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Where mainstream wizards have learned flashy spells for dealing large amounts of damage to their enemies, necromancers tend to concentrate more on animating undead minions to follow them around, protect them, and sometimes even fight for them. As necromancers advance in power, they are able to conjure more and more powerful undead servants. These evil magic users are often seen walking around our many towns in a state of etherealness, with three and sometimes four Wraiths following closely behind. Powerful undead followers, a wide variety of offensive spells, and the innate ability to draw on their enemy's life force makes the necromancer able to solo creatures most other classes can only dream about.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Detect Evil   translucent yellow spellbook    
  1   Detect Good   a spellbook with a bluish aura    
  1   Tenebrous Claw   black leather spellbook    
  2   Undead Visage   pages of the undead    
  3   Darkness   dark bundled pages    
  3   Speak with Dead   annotations on the tongues of the dead    
  4   Darksight   tome of other-worldly vision    
  4   Energy Drain   obsidian spellbook    
  5   Deathwatch   a ticking spellbook    
  5   Detect Magic   translucent red spellbook    
  5   Spellcraft   a handbook titled, 'Mysteries of Magic'    
  6   Dispel Magic   bright white spellbook    
  7   Detect Invisibility   translucent blue spellbook    
  8   Animate Dead   maggot ridden spellbook    
  8   Necrology   a tractate on the analysis of death    
  9   Dispel Good   snow white stack of notes    
  9   Putrefy   a worm-eaten spellbook    
  10   Banish Undead   book of torn bonds    
  10   Death Pact   a guide to cheating death   Yes  
  10   Embalm   a mummified book   Yes  
  10   Summon Undead   book of the dead    
  11   Bone Armor   bone carved spellbook    
  12   Blindness   opaque spellbook    
  12   Curse   spellbook with a red aura    
  13   Sense Life   white spellbook    
  14   Unholy Aura   unchanged spellbook    
  14   Unholy Strength   book of demons    
  15   Mindbar   ethereal spellbook    
  15   Protection From Evil   ivory spellbook    
  16   Arms of the Abyss   thickly bound spellbook    
  16   Control Undead   book of the leashed    
  17   Knock   splinted cover spellbook    
  18   Summon   pulsating spellbook    
  18   Weaken   diminished looking spellbook    
  19   Wall of Flesh   fleshstone tablet of stone    
  20   Demon Bind   chain bound spellbook    
  20   Reign of the Spider   a silk-lined spellbook   Yes  
  20   Silence   marbled spellbook    
  20   Spirit Marker   book of calligraphy   Yes  
  20   Spirit Watcher   cheaply bound   Yes  
  20   Vision   blurry spellbook    
  21   Vampiric Touch   blood colored spellbook    
  22   Fear   book of dread    
  23   Crimson Scourge   blood soaked spellbook    
  23   Lethargy   dull colored scripts    
  24   Condemnation   book of exclusion   Yes  
  24   Simulacrum   a book titled 'How to create a simulacra'   Yes  
  25   Ritual of Resurrection   none (special)   Yes  
  25   Word of Pain   distressed spellbook    
  27   Hellstrike   violet spellbook marked with a pentagram    
  30   Infuse Soul   book of stolen souls    
  32   Spectral Shield   crested spellbook    
  34   Pestilence   book of plagues    
  36   Destruction   partially destroyed spellbook    
  37   Winds of Fortune   the ultimate guide to wind control   Yes  
  40   Corpus Severance   black edged bone   Yes  
  40   Wraithform   ghostly book of spells    

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