Changelog 2018-02-12

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Changelog 2018-02-12

Postby *teker* » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:01 pm

Added EQSET SETINVENTORY and EQSET REMOVEINVENTORY to allow players to specify items that will always return to inventory when unequipped. HELP EQSET has been updated.

I've been going through the bug list and working on fixing a bunch of the small nagging items:

583) Sun Mar 6 09:47:09 2016 Dr 7012
guards in poseidon temple that has cache become unpushable, without cache they are pushable
584) Sun Mar 6 09:47:47 2016 Dr 7012
echo message on the guards with cache shows that they improved on levels : You seem to annoy etc when trying to push high levels as per norm

This is by design to prevent players from cache access via push.

662) Sun Mar 27 10:48:32 2016 Taron 38814
dreamtalk prioritizes mobs if keyword matches a part of the player's name (surf)
1093) Tue Feb 14 16:04:10 2017 Zuzu 8002
dreamtalk will not accept an abbreviated name, yet.
1292) Thu Jul 27 20:54:20 2017 Zuzu 76012
dream talk will not take an abbreviated name for a target
1382) Sun Oct 22 18:33:59 2017 Zuzu 10303
you can abbreviate a player name for Tell but you cannot abbreviate a player name for Dream Talk, you are forced to fully spell it out, which is annoying

Spell rewritten - issue should be resolved. Also prevented it from allowing a blank message to be sent.

798) Fri Jul 8 11:21:26 2016 Taron 37281
when I'm in a room with a peri, when I spy in a nearby room, it shows the same peri in that room


843) Thu Aug 25 23:13:08 2016 Taron 48206
there are way too many caches on solid rakashas in hellwell, compared to other areas, and it isn't that convenient or practical

Cache percentage (in general) was previously lowered.

665) Mon Mar 28 01:40:41 2016 Taron 48131
a kangaroo pouch is unapproved
776) Wed Jun 22 11:21:11 2016 Sadnama 42283
description of Papa Bear at Forest of Grimm reads put your image here.
837) Wed Aug 17 07:05:42 2016 Norks 30304
potion of good intentions bugged. no change to alignment and gives Alchemical effect, NONE in score
845) Sat Aug 27 07:58:58 2016 Vege 49059
quaffed a goblet which didnt give any effect

All appear to have been previously fixed.

702) Thu May 12 10:23:38 2016 Taron 70132
please fix mantra of the ancient tribes (it says 3 shards isn't enough for a healing devak) or update the helpfile accordingly
1017) Mon Dec 26 07:04:39 2016 Lerr 12034
"The potential for plunder has reached an epiphany." is not explained under help extras
1050) Thu Jan 12 15:45:11 2017 Felis 34250
Cost for w
1051) Thu Jan 12 15:45:43 2017 Felis 34250
mana cost for Water Breathing skill is listed as "v" in the help file

Help files updated.

949) Sun Nov 20 22:03:47 2016 Knubberub 37235
blind needs a fail message. please, after 25 years


974) Mon Dec 5 07:54:12 2016 Taron 58111
I used hermetic resonance against firewind, I got 6 firewinds cast at me, and I resonanted 0 (zero). Increase successrate if no bugs present.

Previously updated some mobile procs to account for resonance.

1003) Sat Dec 17 06:47:54 2016 Aowey 19026
I am stuck with -4 HP but refuse to die. it's more than 5 minutes now... is that a bug or a feature? :) I was smashed to pieces by a tigress in heat, in

HINT now shown for newbies to let them know they can quit! out to die faster.

1028) Sun Jan 1 21:05:13 2017 Zuzu 7012
is there a compelling reason why menas would be relocatable and not delesor, seeing as delesor is the primary thalassas innkeep
1108) Mon Feb 27 12:26:21 2017 Zuzu 7012
reassess whether Delesor should be not gateable while other island innkeepers are?
1109) Mon Feb 27 12:27:24 2017 Zuzu 7012
disregard that. no one would walk overland to Thal if we did it.
1204) Sat May 27 21:05:22 2017 Zuzu 31001
gating thal-innkeeper succeeds yet gating Delesor always fails

Delesor is not the thal-innkeeper. "The Receptionist" is the thal-innkeeper in the same room as Delesor and is gateable.

1140) Sun Mar 26 12:21:58 2017 Taron 48175
being silenced by a spell proc isn't shown in score affects2
1141) Sun Mar 26 12:22:17 2017 Taron 48175
being silenced isnt shown in score, too, actually

Updated score to show this.

1148) Thu Apr 6 06:42:29 2017 Taron 72051
lot's of "Ok." when eqs wear set

Pretty sure this no longer happens.

1182) Thu Apr 27 10:05:53 2017 Taron 58045
spells from potions, eg wraithform, are not saved through rent

Pretty sure they are saved through rent but not through corpsing.

