"setcontainer NONE <item>" eqset setcontainer to none tip

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"setcontainer NONE <item>" eqset setcontainer to none tip

Postby *Idjit* » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:07 pm

We don't have this. Teker? would NONE be required to be capitalized, if we implemented it?

What Driven suggests (and it works, and it's mindblowing).
1) buy a backpack or something you're sure you're too high level to ever habitually use as a container
2) eqset setcontainer backpack <your item you always want to be in inventory>
3) sell the backpack back to the store.

"You stop using magical dwarvish scroll bag.
You can't seem to find the container for magical dwarvish scroll bag.
You grab Sacred Relic of the High Paladin."

Your item will now stay in inventory. In the case of the scroll bag the issue is, you can get scrolls out of it while you're wearing it, and that's great, but it's not really pertinent to recalling yourself after staffing when we have a CF because in a warrior you're not going to be fighting in Regen eqset (where you would hold the bag, and remember the reason we're holding the bag is it's a pretty good regen held low, 1 mana less than a crystal teardrop) at the point when the group is about to overextend itself. You're going to be in AC, and while you're in AC, you want the scroll bag out in inventory at that point. This method allows you to always have that bag out in inventory while in AC, without having to individually remember to pull it out of your AC robe each time you leave regen-mode and start your run.
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Re: "setcontainer NONE <item>" eqset setcontainer to none ti

Postby *teker* » Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:47 pm

I'm thinking:
eqset setinventory [keywords]

I'll have to see what it'll take to implement.
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