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Druids are quickly becoming one of Sloth's most favorite classes to play. A druid has a few capabilities above and beyond that of any other class. They have the innate ability to shape-shift into a wide variety of animals which allows for camouflage travel. This skill is rather important when attempting to travel the many areas around our world. It can also be used to acquire skills with which your classo would normally not have, such as shape-shifting into a ferret to gain the steal skill. Due to the druid's cohesiveness with nature, they have been bound with the uncanny ability to regen faster than any other class while outdoors. One of the most popular spells a druid has available to them is "fluidity". This spell turns the druid's body slightly gelatinous, causing it to take on less damage during physical attacks.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Preserve Food   recipe curing rations    
  1   Shapeshift   script of druidic arts    
  2   Detect Poison   translucent green spellbook    
  3   Will O the Wisp   book of light    
  4   Freshwater   freshly soaked pages    
  5   Cure Light   mint green spellbook    
  5   Remove Poison   tan spellbook    
  6   Goodberry   some elderberry stained scripts    
  7   Resist Cold   warm spellbook    
  7   Track      
  8   Cure Minor   moss green spellbook    
  8   Resist Fire   cold spellbook    
  9   Astrology   ancient almagest    
  9   Control Weather   hazy spellbook    
  10   Spellcraft   a handbook titled, 'Mysteries of Magic'    
  11   Infravision   mysterious looking spellbook    
  12   Dispel Magic   bright white spellbook    
  12   Water Breathing   aqua spellbook    
  13   Stone to Flesh   a block of gelatin-like substance    
  14   Cure Normal   sea green spellbook    
  15   Call Lightning   sky blue spellbook    
  15   Regeneration   vine covered spellbook    
  16   Refresh   vine covered spellbook    
  17   Equanimity   The script of transmutative talents    
  17   Fog   cloudy papyrus    
  18   Morning Glory   A codex embossed with a sun    
  19   Cure Serious   ivy green spellbook    
  19   Fly   floating spellbook    
  20   Battle Shift   a manual on advanced assault techniques   Yes  
  20   Fluidity   geletinous spellbook    
  20   Reign of the Spider   a silk-lined spellbook   Yes  
  20   Resist Poison      
  20   Spirit Marker   book of calligraphy   Yes  
  20   Spirit Watcher   cheaply bound   Yes  
  21   Canopied Arbor   a book with a tree-lined lane on its cover   Yes  
  22   Search      
  23   Elemental Resistance   earthen spellbook    
  25   Cure Critic   forest green spellbook    
  25   Hedge Maze      
  25   Rapidshift   the legendary trefoil goldleaf   Yes  
  25   Sunbeam   sun blazoned bound pages    
  27   Brambles   book covered in thorns    
  29   Garden   cultivated spellbook    
  30   Heal   hunter green spellbook    
  30   Twister   book with a spiral emblem    
  30   Walk of the Cheetah   a book of purrs and spots   Yes  
  31   Cover Tracks   a manual covered in leaves   Yes  
  32   Natures Revival   large written bound leaves    
  33   Shield of Thorns   a book of crested brambles   Yes  
  33   Willow Wind   bound wind-blown parchments    
  34   Winds of Fortune   the ultimate guide to wind control   Yes  
  35   Avalanche   ice crystalized bound papers    
  35   Dawnfire   a radiant spellbook   Yes  
  39   Chill Bane   The opus occultus glacialis   Yes  
  39   Fire Bane   the opus occultus inflammus   Yes  
  40   Lodge   a tribal secret   Yes  
  40   Mantra of the Ancient Tribes   a tome of the ancients   Yes  
  40   Moon Aura   a very, very brightly glowing spellbook   Yes  
  40   Nature's Upheaval   earth toned spellbook   Yes  
  40   Shapeshift Form to Form      

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