Athenaeum stuff

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Athenaeum stuff

Postby Driven » Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:07 pm

I have been intrigued by the Athenaeum eqset for quite some time and I stumbled on the hidden rose petals forge about 6 months ago... this week I finally got around to popping the various pieces of eq in Athenaeum to try to complete the forge as the components are hidden as well. So here is the info:

query winds about rose-petals

The master of ethereal winds tells you 'Ahh yes, petals of the glows green!...Here is a
little bit of information for you:'
Object 'petals rose sleeves', Item type: ARMOR Item is: CAN-SHAPESHIFT
Weight: 2, Value: 250000gold, Worn in: TAKE ARMS
AC-apply is -0.0
Can affect you as:
Affects: MANA by 5
Part of the set 'athenaeum':
With 0 other pieces: affects MANA by 5 With 0 other pieces: affects SAVING_SPELL by 0
With 1 other pieces: affects SAVING_SPELL by -1 With 5 other pieces: affects SAVING_SPELL by -2
Only those who are at least novice avatars and also supreme druids may use
this item.

Components ended up being all the non-set items from Athenaeum that have the crazy colored endings:
- A potion of radiates holy energy!!
- a glittering vial of captured radiates moonlight!!
- beribboned strands of glows with bioluminescence!!
- a ragged strand of drips yolk!!

trade rose-petals
The master of ethereal winds trades you petals of the glows green!

The other order of business that I figured out is the crimson bloodninja. He is not in a connected room and I stumbled on him about 3 years ago, but Driven wasn't big enough to kill him until now. Here is the info:

- To get to the crimson bloodninja, you need to kill the grandmaster necromancer without allowing him to shapeshift into the master of ethereal winds. On the necromancer's death, you will be transported to the crimson bloodninja's secret workshop.

- Crimson bloodninja is not aggro at all, so you can regen completely before fighting him.

- Crimson bloodninja's room is flagged as no-potion. I highly encourage you to quaff your potion of evil intentions before getting transported into his room. Take along a corpse (or multiple corpses if you want to cycle bloodninja) so that you can create nightmares in his room.

- Be careful not to die in Bloodninja's room, because you can't get back there until area repops and you manage to kill the necromancer again to get transported back to his room.

- Bloodninja himself is quite nasty... he does about 400 hps/round through aegis and 40% damage redux. He also spawns 3 ethereal mobs mid-battle that thankfully die to firestorm. Driven used predicition, rapid shift, and tree form to heal back up after a couple rounds of battle... was able to cycle him successfully after some practice.

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