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Warriors are the most basic fighting class available on SlothMUD. Their combat training, long practice sessions, high hit points, and elevated strength make them very formidable in hand-to-hand fighting. In addition, their ability to reach three and sometimes four attacks per round, it becomes quite obvious that these skills and pure class power are unmatched by any other class. However, they lack the ability to use magic of any sort and must depend on their other classes for these types of abilities. While the most glamorous aspect of being a warrior prime is their innate ability to dish out incredible amounts of punishment, we must not forget their uncanny capability of protecting their fellow group members from danger. Skills such as parry and rescue have saved many lives of fellow comrades over the course of time.
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Thieves are known to have very special qualities that no other classes offer. Their abilities are exclusive and provide a unique way of life for these mysterious wanderers. These shadow walkers possess skills such as pick locks, glance, steal, and climb which are all deemed improper by the rest of our society and often lead to these characters entertaining bad reputations. Thieves are specialists at covert activities, able to sneak, hide, and backstab enemies with the greatest of ease. While a thief has very few defensive capabilities, their offensive potential is simply astounding. Backstab, double backstab, circle stabs, and shadow-walking, all combine to make this class very appealing.
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Clerics derive their magic through the agency of the gods. By and large the gods of Sloth are gentle, benevolent sorts, and so the spells of clerics concentrate on healing and protection. Clerics are granted a small number of powerful destructive spells as well, however, so do not anger them. Long ago, clerics were forbidden from using all but blunt weapons. In the modern world, however, the gods have deemed it wise for clerics to learn at least a little of the martial skills, and so all but the lowliest novices have gained expertise with most weapons and armor.
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The magic user controls powerful and violent magics through his own will rather than through the external agencies used by druids and clerics. Magic users (or mages) specialize in offensive magic, that is to say blowing stuff up. They are less adept at healing and protective spells. Mages can only learn new spells from spellbooks, so an important part of the mage's life is searching out those spellbooks in remote corners of the world.
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Where mainstream wizards have learned flashy spells for dealing large amounts of damage to their enemies, necromancers tend to concentrate more on animating undead minions to follow them around, protect them, and sometimes even fight for them. As necromancers advance in power, they are able to conjure more and more powerful undead servants. These evil magic users are often seen walking around our many towns in a state of etherealness, with three and sometimes four Wraiths following closely behind. Powerful undead followers, a wide variety of offensive spells, and the innate ability to draw on their enemy's life force makes the necromancer able to solo creatures most other classes can only dream about.
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Bards are travelling minstrels who are such adept singers that they can weave magic into their song. In addition, most bards have learned some parlor tricks from mages for use in those times when the crowd turns ugly. Both singing and casting spells burn up a bard's mana. Warning! Women have been known to run off with bards, so keep a close eye on your wives and daughters.
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Druids are quickly becoming one of Sloth's most favorite classes to play. A druid has a few capabilities above and beyond that of any other class. They have the innate ability to shape-shift into a wide variety of animals which allows for camouflage travel. This skill is rather important when attempting to travel the many areas around our world. It can also be used to acquire skills with which your classo would normally not have, such as shape-shifting into a ferret to gain the steal skill. Due to the druid's cohesiveness with nature, they have been bound with the uncanny ability to regen faster than any other class while outdoors. One of the most popular spells a druid has available to them is "fluidity". This spell turns the druid's body slightly gelatinous, causing it to take on less damage during physical attacks.
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As a monk, one must find the center of their being, the balance between your physical, spiritual, and mental selves. The monk is a front-line warrior who uses special combat tactics, superior speed, bare-handed attacks, and unique defensive skills to prosper where others only fail. With their punishing strikes, natural damage reduction, and the unique ability to stalk their enemies, any foe lucky enough to see a monk gliding towards them had better run in the opposite direction.
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When you have achieved level 40 in your first four classes, you will be able to gain levels in an extra class, most often considered the ninth class. Leveling avatar opens up some of the most powerful spells and skills. Also, you will obtain innate powers such as hitroll, damage points, extra heal bonus and spell damage.
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