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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.


Top 100 Deadliest Creatures on Lyme





  1 Xerxes, The Corruptor of WorldsRuins of Gildebruun 514  
  2 skeletal knight of fireThe Lost Cross327  
  3 a terracotta warrior Ch'ung Kuo276  
  4 an unruly wind Ch'ung Kuo262  
  5 a large soft-shelled turtleCh'ung Kuo236  
  6 a rat-like beast Mount 'An Mystica 201  
  7 a crazed baboonMount 'An Mystica 181  
  8 a maridDesert of Despair 175  
  9 a shadow assassinDen of Thieves165  
  10 the sahaguin high prince Poseidon's Realm161  
  11 a massive black dogLyme Town 156  
  12 OdysseyThe Lost Cross144  
  13 a lammasu temple militia Tiger Temple139  
  14 a sahaguin priestPoseidon's Realm139  
  15 a castle guard Castle Todesengel 138  
  16 a terracotta sentryCh'ung Kuo137  
  17 a temple guard Poseidon's Realm117  
  18 the master necromancer, AzzenonSubterranean Palace of the Undead114  
  19 a large Feng birdCh'ung Kuo109  
  20 a squadron of elven bowmen The Lost Cross108  
  21 an ogre magi Desert of Despair 107  
  22 an elite sahaguin patrol Poseidon's Realm103  
  23 a male residentCloud Giants and Crater Lake 98  
  24 a giant spiked lizardLymean Volcano 96  
  25 a wandering ogre warrior Mount 'An Mystica96  
  26 a RavenerThe Lost Cross 93  
  27 Gort The Ebony Tower91  
  28 an apparition of the caretakerNecropolis of the Undead 87  
  29 Gildebruun, Mistress of FiendsRuins of Gildebruun80  
  30 a temple guard Poseidon's Realm 80  
  31 Aarotar the Demon Mage Mount 'An Mystica79  
  32 a sahaguin patrolPoseidon's Realm 77  
  33 an albino sea scorpion Ch'ung Kuo 75  
  34 an androsphinx Desert of Despair74  
  35 a bluish-green dragonfly Ch'ung Kuo 72  
  36 a necrophidius assassinSubterranean Palace of the Undead 69  
  37 a pronghornValley of Dust and Fire67  
  38 a royal guardCloud Giants and Crater Lake 66  
  39 a beast with a huge gaping mawThe Lost Cross 62  
  40 a very big girlCloud Giants and Crater Lake 62  
  41 The White Wolf The Lost Cross 61  
  42 a spectral firemageNecropolis of the Undead 60  
  43 an elvish archer Mount Olympus59  
  44 a mutating neogi The Ebony Tower56  
  45 an effigy of a strong servantNecropolis of the Undead 56  
  46 a soft-shelled turtleCh'ung Kuo 55  
  47 an undead yuan-ti assassin Necropolis of the Undead 55  
  48 Shun ChunCh'ung Kuo 53  
  49 the purple wormDesert of Despair53  
  50 a shadow The Ebony Tower53  
  51 GlumgMount 'An Mystica53  
  52 the clerk of the court Cloud Giants and Crater Lake 51  
  53 a terracotta patrol guardCh'ung Kuo 50  
  54 a giant spiked lizardLymean Volcano 50  
  55 a temple guard Poseidon's Realm 50  
  56 Gaia Mount Olympus50  
  57 a beast with a huge gaping mawThe Lost Cross 49  
  58 a giant drake guardian Cloud Giants and Crater Lake 48  
  59 an ugly trollMount 'An Mystica48  
  60 Gorynych The Lost Castle of Kitezh and Kitezh Lake 47  
  61 a sahaguin gate guardPoseidon's Realm 47  
  62 an effigy of a robed monkNecropolis of the Undead 47  
  63 the horned devil Ruins of Gildebruun46  
  64 a shadow assassinDen of Thieves 46  
  65 an elite guard Cloud Giants and Crater Lake 46  
  66 Countess DeNuvaCloud Giants and Crater Lake 46  
  67 Stancil Scar Lyme Town46  
  68 Tepa, the god of roguesDen of Thieves 45  
  69 Vain, the master shadow assassiDen of Thieves 45  
  70 BorThe Ebony Tower44  
  71 an umber hulkThe Ebony Tower44  
  72 the Yuan-Ti Histachi Crypt of the Yuan-Ti 43  
  73 a dervish outrider Desert of Despair43  
  74 a sandworm Desert of Despair43  
  75 a deadly bat of Bekorath Necropolis of the Undead 43  
  76 a male guest Castle Todesengel42  
  77 a rogue thiefCastle Todesengel42  
  78 a temple guard Poseidon's Realm 42  
  79 Djab The Ebony Tower42  
  80 a carniverious ape Mount 'An Mystica42  
  81 a wild baboonMount 'An Mystica42  
  82 a castle guard Castle Todesengel41  
  83 a baby soft shelled turtle Ch'ung Kuo 41  
  84 a gargoyle The Ebony Tower41  
  85 a minotaur guard The Ebony Tower41  
  86 an effigy of a lesser lord Necropolis of the Undead 41  
  87 the lemure Ruins of Gildebruun40  
  88 a huge soft-shelled turtle Ch'ung Kuo 40  
  89 Tyroch, Ruler of the Maul TitanLymean Volcano 40  
  90 a guardian Death KnightSubterranean Palace of the Undead 40  
  91 a perytonThe Ebony Tower39  
  92 a giant drake guardian Cloud Giants and Crater Lake 39  
  93 the spirit of a patriarchNecropolis of the Undead 39  
  94 an eldritch seer Necropolis of the Undead 39  
  95 a terracotta soldier Ch'ung Kuo 38  
  96 an apprentice shadow assassinDen of Thieves 38  
  97 a priest of Ra Desert of Despair38  
  98 a sahaguin gate guardPoseidon's Realm 38  
  99 a sahaguin gate guardPoseidon's Realm 37  
  100 a massive Pyroskeleton Subterranean Palace of the Undead 37  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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