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SlothMUD consists of six continents and some three hundred plus areas.  Over the course of nearly twenty continuous years of development, we have filled our game with close to ten thousand creatures.  Just like any world, most of these creatures are unique and offer a variety of challenges.  Of course,  some of these hideous beasts are harder than others and that’s where these pages come in handy.

The mob boards list each continent and the top on hundred deadliest creatures of that land.  For many years, we have offered something quite similar in game but we felt it would be great information for the best live data section on the net.


Top 100 Deadliest Creatures on Thordfalan





  1 Lucifer, the dark angelHades 182  
  2 Baraneth, the golden scaled draThe Thordfalan Volcano174  
  3 Klklklpa School of Cholemry143  
  4 The dark one, SatanHades 127  
  5 The Were-Lord Lupine Black Island 87  
  6 Bolg, Goblin KingThe Goblin Caves 86  
  7 Atlas, Defender of the TitansThe Caverns of Matterhorn84  
  8 a goat-faced troll Westwood 59  
  9 a kobold mercenary intruderKobold Village 56  
  10 a skeleton The Catacombs48  
  11 a kobold zombieKobold Village 48  
  12 a duergar guardDuergar Caverns46  
  13 UhhhlMatterhorn Valley46  
  14 the Grim ReaperHades45  
  15 a ghoulThe Catacombs44  
  16 a knight The Castle of the Family Degrance 43  
  17 a Sun Monk Temple of the Sun42  
  18 an elite draconian guard Draconian Lair 37  
  19 a massive white dragon Draconian Lair 35  
  20 the giant slug The Draconis Sewers34  
  21 an archangel Eden 34  
  22 Hyperion, the God of FireThe Caverns of Matterhorn34  
  23 the cobalt wagoneerThe Wagoneer's Camp34  
  24 The Forest GuardianThe Greek Forest 31  
  25 Tiamat the dragon queenThe Dragon Mountain30  
  26 a golden dragonThe Dragon Mountain27  
  27 a Priestess of the Sun Temple of the Sun27  
  28 the sins of the worldHades26  
  29 an archangel Eden 26  
  30 a dormouse School of Cholemry 26  
  31 a young firedrakeThe Caverns of Matterhorn26  
  32 the leader of the cobalt-clanThe Wagoneer's Camp26  
  33 a troglodyte guard Troglodytes25  
  34 a kobold Kobold Village 24  
  35 the Spectre Lord The Catacombs23  
  36 a snapping turtlePathways of Thordfalan 23  
  37 a shadow guard The Witches Domain 23  
  38 a faded shadow Westwood 23  
  39 the Bone JuggernautMatterhorn Valley23  
  40 Geber the IIIThe Castle of the Family Degrance 23  
  41 the crocodileThe Castle of the Family Degrance 22  
  42 the Sash Bal Harbor Town22  
  43 CraunchBal Harbor Town22  
  44 A Great White SharkPirate Beach 22  
  45 an elite guardsman The Castle of the Family Degrance 22  
  46 the Fire Demon Hades21  
  47 the UnicornDarken Wood21  
  48 a wooden duckSchool of Cholemry 21  
  49 Tephanis, the Quickling King The Quickling Forest 21  
  50 a satyrThe Greek Forest 20  
  51 the wyvern Troglodytes20  
  52 a vicious newt The Asylum 20  
  53 Belili The Wagoneer's Camp19  
  54 a great horned owl The Jungle 19  
  55 a feral hobgoblin male High Plains19  
  56 a quickling guardThe Quickling Forest 19  
  57 the aging soul Eden 19  
  58 a zombie The Catacombs18  
  59 a bottle nosed dolphin Kuo-Toan Hamlet18  
  60 KolariyhaThe Caverns of Matterhorn18  
  61 the vault protectorThe Castle of the Family Degrance 18  
  62 the bachelor princeThe Wagoneer's Camp17  
  63 a stone balrog Temple of Krom 16  
  64 a handsome young emissaryThe King's Bazaar16  
  65 a hobgoblin guardThe Goblin Caves 16  
  66 the black dragon queen The Dragon Mountain16  
  67 a greater demonTroglodytes16  
  68 the SwordwraithThe Caverns of Matterhorn16  
  69 a madman The Asylum 16  
  70 a burly dwarfThe Asylum 16  
  71 Wu The Castle of the Family Degrance 16  
  72 the giant flytrapA Twisted Jungle Trail 15  
  73 a curious myconid traveler A Twisted Jungle Trail 15  
  74 a hobgoblin guardThe Goblin Caves 15  
  75 a male red dragonThe Dragon Mountain15  
  76 a seilenus The Greek Forest 15  
  77 the red dragon queen The Dragon Mountain14  
  78 a lemon sharkKuo-Toan Hamlet14  
  79 the quickling wizard The Quickling Forest 14  
  80 ClackerMatterhorn Valley14  
  81 AltotusThe Castle of the Family Degrance 14  
  82 a hobgoblin guard leader The Goblin Caves 13  
  83 the duergar Captain of GuardsDuergar Caverns13  
  84 a goblin miner The Goblin Caves 13  
  85 the werefox sorceressLycanthropia 13  
  86 a quickling guardThe Quickling Forest 13  
  87 the guardian statueThe Quickling Forest 13  
  88 the royal blacksmith The Castle of the Family Degrance 13  
  89 the topiary dragon The Gardens12  
  90 a kobold guard Kobold Village 12  
  91 a maenad The Greek Forest 12  
  92 the troglodyte kingTroglodytes12  
  93 a titanic iron golem Matterhorn Valley12  
  94 the guardian spectre The Caverns of Matterhorn12  
  95 a flamewraithThe Caverns of Matterhorn12  
  96 a ghoulThe Catacombs11  
  97 a shadow The Catacombs11  
  98 an elite guardsman The Castle of the Family Degrance 11  
  99 the red sash Bal Harbor Town11  
  100 the kobold sageKobold Village 11  

You better watch out, you could be the next victim!

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