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Game changing Exp changes

Postby *Splork* » Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:30 pm

Recently, Clink was able to garner some very useful statistics from data which we have been collecting since day 1 of this version of SlothMUD. We have been tracking every level, by every player, and registered the times and dates accordingly. After two and a half years, we believe we have collected enough data to make a rather enormous change regarding experience points.

On average, between the levels of of 1x40 to 6x40, it takes about 3.5 to 4 days to acquire a level. This is great for our game. However, after that, the average amount of days between levels increases drastically. Please refer to the chart below, and remember the only statistics gathered are mostly from power players, as those are the only ones we really have left reaching these heights. The average time for average players is obviously much higher...

Level avg days since last milestone days/level
3x40 79 2.3
4x40 162 4.0
5x40 164 3.5
6x40 92 3.6
7x40 180 7.8
8x40 192 17.9
9x40 337 13.0 (only cizin)

Total average days since last milestone(40) 93
Total average days of total levels 191

We also notice that with every 40 gained, we lose half of those players due to quitting or recreating new characters(however, we are pretty sure the majority of these players are quitting). Please refer to the chart below:

1x40 275
2x40 202
3x40 130
4x40 68
5x40 31
6x40 18
7x40 7
8x40 3
9x40 1

While we have increased exp several times up to now, it has become quite apparent that we need a more drastic approach to fix the issue. We have spoken to dozens of you online, accepting ideas via tells and emails, and have chosen one which most of the administration likes. At the levels of 3x40, a bonus will be given to players. This bonus is based from many factors, but the two most important ones are total levels, and number of classes leveled in 40.

As the player grows, so does his bonus. This bonus is on top of the experience you earn from the creature and is not held to that cap. The bonus is calculated after the cap, so obviously the bonus has a cap also!

We are incredibly excited about this change and hope you guys spread the word with those players who became frustrated and left due to concerns over experience. We also greatly understand that the high leveled players we have now will see new players leveling quicker than they original had and we apologize. Please keep in mind this change is to make sure SlothMUD can maintain an active and healthy playerbase, draw back old players and keep the many new ones who try us on a daily basis. We need to increase our playerbase and we can not sit by and watch it shrink, all the while knowing the major reason it is doing do...

Player caps have also been increased by a million each.

The SlothMUD Administration

Please contact old players and let them know of all the great changes in the last year, hopefully some may return. We could use them...
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