, 
                   the most important of which is heal.
     C.  Thief:    The ability to steal and backstab.
     D.  Warrior:  The ability to take and give the big hits better.

     As a player you may gain levels and thereby power in each of these four
areas.  However the order of the classes you chose determines how easy it is 
to gain levels in each class.

     Typing "score" will show your current condition and attributes.  The
prompt you see at all times tells you the following information:

     A.  HP (Hit Points):  If you get to 0 hp's you are mortally wounded,
                           and at -10 hp's you are dead.
     B.  MN (Mana):        This is the stuff used to cast spells.
     C.  MV (Movements):   It takes moves to travel, usually one per room,
                           but sometimes more.

     Two other helpful commands are "eq" and "inv".  Eq is short for 
equipment and it shows you what you are wearing, holding, and wielding.  Inv
is short for inventory and it is what you are carrying with you.

2.  Sloth's World
     or "The World as we know it."

     In SlothMUD there are immortals, demi-gods, gods, and creators, but for
us lowly mortals the world is limited.  So, here are told the ways of the 

     In a room, to see which way you may go, type "exits".  Then to go a 
direction just type the first letter of the direction you wish to go: N, S,
W, E, U, D.  "Scan" will show you what characters are around you.

     In this world there are other "pc"'s (player characters) like yourself
and there are characters as part of the mud.  These other characters are
called mobiles or "mobs" for short.  You may visit and look at and kill these
mobs.  But beware.  Some of these mobs are friendly (unless you hit them)
while some mobs are aggressive meaning they will initiate an attack.

     There are some areas that are basically friendly to newbies.  

     They are (from easiest to hardest):
        A.  The Park
        B.  The Fairy Area
        C.  The Kobold Area
        D.  Goblin Mountain
        E.  The Sewers (aggressive)
        F.  The Gnoll Area (aggressive)

     You may find out about how to get to these and other areas in the Bal
Harbor Map Room which from West Gate is 6 east and 1 south.

     Some mobs, especially in town, will sell you items.  For instance, there
are the Store Keeper, the Chief Scribe, and the Alchemist to name a few.  To
see what they have to sell type "list".  To buy an item type "buy <item>".

     To leave the game, you need to go to the Inn and type "rent".  If you
type "quit!" all of your possessions will fall on the ground as you leave the
game (not a good idea!).

     Lastly, if you need to get to a mob or pc and you cannot find out how
to get there, type "hunt <character>" and you will go to them.  Type "nohunt"
to stop hunting.

3.  Grouping
     or "Togetherness is long as everyone showers."

     As a newbie the best and safest way for you to gain experience points
(what you use to gain levels) is to group with others to kill mobs.  At first,
ask a leader of a group if you may join.  To find out what groups are
available, type "gwho".

     To group, type "group <your name="name">".  Then type "follow ".
Then you are all set.  One person in the group, usually the person listed
after the leader in the group (type "group" to see this listing) is called the
"tank".  This character takes all of the hits for the group.  When a battle
starts, type "assist ".

4.  Character Regeneration
     or "As the World Turns."

     In this world, time moves on.  And as they say, "Time flies when you're
having fun."  More specifically, one game hour equals about one minute in 
real-life (commonly called "rl").

     Every minute or so, there occurs what is called a "tick".  You will 
notice with the passage of the tick, your hp, mn, and mv will increase if 
they are not already at their maximum.  This is called regeneration or "regen"
for short.

     Ir you are asleep during the tick, you will gain twice as much regen as
when you are awake.  If you are resting you will gain 1.5 times as much.  So,
if you are trying to regen after a battle, it is important that you be 
sleeping to gain the most benefit.

5.  Helpful Hints
     or "You talkin' to me?"

     A.  Before typing "hit <mob>" or "kill <mob>", type "con <mob>".
(con : consider).  This will tell you if you are suited to kill this mob.

     B.  Always carry at least one "Scroll of Recall".  These can be
purchased at the Scribe's Shop in town.  If you are in trouble or about to 
die, type "recite recall" and you will transferred back to West Gate.

     C.  If you need to get away from an attacking mob, type "flee".

     D.  The most important spell in the game is "Sanctuary".  It is a level
17 Cleric Spell.  With this spell cast on you, you receive only half the
damage from a hit.  It only lasts for three ticks however.  It is commonly
referred to as "sanc".

     E.  If (when) you die, ask a higher level player if they would please
retrieve your corpse so that you may get your eq back.

     F.  For commonly used commands, you can set an alias.  You may set up to
25 aliases.  The most popular alias is "rr" for recite recall.  To set this
type "alias rr recite recall".  To see your aliases just type "alias".  To
clear an alias type "clear <alias>".

     G.  If you have a question about something, there is an extensive on-line
help system.  Just type "help" to get started.  Type "help <whatever>" to 
learn about whatever.

     H.  You might like to join our mailing list.  There are discussions about
the mud and an eq listing.  Email to sloth-list-request(at)
Leave the subject blank and put "SUBSCRIBE" (in caps) in the message.

     I.  Finally, never be afraid to ask a higher level player for information
or answers.  We like to consider this a family mud and we are willing to help.
I just wish the mobs were as friendly.

     Good luck and may your visit here be...interesting.

                                Your friend,