Druid elephant form bug

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Druid elephant form bug

Postby Filk » Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:13 am

Its written in help files, that elephants can bash and stop.
Was trying to use bash, whle in that form, and was constantly missing. Actually never was able to bash. Checked my practice skill page and realized, that elephant dont have bash skill learned. While in human form i do.

So i tried to read book while in elephant form, and after that, before i switched to human form, i was able to bash. Though on mobs i tested, i still wasnt able to bash them to the ground.

So kinda there is bug with knowing bash skill in that form. As well as some fixes required maybe to bash chance while in elephant. Since now that bash/stomp combo in elephant just dont work. And with one attack less, then in crocodile form, elephant becomes less desired.

Thanks for attention.

upd: maybe that bash bug exists not only on elephant form, but in other forms able to bash also. (Chimaera?) And i cant check, how other skills, that players can use, works while they in forms.
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