1201) Tue May 23 07:41:07 2017 Songster 98285
the spirit watcher is broken. I was sitting at zeus, with a watcher, and watcher didnt warn me of repop. Only global extra on was fargate

Watcher zone reset check was previously rewritten - please file new bugs with examples if there are still issues.

1208) Fri Jun 2 07:34:09 2017 Taron 58050
rem ankh all.onyx flux doesn't work for "all.onyx"

Updated remove command to allow for this.

1304) Sat Aug 5 16:57:43 2017 Zuzu 98263
replay says it doesn't understand 'grouptell' in the context of replaying but it understands other channels

Previously "gtell" was the keyword. Both "gtell" and "grouptell" work now.

1309) Mon Aug 7 18:46:10 2017 Zuzu 10303
when you water breath someone else, you don't really get a 'success' message saying "Kathrynn now feels new horizons..." no message at all

Added message. Shows in mass water also.

1310) Tue Aug 8 20:10:03 2017 Belrath 8180
kangaroo pouch fail when quaffed straight from pouch: goodness, goblet, comradery

Previously fixed.

1334) Wed Sep 6 12:44:04 2017 Slice 30431
a potion of wispy prayers "Apply a bonus of 2 to the drinker's MAX_INT for 45 hours.", it does not, it increases INT by 2, but not above a chars MAX_INT.

I think this is confusion about what MAX_INT means. MAX_INT should really be thought of as BONUS_INT where the natural cap is 18. A player's maximum INT value is determined by class order and level.

1340) Tue Sep 12 06:54:00 2017 Taron 10303
crashbug: 1) make a familiar out of a simulacrum 2) reconnect from another pc 3) ... 4) crash!
1370) Thu Oct 5 06:25:43 2017 Taron 10311
1) use simulacrum as a familiar 2) lose link 3) log in twice 4) rent 5) crash
1371) Sat Oct 7 09:02:30 2017 Taron 89378
about the bug that crashed the game last time, I absent-mindedly rented in the same manner after crash, and it didn't crash.

Changes made a couple weeks ago - haven't seen this crash since.

1356) Sun Sep 24 17:38:52 2017 Gu 6423
there are times when a mob clambers back on its feet but it doesnt tell you it did
1357) Sun Sep 24 17:50:00 2017 Gu 6415
(reference to earlier) we know it's not telling us they clambered on their feet because theyre capable of being bashed again.

I made some changes to try to reduce/eliminate this.

1389) Sat Oct 28 15:02:34 2017 Pit 4688
the leaders autoloot should NOT be turned off at group formation. getting fkcing irritated of XXXXX saying "hey no ones looting" after i form up

Doesn't seem to happen to me when I am group leader.

1407) Sat Nov 11 23:16:10 2017 Zuzu 39771
that is REALLY annoying that you have to specify your name each time you Darkness self

Darkness now defaults to self.

1420) Fri Nov 24 11:34:27 2017 Tau 48129
If Dark Mace disintigrates while you are asleep, you don't see the message about it going away.

Previously fixed.

1432) Sat Nov 25 22:15:31 2017 Zuzu 89312
the play social said something about bard songs. rather than letting me play in the dirt with Mage
1433) Sat Nov 25 22:16:54 2017 Zuzu 89312
in other words instead of executing the play social play <PC name> says but you arent wielding an instrument
1434) Sat Nov 25 22:17:31 2017 Zuzu 89312
in consequence i can't play around in the dirt with Mage, which makes me Sad.

Fixed. Except playing with another person involves leapfrog rather than playing in dirt.

1506) Wed Dec 27 21:00:00 2017 Zuzu 8000
at this time, it says i can read the wraithform book on janatra's list but clearly that's necro prime only

I believe this has been fixed.

1528) Sun Jan 7 17:34:13 2018 Zuzu 13261
and you cant bugs while you're paralyzed

Modified paralyze to allow some extra info-based commands.

1551) Wed Jan 17 05:35:05 2018 Taron 58053
close gate tries to close the gate guard first, the gate second

I have modified open/close/lock/unlock to ignore subdued creatures (I believe that's what the issue was here). If it matches a subdued creature it will ignore that match and look for a door in the room instead.

1579) Sun Jan 28 10:52:37 2018 Arya 99267
warcry with no arguments is blocked from being used during a fight, but why, if it's only informational in that form?


>> Player counters update when looting gold from player corpse.

This is fixed. I also fixed SACRIFICE #.CORPSE to work.

>> Create food shows no message if the caster is invis but does not have detect invis up.

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Re: Changelog 2018-02-12

Postby *teker* » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:05 pm

I wasn't expecting a reboot today but here's what made it in:

162) Mon May 4 07:31:48 2015 Taron 89377
make The Evening Star require a green ticket or change Seagull to require the golden one .)

