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Warriors are the most basic fighting class available on SlothMUD. Their combat training, long practice sessions, high hit points, and elevated strength make them very formidable in hand-to-hand fighting. In addition, their ability to reach three and sometimes four attacks per round, it becomes quite obvious that these skills and pure class power are unmatched by any other class. However, they lack the ability to use magic of any sort and must depend on their other classes for these types of abilities. While the most glamorous aspect of being a warrior prime is their innate ability to dish out incredible amounts of punishment, we must not forget their uncanny capability of protecting their fellow group members from danger. Skills such as parry and rescue have saved many lives of fellow comrades over the course of time.

 LevelSkill / Spell / SongManual / Spellbook / SongbookCrumbles
  1   Double Attack   a rapidly read manual   No  
  1   Kick   an abused book with footprints on the cover   No  
  1   Tactics   manual bold looking tome   No  
  3   Charge   a cavalryman   No  
  4   Rescue   a manual with an armored maiden on the cover    
  5   Swordsmanship   Ibrahim's guide to mastering the art of the spatha    
  7   Track   a manual with footprints upon it   Yes  
  8   Bash   a demolished book thats missing it's cover    
  10   Climb   a book locked with crampons    
  13   Endure Pain   a warrior's guide to enduring pain    
  15   Frenzy   a manual full of blurred pages    
  18   Bloodrage   a bloodstained manual   Yes  
  22   Stomp   an iron tipped manual   Yes  
  23   Broadside   volume depicting thick blades    
  25   Critical Hit   a book of anatomy   Yes  
  26   Gorge   the gourmand's manual    
  28   Entrench   mud-covered pages   Yes  
  30   Parry   a book of dexterous defense arts    
  31   Flail   engraved sticks of flagellation    
  32   Second Wind   manual of vigorous exercise   Yes  
  33   Engage   a paladin's handbook   Yes  
  35   Oath of Victory   *** Autoquest ***   n/a  
  36   Triple Attack   three embossed blades forged together   No  
  37   Oath of Protection   *** Autoquest ***   n/a  
  38   Heavy Armor Proficiency   an armor-plated manual   Yes  
  38   Toss   guide to roadhouse brawling   Yes  
  40   Deathblow   a ranger's handbook   Yes  
  40   Riposte   a portfolio of lunging sketches   Yes  
  40   Warcry   an enchiridion of interminable enthusiasm   Yes  

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