few small changes

Code changes, new spells/skills/songs, etc

few small changes

Postby *Splork* » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:48 pm

1) New color set option for save spells
* This will change the color of any damage spell which is cast and bypasses a mob's saves ( basically meaning you see when you get max damage )

2) There is a follower points total displayed after the followers line in your score
EX: You could control far more followers than you have now. [3.6]
* This should help you guys see where you are in regards to your total follower points and possible summons u can still use.
* Please remember this is not perfect, some followers are in the hundredths and the 3.6 could actually be 3.62, meaning that if your total follower points are 5.2 and your score shows 3.6, you summon one more pet at 1.6, the pet may not work because you are slightly over the 5.2 total...

3) Slight bit of random lag was added to a hostile action for dispel magic. Meaning when a mob says it is going to attack you, etc it may no longer be possible to simply walk out of the room 99% of the time.
( This change has been in-game for a week )

4) lloyds and greater lloyds have been changed to use identical checks. If somebody can no longer lloyds in a room, it is most likely flagged not-in-game and please bug report it asap from the room which is failing. We will fix it as soon as possible. We need all rooms in-game to be marked in-game for dozens of our features to work..

5) few smaller bug or crash fixes

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