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For all the Astrology Junkies...

Postby Gorka » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:23 pm

So sloth Astrology was based on a planetary formula of the rotation of different planets. Each planet kind of signified a house in sloth. Some planets had long rotation times and others short... hence why the winter houses are quite rare.

Some players are wondering how can they know when the next house of heat/sun/battle is coming up in order to do the coliseum and move on... well you can tell what house is up by typing "reading" with the scepter of ancient dominion software in your inventory. Although some don't trust the result...

But here is another guide to help out. I parsed my astrology game logs and worked out when one house followed another and how frequently that house followed a certain house... which can give you a probability of sorts as to how likely we are coming up to a certain house...

For example at the time of writing this post we have a Winter house meaning the next house is highly likely to be winter wolf or frost giant.

Code: Select all
Ancient Darkness Dragon       4
Ancient Darkness Great Master       12
Ancient Darkness Heat       1
Ancient Darkness Long Shadows       1
Ancient Darkness Nature       2
Battle Battle       1
Battle Dark Shades       17
Battle Dragon       6
Battle Frost Giant       2
Battle Heat       3
Battle Nature       1
Battle Sun       1
Dark Shades Dark Shades       4
Dark Shades Dragon       1
Dark Shades Grand Struggle       1
Dark Shades Great Master       2
Dark Shades Heat       3
Dark Shades Long Shadows       2
Dark Shades Nature       1
Dark Shades Old Forces       1
Dark Shades Shadows       19
Dark Shades Sun       1
Dragon Battle       1
Dragon Dark Shades       5
Dragon Dragon       6
Dragon Heat       1
Dragon Long Shadows       2
Dragon Nature       2
Dragon Old Forces       1
Dragon Shadows       1
Dragon Spring       3
Dragon Sun       41
Dragon Winter       7
Dragon Winter Wolf       1
Frost Giant Ancient Darkness       1
Frost Giant Battle       1
Frost Giant Dragon       3
Frost Giant Frost Giant       2
Frost Giant Grand Struggle       1
Frost Giant Nature       1
Frost Giant Old Forces       16
Frost Giant Spring       2
Frost Giant Sun       1
Frost Giant Winter Wolf       1
Grand Struggle Ancient Darkness       1
Grand Struggle Dragon       3
Grand Struggle Frost Giant       1
Grand Struggle Grand Struggle       4
Grand Struggle Nature       3
Grand Struggle Old Forces       5
Grand Struggle Spring       20
Grand Struggle Sun       1
Great Master Battle       1
Great Master Dragon       10
Great Master Heat       1
Great Master Shadows       2
Great Master Sun       1
Heat Ancient Darkness       1
Heat Battle       22
Heat Dark Shades       2
Heat Dragon       1
Heat Frost Giant       2
Heat Grand Struggle       1
Heat Heat       1
Heat Long Shadows       1
Heat Shadows       2
Heat Sun       3
Heat Winter Wolf       4
Long Shadows Ancient Darkness       14
Long Shadows Dragon       1
Long Shadows Grand Struggle       2
Long Shadows Long Shadows       3
Long Shadows Nature       3
Long Shadows Shadows       5
Long Shadows Spring       3
Nature Ancient Darkness       1
Nature Battle       1
Nature Dragon       22
Nature Grand Struggle       3
Nature Heat       1
Nature Long Shadows       2
Nature Nature       5
Nature Old Forces       2
Nature Spring       3
Nature Sun       4
Nature Winter       2
Old Forces Dragon       2
Old Forces Frost Giant       4
Old Forces Grand Struggle       20
Old Forces Nature       3
Old Forces Old Forces       3
Old Forces Shadows       1
Old Forces Winter Wolf       1
Shadows Ancient Darkness       2
Shadows Battle       2
Shadows Dark Shades       4
Shadows Dragon       1
Shadows Great Master       1
Shadows Long Shadows       17
Shadows Shadows       2
Shadows Spring       2
Shadows Sun       2
Shadows Winter Wolf       1
Spring Dragon       1
Spring Frost Giant       1
Spring Grand Struggle       5
Spring Nature       22
Spring Old Forces       4
Spring Shadows       1
Spring Spring       1
Spring Sun       2
Sun Battle       2
Sun Dark Shades       2
Sun Dragon       8
Sun Frost Giant       1
Sun Heat       28
Sun Long Shadows       3
Sun Nature       2
Sun Old Forces       2
Sun Shadows       1
Sun Spring       2
Sun Sun       5
Sun Winter       5
Sun Winter Wolf       2
Winter Frost Giant       1
Winter Grand Struggle       1
Winter Heat       1
Winter Winter Wolf       12
Winter Wolf Dragon       2
Winter Wolf Frost Giant       15
Winter Wolf Nature       1
Winter Wolf Spring       2
Winter Wolf Sun       1
Winter Wolf Winter       1

Also an interesting piece of trivia... the astrology log was once posted by Breeze which told us far in advance of what house would be up when. By my calculations that log ended at about the same time the command started crashing the game. As if Astrology actually foretold it's own demise... perhaps making it one of the most intelligent sloth systems. My suspicion is the command has probably failed to a date/time issue, a bit like the Y2K bug given the time the command stopped working... which was a little bit to near the 31/12/2020 to be a coincidence. But it's just a theory. If you recall in the past, mail used to also go down at the same time every year.
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