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Potion Database

Postby *Idjit* » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:16 pm

It feels like, canned magic (potions and wands/staves/rods) is the last bastion of lack of transparency.

EQlist doesn't sort potions by what spells they are or duration.
I am not the least bit talented enough to build such a database but if we had one, what would we want from it, what fields? I would think gold value, weight, duration, plusses, spell affect, non-spell affect, level of spell
This is just to stoke discussion.

would we pull from a JSON but pull different fields than the ones the EQlist is interested in, or would we manually craft with player submissions? What are the nuts and bolts.
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Re: Potion Database

Postby *Idjit* » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:21 pm

This can go two routes. One where it's a true sister project to the EQlist where it imports real mud data or:
Players hand-building a list.
I feel like, half a dozen really good players that know all the really useful potions anyway, could push out a searchable list that is just a text dump, of like 300-500 potions, in just a few days, even if it was never further updated.
By whomever constitutes a safe pair of hands.
Instead of building a dynamic database asset (which could malfunction)
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Re: Potion Database

Postby cnl » Thu Mar 25, 2021 7:21 pm

Ideally, it would be nice if all things were discoverable in the game.

Code: Select all
You feel informed:
Object 'potion accuracy crystal flask', Item type: POTION
Item is: MAGIC
Weight: 1, Value: 20000gold, Worn in: TAKE
Apply broken magic to the drinker...
The item has 1 additional magical ability.

If the identify spell cannot be fixed then maybe we could say "Apply unknown magic to the drinker..." instead of "broken".

I have a little item annotation script that allows me to add notes to items as I identify them in-game and I like the discovery aspect of it, and also finding new potions on the shop or in the wild without annotations because then I notice them.

That aside, the EQ site currently lists scroll spells, so I'm hopeful that for potions that do have simpler spells attached it's just a parsing issue that the EQ site maintainer hopefully is able to fix. This would be the ideal solution to keep this information in a single place which already has all the pieces to track which mob pops an item and automatically updates.

If there are to be player notes on items I would hope we can find a way to integrate them into the single EQ site - but that's really a big ask.
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Re: Potion Database

Postby *Breeze* » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:52 pm

in theory anything can be fixed...

traditionally, the eqlist is a player driven effort.

when i was a player, i skirted the borders and created the previous eqlist based on what data i had.

when i became an immortal, i updated it best i could with the stuff i had access to, and as soon as someone came by that i thought could handle it, i passed way more control over the raw data that i had.

there is literally a flag for objects that stops items from being in game
that is something i am not willing to overturn

// Q
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