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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.

Deadliest Creatures of Jord





  Thordfalan   Lucifer, the dark angel   Hades   115  
      Baraneth, the golden scaled dra   The Thordfalan Volcano   84  
      Atlas, Defender of the Titans   The Caverns of Matterhorn   81  
      The dark one, Satan   Hades   77  
      Bolg, Goblin King   The Goblin Caves   66  
      The Were-Lord Lupine   Black Island   47  
  The Island   The Dread Pirate Roberts   The Argosian Wreckage   168  
      Ssess'Innek   The Jungles of Sess'Inek   91  
      the tabaxi great cat   Tabaxi Wilds   61  
      The Galavan Sewer Hag   The Rainbow Valley   55  
      Ozzy, Troll Chumpion   The Athenaeum   54  
      The Hydra of Gr'Valdh   The Tower of Gr'Valdh   39  
  Niebelung   the pygmy king   Temple Ruins   53  
      a horde of bats   Murkwood   40  
      a hate-filled undead soldier   Phantom Creek   37  
      the Fire Negator   Tower of Nexialism   36  
      a wraith   Ravenloft in Barovia   36  
      Iblis   Mana Pools   33  
  Thule   Cthulhu   Negative Energy Plane   97  
      the cow killer   The Formian Colony   61  
      an energy drake   Positive Energy Plane   54  
      a merc captain   Dark Chasm   36  
      a purple dragon   Chaeston Tower   33  
      Avatar Ithaqua, God of the Wind   The Summit of Mount Mordin   29  
  Valkyre   a death sherpa   Newbatia University   226  
      a young gang member   Valkyre Gang Hideout   128  
      an evil thug   Newbatia   111  
      a servant of Blaster   Blaster's Temple   87  
      an evil thug   Valkyre Gang Hideout   86  
      a big oaf   Newbatia   71  
  Lyme   an unruly wind   Ch'ung Kuo   196  
      Xerxes, The Corruptor of Worlds   Ruins of Gildebruun   164  
      skeletal knight of fire   The Lost Cross   153  
      a marid   Desert of Despair   133  
      a terracotta warrior   Ch'ung Kuo   122  
      a shadow assassin   Den of Thieves   113  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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