Class Abilities

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Class Abilities

Postby 12345 » Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:23 am

The 'Find' menu under class abilities is a great feature but very understated I think. Currently, if you are in say... the Bard Class Abilities list and you click on Wealth and Glory, it gives you what's listed on the website Game Play Helps (or I think it does). Would it be possible to have this link to the Find instead? Since it lists the help for the skill as well, I don't think you'd lose anything.

It also seems like it should be possible for the individual class ability lists to be built off of the data in Find. It seems like there's a few skills missing from some of the lists and this would help to keep them current.

Either way, they're both great features, just seem like they could work better together. :)
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Postby Taki » Mon Jul 25, 2005 7:10 am

... one of the missing skills in the class abilities tables is double attack for thieves.
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