Previously fixed. Both boats from Lyme to the Island now require a green ticket.

191) Sun May 10 13:02:07 2015 Taron 70240
open hatch doesnt show anything, open trapdoor doesnt show anything in athenaeum

Fixed. These are SILENT exits so only the player performing the action will see a message.

216) Tue May 19 22:26:52 2015 Curate 47046
the healbonus.. if any.. from my dark mace does not seem to show in score all2

Previously fixed.

251) Thu Jun 18 22:13:15 2015 Zuzu 43044
you cannot see follower rankings at Enea's tablet
252) Thu Jun 18 22:13:27 2015 Zuzu 43044
neither can you list to see what holy items to pray for at Enea's tablet
1046) Mon Jan 9 14:59:11 2017 Knifey 10550
This temple (Alana) seems to be the only one I've found so far that saying recall won't recall you at. Just a heads up.

I placed a tablet at Enea's altar with follower list. Holy item list available via "list" or HELP HOLY. SAY RECALL should work now at all temple altars.

282) Fri Jul 24 22:56:03 2015 Orphe 30993
dance with dead not in the spell list for bards

Shows up under SKILLS BARD.

319) Wed Aug 26 09:29:58 2015 Fluffy 89312
You feel burning poison in your blood, and suffer. - message not displaying while sleeping. Just lowering hps without reason

Previously fixed.

334) Wed Sep 23 17:16:37 2015 Cyprimus 78038
when i entred room, statue was already wounded... no apparent cause...

Likely a side-effect of fortune spell. Previously fixed not to hurt mobs.

338) Tue Sep 29 09:28:15 2015 Toxis 33408
can't cast demonic aura on toxis, -10 align "too righteous"?

This message displayed when target was affected by bless. Rewrote messages for spell conflicts on demonic and unholy aura.

377) Tue Nov 3 09:06:49 2015 Taron 55307
im fighting remoras and then this msg appears after banshees wail at them: the wailobj_ban object falls to the ground. I'll send log to splork+neptune

Fixed. Hidden mudl objects no longer fall into rooms below.

384) Fri Nov 6 10:52:25 2015 Kirei 34287
when ask erdogan(valk quester) about something, he outputs his back messages twice

Previously fixed.

410) Fri Dec 4 09:49:44 2015 Taron 98018
a watcher doesnt detect morgana repop for some reason. when i walk in there, it can see her or me

Previously fixed.

424) Sun Dec 13 08:25:05 2015 Songster 69982
cant create a charm of cry of the avatars, says i dont know the spell

Can only create charms of spells, not songs.

468) Mon Jan 11 12:22:07 2016 Taron 73520
cant thwap in fight

Now allowed during combat.

477) Fri Jan 15 14:01:45 2016 Taron 73296
argosian quartermaster: Taron buries his claws deep within your chest freezing your soul!!
478) Fri Jan 15 14:02:57 2016 Taron 73295
argosian quartermaster: Taron buries his claws deep within your chest freezing your soul!! (sorry if double)


581) Fri Mar 4 06:16:15 2016 Taron 71060
can't summon or gate familiars

Fixed previously.

933) Fri Nov 11 00:40:12 2016 Taron 89312
when a mob has an eq worn and a cache, the watcher tells me about the cache, not that something is worn. I'd rather know of a pop, than a cache.

Fixed. Will now notify about both.

1006) Tue Dec 20 19:55:46 2016 Fluffy 89312
i typing get food sack. and it trying to get that food from bag of persephone, despite the fact that bag dont have keyword sack

Fixed. I rewrote the mudl proc from scratch - let me know if there are issues.

1189) Tue May 2 11:56:59 2017 Zuzu 58058
add keyword "fire" to blazing longsword of fire please so it doesnt conflict with blazing sword of maul titans (chopper)


1278) Thu Jul 20 00:27:41 2017 Taron 19495
cant deposit 2.girdle to vault


1594) Thu Feb 1 22:24:43 2018 Arya 25525
i can't bounce around while i am fighting. it makes me Sad.

Now allowed while resting or fighting.

1604) Sun Feb 4 12:41:58 2018 Sochi 40103
strikes should not be gagged by gag fight, they are special attacks, and we need to see them

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Re: Changelog 2018-02-12

Postby *teker* » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:03 pm

I wasn't expecting a reboot today but you should notice a longer replay list and changes to reply/respond where they always send a tell back to the last person you heard from without specifying their name. I'm going to fix the spirit watchers so that their tells show up in replay but there's a bug about auctioneers not showing up that I probably won't fix. It seems to me that it'd totally overwrite the replay list every time someone buys or reclaims a bunch of tokens.
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