AH, Five Hands

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AH, Five Hands

Postby Yasik » Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:54 am

It seems he cant differ a manual from a gem:

The Thieves' Guild
Exits: North South
Eyes peer up at you from the cover of a leather-bound book.
A burlap bag of tools bounces against the manual to which it's attached.
A manual with leaden covers attacks its readers fingers.
Five Hands is sitting at his desk, cheating himself at solitaire.
Five Hands glows with a bright light!

<1193hp 527ma 385mv> >> - << -2 -9.3 877,171,007 163,303 indoors Aisholm Town
You can buy:
Price Item
43000 an uncut sapphire
7000 prong horns [4]
50000 a huge opal
70000 a huge sapphire
100000 a huge diamond
115000 a huge ruby
&1531 Five Hands' manual of the Five Fingered Art..It has a soft glowing aura!
75000 a huge emerald
* means you need more levels to use it.
! means you are not strong enough to use it.
& means you have studied this spellbook or manual to its max.
Query may also be of use to you, please refer to help query.

<1193hp 530ma 388mv> >> - << -2 -9.3 877,171,007 163,303 indoors Aisholm Town
buy five-manual
Five Hands tells you 'Ah, sir, and what a beautifully cut gem it is.'
You now have Five Hands' manual of the Five Fingered Art.
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Re: AH, Five Hands

Postby Ezekiel » Mon May 02, 2016 1:53 am

Again, this is what typos or bugs command in game is for. Is this really the best use of the forum, considering new chars looking at the top recent posts most often?
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