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New Mage Artifact

Postby Gorka » Mon Jun 10, 2019 6:47 pm

Talk to the mage in Port of the Crescent Moon about the actual forge.
Talk to the countess in Rakustfikod regarding the aq component.

query mage about gauntlets
An ancient mage tells you 'Ahh yes, the gauntlets of elemental fury...Here is a little bit of
information for you:'

Object 'gauntlets elemental fury', Item type: ARMOR
Weight: 1, Value: 2000000gold, Worn in: TAKE HANDS
AC-apply is -0.1
Can affect you as:
Affects: SAVING_SPELL by -2
Affects: MAX_INT by 1
The item has 1 additional magical ability.
Only those who have attained supremacy in at least six classes may use this

Requires: 10000000 coins, 1x Elemental Sapphire of Rakustfikod (1),
1x a sapphire gem of perfection (1), 1x a pair of clawed gloves (1),
1x golden wings of the archon (1), 1x the tassets of the knights templar (1),
1x a crystalline tail of the necrophidius (1), 1x a radiant ball of energy (1),
1x an elemental core (1), 10x a scroll of elemental control (10)

The gauntlets of elemental fury realizes its own nakedness and screams!
A blinding light flashes all around the gauntlets and when your eyes adjust, the
gauntlets are now adorned with a striking star of polished silver.

You attach a polished silver star to the gauntlets of elemental fury.

* Gauntlets level: 1
* Gauntlets xp: 0
* Next level: 1000
* Note: Each level stands on its own (does not accumulate as chart goes down). *
* - Smoke Blast blinds the target (twice as effective as blindness spell). *
* - Earthen Thorns stuns (prevents procs/casting) and poisons the target. *
* - Arctic Whirlwind slows the target down (loses an attack). *
* - Frostwind is an ice-based elemental (damage) attack. *
* - Pyroclasm is a fire-based elemental (damage) attack. *
* - Ball Lightning is a lightning-based elemental (damage) attack. *
* [ ] Level 1: Smoke Blast: Greater Blindness (30s/2m) *
* [ ] Level 2: Earthen Thorns: Stun and Poison (20s/1m) *
* [ ] Level 3: Arctic Whirlwind: Slow (30s/2m) *
* [ ] Level 4: Frostwind (95%) + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* [ ] Level 5: Pyroclasm (95%) + Frostwind (15%) *
* + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* [ ] Level 6: Ball Lightning (95%) + Frostwind (15%) *
* + Pyroclasm (15%) *
* + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* [ ] Level 7: Random element (95%) + Secondary random element (50%) *
* + Tertiary element (50%) *
* + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* [ ] Level 8: Random element (95%) + Secondary random element (75%) *
* + Tertiary random element (75%) *
* + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* + Enhanced AC (-0.1) *
* [ ] Level 9: Random element (95%) + Secondary random element (85%) *
* + Tertiary random element (85%) *
* + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* + Enhanced AC (-0.1) *
* + Enhanced SaveSpell (-1) *
* [ ] Level 10: Each element (95%) + Random lvl 1-3 effect *
* + Secondary lvl 1-3 effect (50%) *
* + Tertiary lvl 1-3 effect (15%) *
* + Enhanced AC (-0.2) *
* + Enhanced SaveSpell (-1) *
* + Enhanced BonusSpBonus (+5) *

Thanks to Maniac for another interesting novelty item to play with.

You look at the gauntlets of elemental fury and, feeling
a little foolish, you speak to it. To your surprise, the gauntlets speak back.

'Master, I am at your service. I am an artifact of great power. First and
foremost, I extract the life force from creatures when you inflict harm upon
them with high-impact spells that I am attuned to. I have attuned myself well
to acid blast, disintegrate, thunder clap, firewind, and frostbolt. Each
creature that you attack utilizes a soul signature within my energy reserves,
and that energy will remain intact until it is released. Once my energy
levels for a given soul signature has reached a certain threshold, you will be
able to unleash that energy by grabbing the creature. This attack can either
initiate a battle or can be used in the heat of battle. To check on my energy
reserves for a given soul signature, simply touch the creature of interest.
Note that across Jord there are dozens and dozens of soul signatures, but as
a powerful artifact I am able to track them independently from each other.
The following is a list of useful commands that I honor:

ask fury <anything>: I will repeat this message.
look fury: I will report my xp and level, plus capabilities.
touch <creature>: I will report my energy levels for the soul
signature associated with that creature.
grab <creature>: If I have enough energy, I will unleash my energy
upon the creature you specify.
offer <object> fury: When I am ready to level, I will require you to offer
me the specified object for me to gain level.

One final note to consider is that not all creatures have the same level of
life force. The stronger the creature, the more life force I am able to
extract. I think you will find that it is not wise to spend our time
trying to exterminate kobolds off the face of Jord to gain xp.

As you end your query, it seems to you that the gauntlets puff up with pride.
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Re: New Mage Artifact

Postby Driven » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:43 pm

So these are caster centric, unlike the first artifact. The gauntlets store up energy as you cast spells (acid blast, disint, thunder clap, firewind, or frostbolt). The bigger the mob you are casting against, the more energy is stored. To find out how much energy you have stored up against a given mob, type 'touch <mobname>'. Once the gauntlets store up enough energy, you can 'grab <mobname>', and the energy will be released in an elemental attack. The gauntlets gain xp each time you perform this elemental attack.

Unlike the first artifact, there is no cooldown on this artifact. The crystal goblet of fiery nightmares gives you a charmed mob for several hours of RL time, so it demanded a cooldown of 24 RL hours. These gauntlets do not have a cooldown--fhey will continually store up energy and give you opportunities to unleash its elemental attack.

Please spend time to understand the following. Energy stored up against one mob, like the bottle nosed dolphins, for example, will most likely not be useable against a different mob, like Xerxes, for example. The energy for different mobs will typically be tracked in separate buckets from each other. This was done on purpose to make it harder to abuse the proc, as the proc will do a tremendous amount of damage when you level up the gauntlets. I did not want people storing up energy from 300k mobs and going apeshit on 100m mobs. There is inevitable ovetlap between buckets for different mobs, but I made enough buckets that it will be very, very hard to figure that out.

Happy hunting!
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Re: New Mage Artifact

Postby Gorka » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:00 am

It seems that the energy counters don't increase when the procs from the sphairai fire, only when the player actually casts a spell do the counters increase. I'm not sure this is by design or an oversight. Obviously making it so it did would increase the usefulness for everyone. Without that, I doubt I could gain a level with this artifact in 6 months with the amount of blasting I do... I purposefully and actively avoid blasting because of my ma regen.

This item is incredibly unique and an amazing addition to anyone who frequently blasts... unfortunately with the player base at the moment that's like Swarvenstein and Bijaz? For any warrior types out there, given the amount of blasting one would have to do to improve the item, I doubt it will ever be as good as a godhand or devilskins... but fits nicely in a saves set if it was leveled in the extreme long term. But typically that set is only used for coliseum or killing big mobs on ac types.
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