Example on Formatting numbers

Example on Formatting numbers

Postby cnl » Thu Nov 04, 2021 3:33 am

Some folks were saying that they had a hard time reading numbers in sloth sometimes.
I find it handy to format them into shorter form and color coding them makes it much more useful.


Here's a function i use to format numbers for cecho
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u = u or {}
function u.formatNumColor(n)
  if n >= 10^10 then
    return string.format("<dark_violet>%.0f<purple>B<reset>", n / 10^9)
  elseif n >= 10^9 then
    return string.format("<dark_violet>%.1f<purple>B<reset>", n / 10^9)
  elseif n >= 10^7 then
    return string.format("<steel_blue>%.0f<deep_sky_blue>M<reset>", n / 10^6)
  elseif n >= 10^6 then
      return string.format("<steel_blue>%.1f<deep_sky_blue>M<reset>", n / 10^6)
  elseif n >= 10^4 then
      return string.format("<forest_green>%.0f<lime_green>K<reset>", n / 10^3)
  elseif n >= 10^3 then
      return string.format("<forest_green>%.1f<lime_green>K<reset>", n / 10^3)
  elseif n >= 10^2 then
      return string.format("<ansi_yellow>%.0f<reset>", n)
      return string.format("<ansi_yellow>%.1f<reset>", n)

Here's how I would use the function in the image example from above using perl regex triggers
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