New Players Write-Up

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New Players Write-Up

Postby *Neptune* » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:07 pm


Today, I am announcing that for the next week, I am inviting interested players to give us your best
write-up for new players of how to play and approach the game of sloth. You may collaborate on this
document or you may go it alone. Should you decide to collaborate, know that any one person can
only receive one reward and get credit for only one document that he or she participated in making.
This means that if you helped with three documents in collaborative efforts, then only one will count
towards your reward should it be selected.

This event will last until Sunday February 2nd. The top three documents will be selected for rewards of
50 drachma for single contestants, and a total of 100 drachma for collaborations to be divided among
the collaborators. Rewards cannot be split up otherwise among multiple characters. Characters to be
rewarded must be chosen at time of submission. Only one submission per team or player. Final selected
documents will be added to the wiki page shortly after the conclusion of the event as time allows.

The top three documents will be selected for reward. There will be no other rewards.


Rules & Notes:

1. The document must be submitted in a text format only.
2. No more than four collaborators per document. Please include the contributors' main characters' names
in the document.
3. The document must be well-organized and easy to read, and in English.
4. Please proofread your document. Final submission will be edited and checked for publication quality.
5. Submissions must be sent as a private message to *Neptune* via the forum messaging system. No email
submissions or in-game submissions will be accepted.
6. Documents must be submitted by players with a login stamp of not more than a month old.
7. Try to include suggestions, tips, and tricks.
8. Documents with criticisms of the game or players will automatically disqualified because that will
be considered to be off-topic and/or out of context. Try to keep your language clean and free of
out-of-game slang and profanity. (This is a family mud, for the most part.)
9. Try not to discourage or disparage the reader from choosing one path or another through the game.
10. Immortal and administrative staff, or related persons or characters are ineligible for rewards. We
want this to come from you, the players! We also want to minimize the advantages of one player
over another.
11. Be objective. Try to limit your personal bias when creating your newbie guide. I'm sure we can all
paint an excellent picture of how one class is better than another, but let's try to curb our
enthusiasms in that direction.


This event is open to all players who meet the guidelines and requirements.

Any questions you may have can be directed to me directly in the game or via the forum's messaging system.

This event is offered without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever, and does not constitute an
agreement or acceptance for providing reward except under the rules and guidelines noted above within
the context of this document contained herein.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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