engage mob success should be 100% when not engaged

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engage mob success should be 100% when not engaged

Postby cnl » Fri May 13, 2022 2:52 pm

This is a pretty minor inconvenience, but my suggestion is if using engage to start fighting a mob, and player is not already in combat, I suggest the success rate should be 100%

It makes sense that if switching targets that there should be a failure rate, but sometimes I initiate combat with engage mob when not fighting anyone and it's rather funny that I fail. Maybe Fuligin is pretty near-sighted and attacked the bushes instead? haha

I use engage instead of assist, or sometimes engage just to start battles. I just want status to be fighting but not necessarily be lagged.

Assist gets you a quick hit on the mob but lags you until the next round of combat, engage has you enter combat but take no action until the next round of combat give me a moment to choose an action if wanted.

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