Please read the rules carefully, and abide by them at all times.

1) No Multiplaying.

  • Muliplaying is the act of having more than one character simultaneously visible within the game of Sloth, whether the link is active or not. There are NO circumstances were one may play two characters at the same time. This includes playing two characters from seperate machines or seperate windows on the same machine at the same time.
  • You MUST ALWAYS rent one character before logging on another. Therefore DO NOT just cut your link before logging on another character.
  • Asking for help while one of your characters that is dead IS NOT permitted.
  • You MAY NOT pass equipment between two characters owned by you which have both been logged on by you, not even in an Inn.
  • You MAY NOT mortally wound a mob then log on another character of yours to kill it and gain experience. Even if your other character has logged off.
  • You MAY use one character to collect the corpse of another of your characters, as long as only one character is on at any time.
  • Multiplaying WILL be punished.

2) No Player Looting.

  • This is defined as: Taking a players corpse or any of the contents after a player has corpsed and deliberately not returning it to the rightful owner.
  • The only cases were player looting is allowed is after an outlawed player is killed. The player would have had their name on the outlaw board.
  • Non sanctioned player looting is subject to harsh penalties.

3) No Player Killing.

  • Player killing is not permitted without a good reason (and this reason will have to explained to the immortal that deals with this problem).
  • If you are going to kill someone for stealing from you, make quite certain that you have the right culprit – or you could get in trouble yourself.

4) No Robotting.

  • Robotting is the act of setting up your MUD client to run the character on its own. Playing a ‘robot’ character is forbidden, and will be punished.
  • If you are observed killing and are not at the keyboard to answer an immortal’s message, you are a robot and subject to harsh penalties.
  • You ARE NOT allowed to program your MUD client to allow your buddy to have full control over your character.
  • Allowing the leader to set your targets, and “all up” triggers are fine.
  • Cleric Bots are illegal if you are away from keyboard. You will be considered a robot even if your actions are not benefiting yourself.
  • You MAY create actions/triggers that perform otherwise repetitive actions during and between fights. E.g. circling, eating and drinking.
  • If you need to AFK to get a drink or answer the phone, that is one thing, being AFK in a group for 10-15 minutes while still “magically entering portals and blinding Mobs”, WILL NOT be tolerated. If your leader believes you are botting, good chances you are!!!

5) No Smuggling of “TEMP” equipment.

  • Equipment designated as “TEMP” (including the Specularem) is only to be used on the continent they were acquired.
  • Anyone caught smuggling temporary equipment will feel the wrath of the gods!
    If you are caught breaking any of the rules, or deliberately exploiting bugs, you will be punished.
      The immortals will only deal with the problems that mortals cannot deal with themselves, or players that disrupt the harmony of the mud.