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SlothMUD… the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This is a text based, multiplayer, free, online, rpg game which is enjoyed continuously by players worldwide. With over 27,500 uniquely described rooms, 9,300 distinct creatures, 16,200 characters, and 9,100 pieces of equipment, charms, trinkets and other items, our online rpg world is absolutely enormous and ready to explore.

Telnet or point your favorite mudclient to game.slothmud.org on port 6101 to join us!

From the very beginning, SlothMUD has had a unique world. In it’s 22 years of existence, this world has grown to immense size, now comprising five¬†continents, three islands, several oceans, and too many boats and pathways between them to count.


Classes – Information on the character classes
Newbie page – Helpful information for a newcomer to text-based games
Channels – Channels such as gossip, auction and the likes are explained here
Holy Eq – List of the holy equipment available in the temples
Forum – The town crier contains avid player discussions about improvements and changes to the mud.
Site Map – Lists the most important pages on this website.

Stop by and try out our text based rpg game, SlothMUD!

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  SlothMUD III Quote

     Elsa[Clan:Pirates]> 'curse you auto, you got the lazy town songs stuck in my head!!!!'
     Autolycos[Clan:Pirates]> 'HAHAHAHAHAHAH :P'
     Elsa[Clan:Pirates]> 'i have the blasted closing song stuck'
     Autolycos[Clan:Pirates]> 'did you know that its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake?'
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  Live Blog

   Mon Jun 21 22:08:22 2021
         Waza was defeated by a waterlogged zombie.
   Mon Jun 21 17:39:27 2021
         Mage sold a piece of soul to the devil in exchange for Fuligin's worthless soul
              - Fuligin raised from the dead.
   Mon Jun 21 17:37:50 2021
         Fuligin naively fought a venerable plantwraith and lost.
   Mon Jun 21 16:57:38 2021
         the strong man obliterated Turk.
   Mon Jun 21 13:20:44 2021
         Fuligin was slain by Roedrig, Troll Champion.
   Mon Jun 21 12:33:15 2021
         The Were-Lord Lupine mercilessly butchered Imco.
   Mon Jun 21 11:13:14 2021
         Baraneth, the avatar dragoness obliterated Fuligin.

  Live Auctions

    Lot #1       `the helm of the dragon queen` is being auctioned by Fuligin. Current: 1,500,000 Buyout: None Remain: 0d 17h 26m       Lot #5       `darksteel shoulder guards` is being auctioned by Imco. Current: 456,789 Buyout: 901,234 Remain: 7d 12h 28m       Lot #7       `a thick brass hoop` is being auctioned by Ezekiel. Current: 50,000 Buyout: 100,000 Remain: 2d 1h 28m       Lot #9       `the red shield of valor` is being auctioned by Jackalope. Current: 500,000 Buyout: 1,000,000 Remain: 8d 16h 58m     Powered by Scrolling News Ticker from Mioplanet

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