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* Immortals on SlothMUD *

LeftOfCenter   Neptune [JAFO] Vote! Vote!
God   Maniac .
Time Lord   Mirage is a figment of your imagination

* Mortals on SlothMUD *

9.40Overlord Warrior
  (Reborn) Stun ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Sensei Monk
  (Reborn) Dingo Dead Dog Walking (Again)
9.40Sensei Monk
  Shatterhand [Legends]
9.40Wizard Mage
  Insomnia the Untitled
9.40Loremaster Bard
  (Reborn) Tonedeaf is Bard to the Bone!
9.40Wizard Mage
  Ezekiel ~Dragonsworn~ Roga and Padme in our thoughts
9.40Arch-Lich Necromancer
  (Reborn) Beatrix
8.39Verdant Lord Druid
  Fandral titles are not the thing of the past
8.32Harvester Druid
  (Reborn) Razyr mourns the passing of Roga.
8.18Guardian Warrior
  (Reborn) Alias is sorry for Padme's loss. *comf*
6.38Theurgist Mage
  Dawg ~WolfPack~
6.31Ascetic Monk
  Baby ~WolfPack~
  Shmerka mourns for Roga, Taron, and Reece.
  Whatta things are not a title of the past.
  Kelydtha wandering
  Unmace the apprentice debator

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