The Inn

The Inn is where our adventurers go when they wish to leave the game.  The Inn has several different commands that a player can use: Rent, Offer, Inventory, and List.  When a traveller inside the Inn types Inventory, the Innkeeper will tell them how many items they are carrying.  Travellers cannot rent unless they have fewer than sixty-five items.  If they have more than this allotment of items, they must drop, junk, sell, or give away the necessary amount to get under the sixty-five item limit.  In order to see how much it would cost to store all those items are that an adventurer is not wearing, simply type Offer.  Sometimes the Innkeeper has been known to hold items which explorers have not been able to pay for.  If by the slim chance this has happened to you, go to the Innkeeper and type List.  The Innkeeper will gladly provide you with a list of items he is holding and the cost of purchase the item back.  Remember, we are a very tight community and no one likes having their hard earned equipment so rudely taken from them, so do not be afraid to ask your fellow mudders for help!


The General Store

The General Store is a place where hardy adventurers come to buy their food, drinking containers, sell components, or even sometimes to sell their equipment.  These stores are known to carry a wide variety of items and should be checked daily.


The Guild Houses

The Guild Houses are one of the most popular places in all of our land.  This is the place young adventurers seek out when they would like to level in a particular class, learn certain spells or skills by reading spell books and manuals, practice certain skills, or just to figure out how far they are from leveling.  When a brave adventurer believes he has enough experience points and gold to level, they should seek out the guild house wherein they hope to level.  Once before the Guild Master, the adventurer types level to prompt the master to tell the brave soul exactly how much is needed.  If the adventurer has the allotted amount or above that/more, they may level by typing level gain.  Frequently after acquiring levels, adventurers will gain extra practice sessions to learn much needed skills.  By typing practice at any of the guild masters, a list of skills and practice sessions available will quickly be dispensed.  Caster guilds have been known to carry a wide variety of low level spell books in their study halls.  Adventurers are often advised to thoroughly check these locations out in the hopes of attaining a new and important spell.


The Scribe House

The Scribes Shop sells scrolls of recall and scrolls of identity.  Scrolls of identify are recited on an item to find out what its attributes are.  Scrolls of recall can be recited at any time for any reason to bring the adventurer back to the main recall spot on each continent.  This scroll is especially important when explorers have come across unseen danger and need to quickly escape death’s grasp.  Or maybe they have ran out of moves and need to reach town quickly? There are too many reasons to list here as to why our young voyagers use these scrolls, but it is very important that they carry one at all times!


The Alchemist Shop

The Alchemist Shop is one of the places where adventurers go to buy, sell, and brew magical potions.  Over the course of time, hundreds of new potions have been discovered, ranging from those possessing healing powers, to potions which can raise a traveler’s strength to that of a giant beast!


The Post Office

The Post Office is an important place where our adventurers go to communicate with their fellow friends when they can not seem to find them.  Here, voyagers can Send, and Receive letters from their fellow voyagers.


The Chamber of Meditation

The Chamber of Meditation is the most quiet and tranquil place in our busy world.  These rooms are often used by adventurers who are attempting to roll higher stats for themselves.  Any explorer wishing to acquire better statistics should go to these chambers, put the reroll token into their inventory, and type use token.  Once this has occurred, they are usually overwhelmed with a message of, “You feel different!” This message is the clue that new statistics have been achieved.


The Bank

The Bank is one of the most important places on each continent.  This is the location where our trekkers visit when they want to Deposit, Withdrawal, Tranfer, or Balance their gold.  Once an adventurer has acquired enough gold, they should seek out the bank and type Deposit <amount>.  If they find themselves low on gold and need to withdrawal a small amount, they can simply type Withdraw <amount>.  Explorers may also transfer coins to friends by typing Transfer <amount> <playername>.  The last command available to these brave folks is Balance, this is used to check how much gold is actually in their account.


The Outlaw Board

An Outlaw Board stands in each town, listing all the currently wanted outlaws.  All players listed on this board are wanted dead or alive and may be killed by fellow players.


The Weapon Shop

The Weapon Shop is the place adventurers should visit to buy all sorts of weapons.  Each continent has its own shop, and each shop usually has different weapons.  Be sure to check them all out!


The Armor Shop

The Armor Shop is a nice location to visit if an explorer is searching out armor to gain batter armor class.  These shops are on every continent and usually contain different types of armor ranging from Ringmail to Chainmail.


The Auction House

The Auction House is where trekkers can go to raise a little cash by selling the items they no longer want or simply do not need.  These shops also sell all types of items for the cheapest prices in town.  It would be a mistake to make a purchase in any town without first checking out The Auction House!


The Gem Shop

The Gem Shop is loaded with jewels and gems which are needed as components in brews, forges, and sometimes even to read spell books.


The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop holds many items that adventurers need ranging from spell books and scrolls, to equipment and jewels.  Each Magic Shop sells unique items so an explorer should check out each and every one.


The Quest Shop

The Quest Shop is the newest shop on SlothMUD.  This shop sells everything in Drachms which can only be earned through completing quests.  Commands such as list, buy, and ask about are used to communicate with the Dream Weaver who runs this shop.


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