News Log 1996

New SlothMUD Internet Address

SlothMUD has registered with Internic under the domain name So the new way to access the game is:


telnet://          #netscape
telnet 6101            #unix
telnet /port=6101      #vax/vms
#session sloth 6101    #tintin/wintin


Mail List

Join the Sloth-List Mail List!


New Spell: Mindbar

Check out the new spell: Mindbar.


Reimbursement a Thing of the Past

Crash death no longer means loss of EQ. It used to be that if the mud crashed while you were dead, yet 
not corpsed, you would lose all of your EQ. This nasty quality has now been fixed. As a nice balance, a small 
chance for level loss has been implemented when you corpse.


INT and WIS Mean Something

In a much ballyhooed move, the gods of Sloth have bestowed upon the citizens the ability to increase their
casting quantities based upon their intelligence and wisdom. What does this mean to you? If you are a caster with
naturally high int or wis, you will love it. The higher your int, the more maximum mana you will have. The higher 
your wis, the more mana regen you receive. If you are a warrior or thief prime, you will most likely end up losing 
mana. While you may or may not like this, it will provide for a more equal balance of classes and more usefullness 
for grouping with a diverse cross-section of players. Hope you enjoy.


Don’t want someone in your group? That’s okay.

New command: “UNGROUP”. JoeBlow has joined your group and he didn’t ask you first. No problem. “ungroup joeblow”. You can think of other
instances when this command will come in handy.


Illness discovered running rampant in Bal Harbor!

A study on the illness running rampant in and outside the confines of Bal Harbor was recently conducted by the 
High Priest himself. After much studying and experimentaion, he has pinpointed the disease to one known by "many names 
in different languages a nd different times", but which he referred to as "hack". If you have a sickness which is 
causing you to sneeze and to cough a lot, this is probably what is ailing you. All clerics are encouraged to visit 
with the High Priest Guildmaster and practice on their ability to cast the spell "remove disease". This should remedy the 
problem. Perhaps with this important newfound information, we, the citizens of Bal Harbor and surrounding lands, can wipe 
out this disease once and for all.