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Creator   Splork k .

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9.40Overlord Warrior
  Stun ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Grand Druid
  (Reborn) Suna ~Dragonsworn~
9.40Overlord Warrior
  Gorka was voted Best Mole of 2017
9.40Wizard Mage
  Ezekiel ~Dragonsworn~
6.31Defender Warrior
  Rogue [Legends]
5.39Ascetic Monk
  Driven wtb eye agate (1).
4.27Cutpurse Thief
  Zaq ~Dragonsworn~ need gem of musing (cp) ...
  Whatta ::^^_^^_^^_^^::
  Nom .
  Unmace the <censored>

  There are 11 visible players.   Highest total since last bootup is 18.  

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