Mage Stones

Mage Stones are used to memorize or “mem” mage spells. This is useful because the mana to cast the spell is used when you mem and not when you cast. Up to 9 spells may be memmed, with a maximum of 3 of the same spell. The number of spells you may mem is determined by your INT. An INT of 18 allows the maximum of 5 and an int of 25 allows the maximum of 8. To mem you must be resting & have the stone(s) in your inventory. Type “mem clear” once, then type “mem ” (ie. mem ‘chill touch’) for each spell you wish to memorize. Then in battle, type cast ‘chill touch’ and the spell will be used from your memory and not from your mana. Type “mem” at any time to see which spells you have memmed. You must have one stone for each spell you wish to mem and the stones are reusable.

The descriptions given below correspond to the most common iouns: there are others.

The Four stones are used for the following levels of mage spells:


Stone Name Keyword Spell Levels
Lavender Rhomboid mageone 1-9
Blue Spherical magetwo 1-19
White Spindle magethree 1-29
Lavender Ellipsoid magefour 1-40


The Steps for Memming (outlined)

– rest

– get mage stones out of container (leave in inventory)

– get all your +INT eq items on

– type “mem clear”

– type “mem (first spell)” three times

– type “mem (second spell)” three times

– type “save”

– remove your +INT items and store them

– store the mage stones