Magic User

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The magic user controls powerful and violent magics through his own will rather than through the external agencies used by druids and clerics. Magic users (or mages) specialize in offensive magic, that is to say blowing stuff up. They are less adept at healing and protective spells. Mages can only learn new spells from spellbooks, so an important part of the mage's life is searching out those spellbooks in remote corners of the world.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Spellcraft   a handbook titled, 'Mysteries of Magic'    
  1   Ventriloquate   blank spellbook    
  2   Detect Invisibility   translucent blue spellbook    
  2   Detect Magic   translucent red spellbook    
  2   Faerie Fire   faintly glowing spellbook    
  2   Phase Door   buzzing spellbook    
  3   Chill Touch   worn ice spellbook    
  4   Invisibility   transparent spellbook   Yes  
  4   Web   sticky spellbook    
  5   Armor   leather bound spellbook    
  5   Burning Hands   pale red spellbook    
  6   Dispel Magic   bright white spellbook    
  6   Familiar   familiar looking spellbook    
  6   Locate Object   magnetic spellbook    
  7   Resist Cold   warm spellbook    
  7   Resist Fire   cold spellbook    
  7   Shocking Grasp   rose red spellbook    
  8   Blindness   opaque spellbook    
  8   Freeze   prussian blue spellbook    
  8   Teleport   vibrating spellbook    
  9   Fly   floating spellbook    
  9   Infravision   mysterious looking spellbook    
  9   Lightning Bolt   cobalt blue spellbook    
  9   Magic Lantern   worn softly glowing spellbook    
  10   Control Weather   hazy spellbook    
  10   Hellfire   flaming red spellbook    
  10   Telepathy   copper plated spellbook    
  11   Colour Spray   cranberry red spellbook    
  11   Mass Invisibility   large transparent spellbook    
  12   Astrology   an ancient almagest    
  12   Curse   spellbook with a red aura    
  12   Enchant Weapon   blessed spellbook    
  12   Knock   splinted cover spellbook    
  13   Energy Drain   obsidian spellbook    
  13   Magic Rope   crumbling spellbook    
  14   Charm Person   tightly bound spellbook    
  14   Sleep   thick spellbook    
  14   Spark Shower   scarlet spellbook    
  15   Detect Good   a spellbook with a bluish aura    
  15   Fireball   blood red spellbook    
  16   Water Breathing   aqua spellbook    
  17   Chain Lightning   topaz spellbook    
  17   Silence   marbled spellbook    
  17   Stone Skin   orange spellbook    
  18   Gate   spinning spellbook    
  19   Prismatic Spray   crimson spellbook    
  20   Battle Focus   three pages of concentric circles    
  20   Ice Ray   royal blue spellbook    
  20   Reign of the Spider   a silk-lined spellbook   Yes  
  20   Spirit Marker   book of calligraphy   Yes  
  20   Spirit Watcher   cheaply bound   Yes  
  21   Meteor Swarm   burgundy spellbook    
  22   Chronos Incantation   spellbook named, 'Time'    
  22   Closing Weave   a compendium on the theories of portal control    
  23   Mirror Image   book of illusions    
  24   Detect Poison   translucent green spellbook    
  25   Acid Blast   partially dissolved spellbook    
  25   Sense Life   white spellbook    
  26   Detect Evil   translucent yellow spellbook    
  26   Ice Storm   navy blue spellbook    
  27   Winds of Fortune   the ultimate guide to wind control   Yes  
  28   Disintegrate   garnet spellbook    
  29   Mass Fly   levitating spellbook    
  29   Mindbar   ethereal spellbook    
  30   Succor   a Guide to Abetment    
  30   Word of Recall   ancient spellbook    
  31   Create Food   moldy spellbook    
  31   Create Water   damp spellbook    
  31   Cure Light   mint green spellbook    
  31   Haste   a spellbook teaching white magic    
  31   Reflection   glowing silver spellbook    
  32   Corrosive Surge   Acid-etched metal    
  32   Lloyds Beacon   twirling spellbook    
  33   Hermetic Ward   ironbound spellbook    
  34   Demon Bind   chain bound spellbook    
  34   Demon Touch   codex of demonic destruction    
  34   Thunder Clap      
  35   Perception   chromatic spellbook    
  35   Sandstorm   spellbook covered in sand   Yes  
  36   Cure Normal   sea green spellbook    
  36   Firewind   ruby encrusted spellbook    
  37   Convocation   The Migrant's Agenda    
  37   Grease   a grease-stained spellbook    
  38   Cure Serious   ivy green spellbook    
  38   Frostbolt      
  39   Mass Water Breathing   massive waterlogged spellbook    
  40   Attunement   weight tome   Yes  
  40   Hermetic Resonance   polished silver spellbook   Yes  

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