The Library

Welcome to the Library

This section of our website consists of several different types of pages which explain different aspects of our game.

One of the most important pages here is the newbie page. This page basically walks a player through the basic stages of gameplay originating from a character’s first steps upon login. The page describes, in detail, the majority of feats which lead a player to gaining experience points by killing creatures. It also describes how to earn gold, where to level, and how to communicate with other players.

The most viewed page in this section is the exp and gold charts. In order to acquire levels, a player needs both experience points and gold. Players are allowed 40 levels in eight different classes. These charts detail the exact amount of each in order to level in one of the eight classes.

Newbie Guide   The Newbie Guide walks a player through the game, beginning from the creation menu to gaining levels. This is the page to browse if you are new to slothMUD.
Shops   Shops page breaks down the numerous types of stores in SlothMUD ranging from armor and weapon shops to general stores and Inns.
Stat Ordering   The Stat Ordering page gives every class order within our game a specific order of their prime statistics: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
Channels   The Channels page displays all of the in-game channels which the game provides players to talk through. SlothMUD also allows its players to create channels which can be named and locked accordingly for private conversations.
Experience Tables   The href=”/welcome-to-slothmud/the-library/expgold-tables”>Experience Tables display the amount of experience and gold needed for each and every level gained inside of the game. This includes charts from sub 40 all the way up to 8×40.
Game Clients   The Game Clients displays many of the most popular clients used to play MUDS in today’s soceity. We also provide people with a Custom Flash Client designed specifically for SlothMUD using this website’s theme.
Magical Brews   SlothMUD’s magical brews lists the many brews which can be created inside slothMUD. There are well over 100 different types of potions which characters can collect the ingredients for and brew to help them through the game.
Mage Stones   The Mage Stones gives a detailed description on what and how to use Mage stones. A Mage Stone is an item which one can gain which allows that player to memorize a mage spell.
Rules   The Rules page gives a basic rundown regarding what is not allowed inside SlothMUD. There are very few rules but those rules need to be adhered to.
Immortal Application   The Immortal Application page is a guideline which potential Immortals need to fill out and send to in order to be considered for a position withing SlothMUD..