How do you sort items in vaults / keep vaults clean?

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How do you sort items in vaults / keep vaults clean?

Postby Insomnia » Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:49 am

I have hundreds of vaulted items that –
  • don't belong to a eqset (eqsets are stored in a separate room)
  • are not Runes or gems
  • may be a cp for some useful forge
  • may belong to an autoquest line
  • may be some high-level item that I may need later
  • may be something useful that I do not want to get rid of (e.g. a radiant blue potion)
  • with about 50% probability are junk
I would like to sort out what I need and what to discard, group items by category (e.g. put them in same room and add appropriate room names/descriptions) – and ideally do it all in an automated manner.

I wonder if anyone ever tried to solve this combinatorial task? 8)

My current thoughts are as follows. For every item, I want to check whether it –
  • is personal
  • is a forge
  • is a cp for a forge
  • has 6x40+ level restrictions (may add more level categories)
  • belongs to an autoquest, and whether I've already completed the autoquest
  • is something useful (a radiant blue potion)
  • can be turned in for conquest points
  • (is a duplicate of an item from one of the above categories)
The idea is go through all items and add the respective tags – this should be not too hard to automate.

The next step is to process categories by tags:
  • Untagged => most likely, useless, sell to shop, or give away, or junk
  • Unique high-level item => keep vaulted
  • Unique forges, forge cps, autoquest items => manually go through the list and decide
  • Duplicates => try to turn in for conquest points => sell on auction, or sell to shop, or give away, or junk
Then, for what's left, put items with the same tags/belonging to the same forges in the same vault room.

Am I missing anything? Thoughts? :P
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Re: How do you sort items in vaults / keep vaults clean?

Postby cnl » Wed Jun 29, 2022 5:54 pm

I use a rather manual approach involving annotations, single purpose vaults and containers in the vaults.

I made an alias and some scripts to reformat the way inventory, eq, shopping lists and vaults are displayed.

I can easily annotate items in game. ie, sub+ potion <red> heals 10 hp would:
determine full name of 1st item called potion in inventory, and create an entry to annotate the text 'heals 10 hp' in red whenever it's listed.

this is all done by hand. as I've identified things, or forged things or pursued forging things I annotate them.

some of the problem i tackle up front like you do. for example, i have a vault for fx reborn aq items. this is tracked off a list of aqs i keep so only 1 of each needed item goes in. then if i pop extra it goes in a known "junk" vault where i can sell off or spirit or whatever. likewise, i keep forge vaults but with the combination of annotations and putting cps for a single forge in a container like a sack. the annotations make it easy to group them into containers in the first place and to spot duplicates when isolated in a container.

yes, this is an expensive solution since i "waste" a fair amount of slots on containers but all said it's a trivial amount if you have so much vaults and eq that it's an issue trying to save money on not putting containers is a waste of time.

then there's several vaults i just don't dare go visit because mistakes were made.
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