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* Immortals on SlothMUD *

LeftOfCenter   Neptune [JAFO] Vote! Vote!

* Mortals on SlothMUD *

9.40Grand Druid
  (Reborn) Razyr <o)))><
9.40Overlord Warrior
  (Reborn) Stun
9.40Wizard Mage
  (Reborn) Mage ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Assassin Thief
  Gnu .
9.40Loremaster Bard
  (Reborn) Tonedeaf wts hexes 50k, octs 60k
9.40Overlord Warrior
  Linx WTB drop of rain
9.40Hierarch Cleric
  Toxis ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Wizard Mage
  Ezekiel ~Dragonsworn~ wtb: lambs 60k scroll-light 125k
9.40Overlord Warrior
  (Reborn) Alias ~Dragonsworn~
8.39Verdant Lord Druid
  Fandral the Fiery Feral Flame
8.30Enchanter Mage
  Dawg ~WolfPack~ tell me iron sanc or bless for spells
7.39Ascetic Monk
  (Reborn) Shatterhand [Legends]
5.36Ascetic Monk
  Nyx zzz
  Scolex - Adept in the Way of the Spathi
  Unmace .

  There are 17 visible players.   Highest total since last bootup is 28.  

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