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God   Maniac new thief skills live -- see forum.

* Mortals on SlothMUD *

9.40Wizard Mage
  Insomnia the Untitled
9.40Hierarch Cleric
  Kida ~Dragonsworn~ is going down.
9.40Wizard Mage
  Fuligin | & the sky was made of amethyst ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Assassin Thief
  (Reborn) Xxx * xxX ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Sensei Monk
  (Reborn) Belrath
9.40Wizard Mage
  Phi (Unborn)
8.33Juggernaut Warrior
  Ozzy Joseph Stealin!
5.37Cabalist Necromancer
  Midnight in the garden of good and evil.
4.25Herbalist Druid
  Djavul is already pretty thorny.
  Koma the Somnolent
  Unmace .

  There are 12 visible players.   Highest total since last bootup is 15.  

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