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LeftOfCenter   Neptune [JAFO] Vote! Vote!

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9.40Overlord Warrior
  Stun ~Dragonsworn~ rebirth 'r us
9.40Sensei Monk
  Driven tinyVialInk, 2xClamPrl (rofs cps)
9.40Wizard Mage
  Ezekiel ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Assassin Thief
  Xxx * ~Dragonsworn~
6.36Bishop Cleric
  Padme ::LeMuRs:: ...
6.31Champion Warrior
  Ozzy these scripts are made for working
5.37Defender Warrior
  Knifey need Cripstrike,Sanctity,Shadwalk
  Werelord <~CHAOS~> [Legends]
  (Reborn) Norks ~Dragonsworn~
  Whatta 2 of 5 works are made to avoid scripting

  There are 11 visible players.   Highest total since last bootup is 18.  

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