Live auctions & eqlist

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Live auctions & eqlist

Postby Hung » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:03 pm

At the time of this post is written there's one nice item at live auctions - emerald of perfection. If we go from live auctions to the eqlist using the provided link:, then we'll get following info:
an emerald gem of perfection
.. may be picked up off the ground
.. may be held
.. imbue's the user with +10 Heal Bonus
.. imbue's the user with +4 Regen Mana
.. is Magical
.. is Restricted to Cleric = 40
.. may be used as a light
.. has a Weight of 2
Mother Ronnie in The Moon Temple (BH) [MAP]

Keywords: emerald-gem-perfection

Any experienced player will find it is quite doubtfully that such great item could be used by anyone who has Cleric = 40. And if we search for that item either in the offical or Fluffy's eqlist, it'll be also revealed that the item is restricted for 6x40. Which is not revealed when going to eqlist from live auctions. Which could lead to someone losing 6m without being able to wear the purchased item. Probably a bug.
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Re: Live auctions & eqlist

Postby *Breeze* » Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:00 pm

fixed .. and disabled the prettify code that was supposed to already be disabled.
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